Best Wood Cleaner For Decks, Cedar Siding

Eco Paint Specialist's Painting Contractor of Denver/Aurora, painting the Front Range of Colorado with over 32 years exp. recently learned something new & exciting wishing to share with all.

Not only painting, but cleaning, power washing, pressure cleaning decks, fences, and Cedar Sided homes is a key area of expertise with most painting contractors, especially in the Colorado market.


Solvents Commonly Used By Painting Contractors

There are several different solvents used by painting contractors for different painting situations, either cleaning or thinning products for proper spraying consistency. Here we will discuss most common ones used.


Factors Affecting Latex Paint Touch-Ups

How many times has it happened having the same can of paint used a few years before, touching up same color, it does not match? Here, we will discuss the reasons that contribute to these instances, helping elevating the uncomfortable situation.