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Looking deep in Twitter's paint bucket, finding the most active House Painting Accounts listed below. List is not rated in level of importance, grade point, value. Just a great collection of some great Twitter users that I follow and suggest that you do too!

If you like my post please sign in with your Twitter or Facebook accounts in the comments section and leave your comment below. I believe Twitter to be a great network of internet-savvy people. I have personally made quite a few great connections already and will be an avid Twitter user for a long time to come. I'd like to recommend a good source to rate an individual twitter account's value is What's my Twitter Account Worth, along with Twitter Grade. Level of state's twitter area ranking can be found at TwitStates.

Having reached some interesting conclusions with House Painters and Twitter, without using either one of these helpful apps above.

  • Probably not listing all painting contractors, as many new accounts are made each day on twitter, and I should perform searches more frequently. Placing all found in  Painting Denver's House Painter's List, listing around 99 individual Painting Companies.
  • Out of List, only 7 follow this list.
  • Out of List, approximately 20 reciprocating followings, building friendships in either same towns, or across the nation, right Tom? Tom and I are pretty tight, bouncing things for our web sites, house painting techniques, helping each others SEO. Kelloggs Painting in NY, me in Denver.
  • Many twitter accounts are made one day, some of those being painting contractors and house painting, then never tweeting on a regular basis, and following back, so is part of Famous Painters ranking equation.
  • Some may be active, but not following, possibly thinking of being competitors, maybe reveling trade house painting secrets, I have not a clue.
  • Being here in Denver, making several friends who also are in the same industry, many of us may have never met without being here on twitter, right Larry? JSYK, Larry and All Phase Painting and  I share the same town, and has added great enjoyment to my twitter experience. Thanks again, Friend!
  • Then some just may not enjoy twitter, and see no great benefit having this type of social media account.

No Direct Competition:

Yes, I've been guilty first starting my twitter account, being reluctant following,  befriending socially with similar businesses in the past. But seeing what twitter is all about, knowing we are all not in direct competition, twitter account brings down all of these barriers. Even living in the same town, not direct competition, as there's always enough work to go around with a couple-five million households and a few socially inclined Painting Contractors. 😉 So, don't understand the hang-up.

Learning from One Another:

More similar painting companies are spread out across the nation, listed below, so no competition whats so ever, although having very similar business models. Finding good stuff bouncing things off one another. I've personally been painting homes for over 30 years, but will be first to say, "I don't know everything", learning from others. I'm learning a lot from friends listed below, hopefully giving back the same.

Building SEO:

Having a Twitter account, re-tweeting other comments, is the first time I've felt comfortable promoting other painting contractors, building friendships at the same time. Uncovering the video listed at SEOmozblog supports the value mentioning like-minded businesses from time to time, building a combination of in-bound and out-bound links, which in turn gives both article originator and commenters link luv to one's web site and search engine optimization. Great video to watch~ Think everyone wishes to be listed 1st. on page one, who wouldn't? The way to get there will take some effort, as the Google's, Yahoo's and Bings require today. Giving out relative current information, the strongest will survive in 2010.



Grouping together is not really happening on twitter, as we do on RemodelQA and Real Estate Brokers do on Trulia. This helps search engine optimization, building content. 3 magic words with SEO. Content, Content, & more Content! Your site will quickly start ranking higher in page rank on various search engines, while building in-bound links for every post. Building good SEO is a having a well balance of many various forms of content.

More on Twitter List:

If your listed on a List, Follow that list! You get credit seeing all posts from one's list, but does not count against your maximum following number, which you will not be thrown into twitter's sandbox, not able to follow any more. Not mentioning twitter courtesy, someone thinks enough putting you in a list, follow it for goodness gracious. 😀



Maybe when this is read, our group and similar ones in the same industry will follow, friend up with one another on twitter. Seeing House Painting and Painting Contractors are not following one another as much as they could, what twitter was developed and invented for in the first place. From an SEO standpoint, having twitter account is a very positive thing, seeing rewards now with HubSpot's  WebSiteGrader now giving credit having twitter account tied with a web site.

  • Do you have a Twitter List? List it below! Get visibility and followers.
  • What are your thoughts, seeing house painters generally not following one another, or just not following the knucklehead Cal.
  • Are you satisfied with your Search Engine ranking? Where you show up when searched.
  • Not being a Painting Contractor, being in another industry, does your group follow one another more regularly?


You can see Painting Denver's House Painters List

Below, a list of  Famous House Painters not afraid to follow others in similar business models~





















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14 years ago

I really enjoy your site and especially your extreme ability to work with SEO and website rankings. I personally have used Twitter for about 3 months and found it to be very useful in getting leads. You can also look at and link all your Social networking accounts together in one easy to update “tweet”

14 years ago
Reply to  painting_price

Thanks painting_price dropping by! Great Painting Tip! Looks like tip will save lots of time behind keyboard, and out and about painting houses~Cal

Painting Contractor
14 years ago

Thanks painting_price dropping by! Great Painting Tip! Looks like tip will save lots of time behind keyboard, and out and about painting houses~Cal