Cabinet Refinshing

One of the most inexpensive means of updating kitchen and baths is updating the cabinetry by the ways and means of refinishing. Yes, new cabinets can be quite expensive depending on quality, but if your content with the current quality, either re-staining, varnishing and or painting can be done for about 1/5 the costs of new cabinets.  Typically interior stains are semi-transparent wiping stains applied to wood, being top coated with a clear hard durable finish such as varnishes and polyurethanes.

Going over Shellacs, Varnishes, and Wiping Stains here, we've found an easier way of re-finishing about half the cost of typical cabinet refinishing. If your pleased with current stain, but wish giving a hard gloss finish, a Sikkens Cetol Interior Door and Window product is the answer. Even applying multiple coats, this product goes a long way, using only 1 qt. for  standard size kitchen cabinetry.

Materials and supplies needed:

  • Good clean drop cloth, catching any splatters, drips
  • 3" Straight Cut Fine China bristle brush, don't skimp on this, getting the very best
  • Rags, sponge, & household cleaner
  • 1 qt. of Sikkens Cetol Door and Window Translucent
  • 1 qt. of Mineral Spirits
  • Disposable rubber gloves, eye protection, and respirator using Mineral Spirits
1 qt. Sikkens Door & Window

1 qt. Sikkens Door & Window

First, clean with damp sponge or rag, wiping off dirt, grease, and grim from normal day to day usage. Clean especially around cabinetry close to stove area. A mild detergent or window cleaner can be used. Reason is once applied, everything will be trapped underneath finish your about to install.

Cabinetry with multiple coats of Sikkens Door and Window

Cabinetry with multiple coats of Sikkens Door and Window

Once cleaned, and dried thoroughly, remove hardware drawer pulls and handles. In this application hinges were not removed, and did not cause a problem, being dark in nature anyway, and being pretty handy with a brush.

After cabinetry has completely dried, it's time to apply finish. Easiest way I've found is opening up all cabinet doors, brushing even film on cabinet face and back of doors first. Brush with longer strokes the better, 2-4 times per area, smoothing out to a level uniform finish. Once that has dried over night, front of doors and drawers can be done.  Repeat to acquire desired finish depth.  After each use, place brush in Mineral Spirits for it not to dry out. When time to reuse brush, just wrap a rag around brush to soak up excess, drying out brush for next application. Important to keep area properly ventilated, as Mineral Spirits has extremely high V.O.C's (volatile odor content), and should be done no where near water heaters, furnaces,  and any open pilot lights.

One thing for sure, once applied, these cabinets will sparkle with glean, and a show case for any discriminative eye. Using this product refinishing your cabinets, will indeed make cleaning cabinets a walk in the park from this point forward.  Having a hard durable finish, gloss sheen will not dull or yellow out over time, making like new for many years to come.

Upon second application say in 5-10 years, you'll only need half the product first used, going even longer, not needing near as much.

Perfect for those wishing to spruce up their home for little cost and minimal effort.

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