Need Deck Painting in Colorado, Wise Choice

Need Deck Painting in Colorado, Wise Choice


Preserving, restoring your outside wooden structures, need deck painting in Colorado is a wise choice. Having essentially two choices types of stain, but reading below, there's a bonus with a third. Deck paint, or deck stain, Sikken's® giving you a third choice.

Colorado Deck Staining

Most professional painting contractors in Colorado offer other painting services besides interior and exterior painting, including deck restoration, painting and staining. Painting a deck in the State of Colorado is a must, protecting wood surfaces from Colorado's occasional deep Winter snowfalls.

Keeping a fresh deck paint or stain preserving the wood's grain from drying out, graying and further deterioration is mandatory unless a new deck is in one's list of home improvements very soon. Depending on the type of wood and deck sealer used, painting or staining a deck may be necessary on a yearly or every other year basis.

Deck Staining




However this will go into detail which types of deck paint, stain and types of wood are best suited for withstanding Colorado's weather conditions. Proper deck cleaning is important before re-painting or deck staining is administered.

Generally There Are Two Types Of Deck Paints Or Stains

Deck Staining in Denver, Colorado

Deck Paint

The first one normally referred to as a Solid Body Deck Stain acts or appears as a regular deck paint, having a high solid content, and therefore leaving a paint mill on the surface, which covers the wood grain as a paint. This type of deck paint stain, works very well where there is little foot traffic or large pets present, and also gives way to the ease of touch-ups in the months and years later, with minimal effort.

A solid body deck stain protects the wood surface from blackening and mildewing over time, having anti-mildew agents built into the stain. Another advantage of a solid body deck stain is these types of Acrylic water borne stains can come in an unlimited number of colors, thus matching the home's exterior walls or trim for a uniform look and feel.

Deck Stain

The second type of deck stain is that of a semi-transparent nature. This type of stain allows the beauty of the wood's grain to show through, still protecting the wood going deep into the grain with a normally a linseed oil based stain finish.

This type of stain repels water as an oil finish would, preserving the grain from deterioration. This semi-transparent oil stain only comes in a limited number of color shades, but all very popular, knowing one color shade would be your best choice. Popular semi-transparent stains sold in Colorado are Super-Deck®, Cabot's®, Messmer's®, Flood®, Olympic™, and BEHR™, all high quality deck stains.

Third Type of Deck Stain

Covering the most common two types of deck stains generally found on most decks in Colorado, a third type of deck stain which is the Best Deck Stain not commonly used because of a few different reasons. First reason for the lack of use of this Best deck stain is the company knows they have the very best, and does the least amount of marketing, not spending millions each year as some of the mid-range others.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the ones mentioned so far, as I've used them on my personal deck over the years, and pleased with the deck stain's performance. Now having the very best, from a personal observation and a painting contractor's standpoint, Sikkens is by far the very best deck stain available.

Sikkens has coined the term "Translucent" meaning a semi-transparent, with a high build solid finish. Giving the appearance of a fine piece of furniture attached to the home.  As with all deck stains, there is no stain made that does not require regular maintenance, although using Sikkens®, one will quickly see the second and subsequent applications will not need even half of the amount of product the first application needed.

Which in turn equals less cost for additional coats. Another reason for the least amount of use of this product is price related, normally costing 3-4 times as much as a mid-level quality stain. Sikken's® is by far the Best, and price proves it. All being hand brushed, the Sikken's® Cetol® Deck Stain is a definite complement to any Cedar or Redwood Deck surface.

Sikkens Cetol Redwood Sequoia This is a Sikken's® Cetol® Redwood Sequoia Stain, after first application, second coat. Looks wet, but totally dry, having a translucent, gloss finish.

Again, as with any stain, this gloss will diminish in a few years, which will give clues for a re-application. The next time, less than half of product needed to re-seal wood finish, making the next application even better than before.

For all deck restorations, deck cleaning, and deck finishes, and painting services, Eco Paint, Inc. is your professional painting contractor, providing exceptional deck restoration services, with over 30+ years experience. Contact Eco Paint, Inc. today for a Free Deck Painting Estimate (303) 591-4978

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