Residential Painting In Denver Colorado

Residential Painting for Denver and Colorado

Residential Painting Services for Denver and Colorado, using the most economical and ecological means painting your home or office. Residential painting includes homes, condos, apartments, duplexes, flats, dorms, and basically anywhere daily functions of eating, sleeping, and watching TV.


Complete house painting services for all areas including interiors and exteriors across Denver Front Range and Colorful Colorado. Eco Paint, Inc. Welcomes You! Painting just a room or walls to an entire interior, Eco Paint can provide just that.

Needing trim or siding replaced due to Colorado's harsh climate, Eco Paint specializes in complete exterior paint protection. Adding beauty, value, and up to date paint color decoration is your best and most economical home improvement choice.

Our residential painting services include a vast experience with drywall, popcorn and wallpaper removals, textures and repairs, deck finishes, siding repairs and replacements, as well as Lead Paint Abatement for Colorado. Looking to have your residence painted? You've come to the Right Place!

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Residential House Painting Most Beneficial Home Improvement

Residential house painting for homes interior or exterior is one of the most beneficial home improvement areas that can be done upgrading one's decor, while giving lasting paint protection. Eco Paint, Inc. is Denver's premier painting contractors providing such paint protection. A residential home's decor may change from one time to another, adding furniture, draperies, counter tops, or carpet.

Updating one's paint colors to coordinate with those new additions may be just what's needed to complete your interior color decoration. Eco Paint's staff are experts keeping up with the newest interior paint color trends for one's home or office. Having over 30 years expertise painting local homes, large or small, Eco Paint is your right choice for residential house painting.

In residential painting, there are many areas of expertise, other than actually painting walls and ceilings. Having a vast knowledge with residential house painting, and all it's specialties, assures you a professional house painting job done right. Below are the house painting areas we specialize the most.

Interior Painting

Interior painting is by far one of the most inexpensive ways of upgrading one's decor to a more personalized look, setting the particular ambiance for every room. Using neutral tones for open areas, creating light and brightness, to deep tone bases generally used as accents, bringing out highlights, or creating a warm and cozy setting, interior painting is the most economical way of achieving such decorating goals. Eco Paint provides the most economical and ecological ways providing interior painting today in Denver and Colorado.

Drywall Textures and Repairs

Drywall textures and repairs are a very common task when painting interiors. Knowing how to proper match drywall textures is a must, or "Spots" will stand out, not looking the same. Having the skill and know how to properly repair drywall holes and textures will be as uniform as the day it was originally applied. Thus giving added consistency and uniformity to the final paint coats. Eco Paint are masters of drywall textures and repairs for all interior painting jobs.

Wallpaper and Popcorn Ceiling Removals

Wallpaper and Popcorn removals is another interior painting requirement when updating for a brand new look for a home. Many homes built prior to 1998 have Popcorn or acoustic ceiling. Homes prior to 1960, many have glitter mixed in the Popcorn. Removing or applying Popcorn, matching ceiling textures, Eco Paint is your interior painting contractor for a superb Popcorn or acoustic removal or application. Removing wallpaper go hand in hand with drywall textures and repairs.

When removing wallpaper, most walls are not textured, for a flat smooth wallpaper feel and look. As wallpaper is removed, an unfinished sheet-rock is visible and present, thereby needing additional work matching drywall textures that are present throughout the rest of the home. Saving countless dollars with our wallpaper removal techniques, having the knowledge, skill and expertise, matching drywall textures, we can make one of the most dreaded interior painting areas a breeze, removing wallpaper, and Popcorn ceiling removals, updating, increasing the value of your home.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting residential homes throughout Denver and Colorado, providing a home's paint protection one house at a time, while updating one's exterior to current paint color trends normally found in newer homes. Eco Paint is your local family owned and operated exterior painting company, having over 30 years exterior painting experience. Eco Paint provides a long term Workmanship Warranty, never asking for a penny until the exterior painting is completed, and approved, safe-guarding the home owner once again, which also tells you how confident we are with our superior craftsmanship and exterior painting practices.

Taking the utmost care around the home, policing the area each day during the painting process, and before leaving, taking great pride painting, not rushing through any exterior painting steps so vital. Power washing, hand scraping, caulking, priming, scheduling a pre-walk through of paint preparations.

Masking off all areas not to receive paint, applying two coats, wet on dry paint application, ensures a superior quality exterior painting job for your residence. A final walk-through will be scheduled after Paint Superintendent has walked with Denver painters and crewmen when performing exterior painting.

Deck Cleaning and Staining

Deck cleaning and staining is vital preserving one's wood deck surfaces, for every home. Eco Paint uses State of the Art, cleaning processes, with environmentally friendly cleaning agents removing weathered Gray and ugly Black mold out of wood for wood looking as new as the day it was first installed. Power washing first, allowing to dry over 24-48 hours before any wood stain is applied, ensures proper stain penetration into the wood grain. Eco Paint uses the Best wood stains available today, from Cabots, Sikkens, Super Deck, Penofin, Behr, and Olympic stains.

Generally most decks require a maintenance application every two to three years, and Eco Paint has in place a maintenance program in place scheduling a re-application of stain on a regular basis. Call us Today to inquire more about our deck cleaning and deck staining restorations, and possibly this regular deck maintenance program many choose to take, not having to worry about the wood deck cleaning and staining again.

Siding Repairs and Siding Replacements

Siding repairs and siding replacements is another added feature Eco Paint offers their exterior painting clients. Having over 30 years siding repairing experience, replacing most wood sidings from Masonite™, Hardie Plank™, Cedar, Textured, and T-111, in all shapes and sizes. Having 3 generations of carpentry skills in Cal's family, siding repairs, siding replacements, and minor wood trim repairs and replacements are second nature with Eco Paint, allowing a solid and sound exterior painting job is obtained.

Many times small portions of wood trim or siding has decayed beyond the point exterior paint alone will not help. Always remembering "Paint is only as good as the substrate it is covering". If wood siding or trim has deteriorated, grain becoming weak or rotten, exterior painting is not held up, waiting on someone else, as Eco Paint can take repairing or replacing siding or wood trim in Denver, as a part of the total exterior painting services.


Serving Denver CO, Arvada CO, Aurora CO, Boulder CO, Castle Rock CO, Centennial CO, Colorado Springs CO, Englewood CO, Lakewood CO, Littleton CO, Parker CO, Westminster CO, Wheat Ridge CO, and entire State of Colorado.

Helping you with all of your residential painting you may have, your local Denver painting contractor, Eco Paint welcomes hearing from you. Painting residences, offices, and businesses for over 30 years, painting one home in Colorado at a time.

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Residential & Commercial Painting Services serving local Colorado Residents, by Eco Paint, Inc.

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