House Painting Exterior Stucco Done Right

Painting a Stucco House Correctly

Painting a Stucco House Correctly






Painting exterior Stucco home correctly, several steps involved, insuring painting an exterior Stucco home will last. Today, more homes are being painted now with correct exterior wall finish, Stucco system. Providing appropriate Stucco paint coatings will add a lifetime of enjoyment and protection.

Painting exterior Stucco is very similar to painting Eifs, as far as painting techniques and surface appearance, mentioned in exterior stucco surface tips.

Best paint coating developed for Eifs and Stucco were made to keep out moisture, mold, and mildew. Proper applications, also preparations to Eifs or Stucco using Elastomeric paint finishes.

Elastomeric paint coatings first made available in Florida, for Florida's stucco type exterior wall systems, many benefits are inherit with this wall coating.

Stucco House Painting Benefits Using Elastomeric Paint

Stucco House Painting Offers Many Benefits Best Protection

Being flat in sheen, in that an Eifs or Stucco surface texture is that of a fine 80-100 grit sandpaper. Not meant to be smooth, applying anything else would ruin the texture and appearance the Stucco wall system is trying to convey.  Think about having a slick looking adobe, using satin, or exterior semi-gloss, might as well paint it purple.

Elastomeric has a thick viscosity than your normal exterior flat paints, thereby giving the ability to fill hair-line cracks sometimes seen. Proper application techniques by most paint manufactures and painting contractors recommend a true back roll method, followed by a spray, applying 12 mills wet of paint on surfaces.

Elastomeric paints bridge hairline cracks up to 3 millimeters = 0.11811.

Weatherizes exterior surface, keeping out wind, and rain. Have sneaky suspicion why this product first became available to Florida after that particular hurricane some 10 years ago. Knowing preserving qualities, Florida could benefit the most from this product, while also being a great test market for the rest of the country.

Elastromeric have the ability to be mixed in a wide variety of paint colors. Not all Elastromeric paints can be tinted at all paint companies, as some require special color formulations called enviortoners, with only paint stores having such colorants can mix such paints. Check with your local paint store, knowing all eager to help you.

Elastomeric paint coatings have a lasting paint warranty if proper application is performed. Normally having upwards of 12 years depending on conditions.

Stucco House Painting Preparations

Complete surface preparation includes removing all dirt, mildew, loose sand, and any blistering or failing coating.

Seal any paint edges with an Elastomeric caulk that can come in textured type as well. Stay away from using any silicone based caulk, as paint will not adhere to this surface, and must be a paint-able type.

Check all ares contributing to moisture, such as sprinklers, gutters, downspouts, and roof drip edges. Any evidence of visible moisture, or efflorescence (the caulking of masonry surfaces) should be eliminated.

Apply masonry primers if surface is too porous or less than one year old.

Cover all areas not to receive paint coatings such as windows, doors, concrete walkways, and patios.

Applications Painting Stucco Home


  • Elastomeric must be that of highest quality, having appropriate anti-mildew inhibitors already employed in contents, without having to mix additional paint additives other than colorants.
  • Elastomeric should be applied under optimum weather conditions. Application under specified and recommended surface temperatures can result in hair-line cracks from an early completion date.
  • Applying two coats wet on dry, one being that of a roller method, then spray to complete 16 mills wet, 8-9 mills dry. Adding additional water or thinning is strongly discourage, in that the paint will reduce it's solid content by volume, and thereby requiring  additional wet paint film thickness to be applied to compensate for bleed through coating, requiring more work in the long run.
  • After Elastomeric painting has been completed, it is always a good idea to run excess paint through airless spray rig, mixing air to contents as it was applied in final coat. This gives quality touch-up paint if need be.

Mentioned Elastomeric paints come in a wide array of paint colors, but Stucco and Eifs is a natural Earth Friendly exterior that joins up with most surroundings, so keep it looking the same, and do not paint it some outrageous color, just because your parents friends had a deep purple and yellow house back in the 60's.

If this seems like exterior painting, especially painting stucco is a lot of work, it is. Painting two complete coats is more than some try tackling. Can guarantee this will not be a weekend job for one.

Suggestion would be finding a qualified painting contractor in your area, and for Denver and Colorado, look no further, than Eco Paint for all your exterior painting needs.

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