Interior and Exterior Painting for 2010

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Well folk's painting season is right around the corner and being here in Denver, and still pretty chilly. Unlike our friends in warmer climates, down passed the Mason Dixon Line, house painting is very seasonal. Normally not painting exteriors say after October. Heck, I remember getting a 4' snowfall around Halloween. Fortunately not in the middle of an exterior painting job. Having to time these types, always checking local weather forecasts.

Anyway, wanted to know from a homeowners perspective and others including painting contractors, what are your plans this year, knowing both will be different answers all together. Might be a good place  connecting the dots if homeowner responds here in the same town as painting contractor. Long shot, but it could happen I guess. lol Getting little cabin fever, I'll be glad when the painting season kicks off.

So thought I would ask a few questions, allowing anyone to sound off. Either Homeowners, Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and or Painting Contractors. Well, anyone having anything to do with a home.  Only one's I can think does not include,  are the tent people of Haiti.

Starting with the Homeowner;

  • What are your plans for painting your home this year? Interior Painting, Exterior Painting or Both?
  • What part of the country do you reside?
  • Have you ever had a Professional Painting Job done before?
  • What are your expectations?

Finishing up with the Professional Painting Contractor;

  • Has your marketing changed in the last say 3-5 years?
  • Has your territory stayed the same, increased or decreased?
  • What sets you apart from all the rest in your area?
  • Are you specific to house painting, or taking on other home improvement tasks?

Sounding off first;

Now just for the record, we only provide house painting services up and down the Colorado Front Range Area of Denver, Colorado Springs.  Answering first, yes we've honed our marketing skills to more of a web presents than ever before. Giving tips to my fellow brothers in house painting, we've spent our slower painting season months building up and improving our web presents. Reason being, is that when the painting season is here, I may not even have the time to wipe my nose, like years past, and hopefully 10' is no different. Yes Sir, I'll probably be tweeting on my Blackberry, and not behind the flat screen. Our marketing angle is somewhat different maximizing web presents, in that we will drop out of most print material. The future is the Internet, seeing newspapers falling like hitting flies on a dirty picnic table, same goes for the yellow pages.

What sets us apart;

Ok, and so what sets us a part, just coming to realize in the last few years, having been painting over 30, a brick fell out of the sky, conking me on top of my head, coming to the realization we are indeed an authority in the painting industry. Oops, now I've got to proof it. lol Rats! J/K. Continuing to speak on what sets us a part from all the rest is another realization. Naming our company Eco Paint Specialist's back in 1993, long before Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint was ever available to the retail market, we are indeed the originators of the term Eco Paint. With somewhat of a slowdown in the economy, we have increased our territory, keeping as busy as we possibly can. Now including Colorado Springs to the mix, about 45-50 miles South of Denver. We cover 50 miles North and 50 miles South of Denver. Having the extreme enjoyment of house painting, helping others protect one of their largest investments, we have traveled the whole state of Colorado when need be.

Painting Services provided;

And finally, we have not added to our home improvement skills, doing all now as before. If a board is rotten (we occasionally see this) we replace it, and not paint over it, or say call the carpenter with a hammer.  Many times homes that go way too long before painting can require siding repairs as well, doing that also.  Other painting services include Deck Cleaning, Staining and all Finishes. Providing Drywall textures and repairs, Wallpaper Removal, Siding repairs and replacements, and Lead Abatement & Encapsulations. Epoxy Floor Finishes are also common, upgrading garage floors are quite popular especially in Colorado with all the snow, making cleaning the garage floor a breeze. (got one more to do this coming week)

Oh, almost forgot;

Can't leave this article without mentioning Twitter can I? Joining back around the end of last Summer, I feel fortunate making many contacts in my immediate area of Denver, along with building friendships with the same, potential painting clients as well as other Professional Painting Contractors! Twitter Rocks! Enough about me, let's hear about YOU!

So, would like to hear from you, Homeowner, Real Estate Broker, or Painting Contractor, your thoughts!

Sound Off!

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