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One of the newest House Painting Forum -s is now available to all homeowners, painters, painting contractors, builders, Insurance professionals, SEO, software and computer experts, coming together in one place, collaborating, in the house painting industry, for a down to earth, homeowner friendly community. Some major differences with the Painting Forum and similar forums, the owner here has more in place, benefiting all who join. Brand new to the web, the Painting Forum has high hopes giving back to the net, current, and valid information for the house painting industry, and for all of those who seek answers to questions.

Painting Forum

Forum Differences include

Larger Signature Area:

Most forums of many topics, have a limit of characters in the signature. This is where targeted keywords can be hyperlinked, helping that website or blog ranking higher in the search engines for that particular keyword or phrase. As a result of normally keeping a character limit to a minimum of 200-250 characters, many forums consider more than 3 text links spam. I don't agree with this low number, as most top web sites have close to 10 keywords in html meta content, allowing most search engines know what they wish to rank for. In the Painting Forum, a 600 character limit, with a maximum of 10 keywords is acceptable, helping all those who join.

Blog Thread:

The Painting Forum allows links to blogs, contrary to many other forums.  On the same playing field as many bookmarking sites, the Painting Forum has a forum set aside, solely for others linking painting blog articles,  giving articles a special place, thereby helping the ease of inbound links and comments. Having one place of house painting related blogs acts as a directory also.

Many Other Painting Related Fields:

Running a house painting business, includes a lot more than just painting the interior or exterior walls and ceilings. The Painting Forum has set aside a special thread for those associated with insurance, website builders, SEO experts, software, sales, marketing, advertising,  safety equipment, and interior decorating experts. Hoping not leaving any area out, there's more to painting a house than using a brush or roller. Adding other painting related forums as need be. If you can line up yourself with the house painting industry, we look forward seeing you there!

A Great Place Sharing Painting Ideas:

Helping those who have painting questions, the Painting Forum is the place to be, sharing painting questions, answers and ideas, discussing residential and commercial painting.

Proudly having some of the most knowledgeable painting contractors and most famous painters of twitter, Tom with Kelloggs Painting Company of the Hudson Valley, Catskills & Albany New York areas.  Welcoming Larry of Northglenn Colorado, who owns All Phase Painting LLC., combined has decades of painting experience, always there helping those with painting questions, we all look forward building a community related to one we enjoy the most. Couldn't be complete not mentioning Jason with Agape Painting Inc. of Tigard Oregon, who is a wealth of painting knowledge,  honored with his presents, and know you will too! In the Toronto area, having an eye for interior decorating, women painting interiors and exteriors, are some of the painting experts on this forum.

Look Forward Seeing You There!

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