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Interior and Exterior Primers

Painting PrimersWelcome to our Denver Painting Blog! We hope you find this information useful with your house painting projects, and hope if you find this helpful, you re-tweet this, and or leave a comment. Whether your speaking of Interior or Exterior surfaces, proper preparations will save time and money, painting it right the first time. Key ingredients in this day and time.  At Eco Paint, we are all about saving the customer, which is another acronym for Eco, being economical as well as ecological, and using proper primers will assist anyone doing just that.

Both surfaces include similar preparations for bare unpainted surfaces. Properly prepared surfaces will ensure heavy final coats will not run, sag, or drip

  1. Be sure surfaces are clean and dry, removing any / all grease, dirt, debris, with mild cleaning agent.
  2. Fill all cracks and holes with proper filler, allowing to dry, and sanding to smooth finish.
  3. Sand any slick glossy surfaces, using a fine grit sanding block, follow safety guidelines and instructions if Lead Paint is present.
  4. Remove all residual sanding dust with a clean dry cotton rag.
  5. The same masking and preparations can be used for finish coats, as long as no paint dust is present.

Apply the Correct Primer for the Particular Substrate

  1. For latex paints, use a stain blocking gripping primer for walls, exterior trim, windows, and doors.
  2. For painting bare drywall, and drywall textures, a high quality flat PVA drywall primer is recommended.
  3. Using Alkyd Oil Based primers for Alkyd Oil Based Paints.
  4. You can use Alkyd Primers with Latex finish coats, but not the other way around with Latex Primers and Alkyd Oil Based finish coats. Oils are much hotter, and could melt a dry coat of latex primer, making it useless.
  5. Apply Primers at a rather high spread rate, spreading over a 400-450 square foot area per gallon.

Nature of Paint and it's Color

  1. Generally speaking, all else being the same, flat house paint primers will tend to hide better than those having higher sheen or gloss.
  2. Tinting the primer close to the color will be helpful when applying finish coats.  You do not want to exceed manufacture's recommendations adding colorant to the primers used.
  3. For dark Red, Blue, Brown finish coats, tinting primer making light gray using a few drops of Black colorant will allow finish coats to be applied more uniformly.
  4. Color change, generally from dark to light, especially using brighter organic colors in Yellows and Greens, two coats of paint is recommended if primer is not used. Primers should have 50% of finish coats with primer, or 4-6 finish coats could be required attaining desired results.
  5. Yellows and Purples are the hardest to cover, as they come in a neutral base, having to add so much colorant to attain color per gallon, and colorant does not cover, the base does.  Some bright Yellows require pouring off some of the base to add enough colorant, which is like "Watering down" the paint. If you have to pour off the base, adding colorant, you had better prime using primer as close to finish color as possible or you will be forever painting.
  6. Best quality paints tend to cover better than less expensive ones, as they allow a much thicker coat to "Hang", having a higher viscosity than the less expensive ones, also having more paint pigments.

Thank you reading, and hope this helps you in your painting project. If in Denver Colorado, needing a superior painting contractor fulfilling your painting tasks, look no further than Eco Paint for all your Interior Painting and Exterior Painting needs. We would love to hear from you, so share this with others, and leave a comment~Cal

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  1. do follow blog, in bound links 2 U~
  2. Lifetime warranty paints have primers built into mixture, no need to Prime then Paint.
  3. Lifetime warranty paints have primers built into mixture, no need to Prime then Paint.
  4. Lifetime warranty paints have primers built into mixture, no need to Prime then Paint.

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