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Ever had a painting question, but did not know where to turn. Gathering all the painting experts from all corners, discussing house painting issues, big or small. Homeowners are also welcome with paint questions, comments, and experiences. From Green Eco Friendly paints, to interior decorating, the Painting Forum is the newest painting hub on the Net.


Welcome to a friendly place to discuss all facets and areas of the painting industry, from some of the most knowledgeable painting contractors and paint decorators in the United States, Canada and world. All structures are painted across the world, whether in the European Countries, Russia, India, or the Orient. We would like to hear from all of you.

Building a commendatory of like-minded painters and contractors discussing what we enjoy doing the best.  Whether interior painting or exterior painting the members at the Painting Forum is there to help anyone with painting questions.

From painting tips, to airless spray equipment, to special coatings, come join the fun. A place to post your blog links, tell jokes, ask painting questions, discuss sales and marketing, interior decorating ideas, faux finishes, wallpaper, commercial and industrial painting, or special paint coatings.

Funniest painting experience, to the worst painting experience, what went right, what went wrong, we all have some experience with paint.

Discussing paint topics all right here. So, lay your brush down, get off the ladder, and drop in to say Hi!

Main reason starting this forum is that I enjoy painting so much, having done this so long, I wanted a common place for painting contractors to stop in, and say Hi, having another venue of Social Media for us to enjoy, building friendships across the country. In doing so, have in place several advantages most other forums do not allow. Such as a much larger signature area, with a maximum of 10 keywords instead of the normal 1-3. Many other forums consider more than 3 keywords text-linked in your signature profile as spam. I do not, doing something about it. Why more than3 is not spam, is most major search engines allow 10-20 keywords in the meta-content of each live website, so do not know where 1-3 keyword limit came about for forums in general.

And lastly, giving a special Thread for painters to link their blogs, giving another ways and means to be found on the web. So there you have it, reasons for starting the newest Painting Forum on the Web.

Painting Forum

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Look forward seeing you there! At the Painting Forum

Cal, Admin-Denver Painting Contractor

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