Denver Exterior Painting Costs

Many interested and potential customers that call have no estimate what an exterior paint job will cost, and which is why they are calling in the first place. Eco Paint Specialist's and Cal Phillips enjoys discussing different exterior painting costs associated, and here is a brief overview of major factors involved how an exterior painting job is priced.

  1. Square Footage: Paint estimates usually include calculating floor square foot or wall square footage, both should be consistent in contractor's price estimates. We calculate both ways, double checking ourselves, making sure we are not over estimating, nor leaving too much on the table for a superior quality job that will last for years to come.
  2. Surfaces to be painted: Typically 2 areas of major concern estimating exterior painting which  are walls, and trim.  Generally speaking, it is least expensive painting both all at one time, than individually as set-up and preparations are concerned. Sometimes a painting contractor can make special arrangements coming back if an advance agreement and notice is given, however this is on an individual basis.
  3. Any Special Repairs: There are many other specialty tasks a full fledged painting contractor should be able to complete while performing an exterior painting job. They include power washing, scraping, priming, caulking, and any siding wood repairs associated , completing such exterior painting jobs.  This is important to know so that multiple contractors are not required, when in fact all of these special repairs listed, should be able to be done by a competent and seasoned painting contractor. Some call themselves painting contractors, but only paint and nothing else.
  4. Type of Exterior Paint: Paint prices vary and so when a painting contractor is determining an interior painting estimate, this information needs to be disclosed when painting contractor is calculating estimate.  Typically Life-Time warranty paints cost twice as much as standard 15-25 year warranty exterior paints.  Sherwin-Williams™  has a 15 year warranty called A100.  Sherwin-Williams™  also has it's 25year Super Paint which is priced very close to the same, thereby making little to no difference in this upgrade.
  5. Custom Exterior Painting and Weatherizing: Several things need to be considered determining an exterior painting estimate. They include how many colors are needed, as using more colors takes more time and materials. Time is money, and materials used is a direct expense to the painting contractor completing a such  exterior painting jobs. Any special paint finishes too, add to the bottom line in determining an exterior painting job.  These special finishes include Elastomeric coatings, designed for Eifs and Stucco, and special epoxies and deck stains and finishes.  Ordinarily all premium exterior paints are a 100% Acrylic Latex with a 100% solid base, giving lasting beauty and protection.
  6. Reputable Painting Contractor: This area is the last, when getting an exterior painting estimate, but must include the following. Most reputable painting contractors are all within the same price range. However, there are some who are actually "Hobo Painters", calling themselves painters, but can do the same job in half the price, not having required credentials running an operation. This puts homeowner at risk, if something were to happen, in that if the Hobo Painter cannot or does not have proper credentials, and a mishap were to happen, he/she probably would not have the money out of his/her own pocket to rectify the accident. So having proper credentials does add to the bottom line cost to the painting contractor, but also protects the consumer.

Hope this article is helpful with your exterior painting needs, figuring out what an exterior painting job will essentially cost. Not being ambiguous making no mention of exact dollar amounts, this article is based on painting industry standards, and what is attributed making such exterior painting estimates.

What do you think? Did this give you a better insight how exterior painting is estimated?

Protect Today, enjoy for years to come!

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