4 Goals Painting Interior of Home

Interior Painting Goals in the Real Estate Market

Listing a home in today's market, many things to consider insuring a quick sell. While painting a home’s interior is one of the inexpensive and most popular home improvement tasks for homeowners in the United States, there are several common goals of interior painting in the Real Estate market. Using a professional interior painting contractor is one of the most important ways having a home look fresh, clean, and

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new when the job is completed. This procedure is quite simple. Choose a professional painting contractor with a solid history and track record is your best choice. Pick which areas need painting. Choose paint colors, and let your painting contractor do the rest. Listed below are several goals to obtain when painting an interior of a home.

Paint Costs

Paint costs is one of the most inexpensive home improvements one can make, buying or selling a home when putting it on the real estate market. Today’s market is extremely competitive with so many properties to choose. Sellers need to get a jump on whatever edge they can, to make a home look beautiful and well maintained. Sellers may even be reluctant to list a home because of the inconveniences that come with getting it ready for showings and open houses. The fact is, a freshly painted home helps a house to look inviting and move-in ready. If everything else is equal, buyers will choose the property that needs the least amount of work, making it an easier to sale. When figuring the cost of paint, as to the extra time not selling a property, or missing the first potential buyer, paint costs can be immeasurable.

First Impression

The first thing one should look at is the front door. This is the first thing anyone visually sees before stepping in to look at a home on the market. If the front door is faded and worn, this gives a negative first impression, and we all know how important "First impressions" have become to many. Adding a fresh new coat of paint to the front door should be first on your agenda, along with painting the interior and exterior of your home. If the paint has become dried, faded, and areas are peeling, it's certainly time to consider investing in an exterior painting job before putting a home on the market. Just as the front door is the first thing one sees before stepping into a home, the full exterior visually seen from a distance, and should give a fresh new appearance, and a pleasant visual appeal.

Color Change

Many people paint rooms to personalize their individual decors, with a color change, matching existing decorations, or to change color being tired of plain White walls and ceilings. Others change colors of a room because it has become inappropriate like a child leaving home off to college. If this home is the place you plan to reside for the next five years, a more custom paint color scheme is recommended. However, if your planning on putting the home on the market, a uniform 2-3 paint color scheme is recommended, using Whites, naturals, and beige colors, as this is most appealing to the masses. Custom decorating colors are for individual tastes, as new home owners like doing they're own thing once purchased. So don't try guessing what someone else would like when it comes to paint colors. Also remembering the lighter the paint color, the larger the room appears, and visa-versa to darker colors the room appears to be smaller. Most Denver homeowners paint interiors every 5-7 years, so the paint colors should be something you can live with for that length and period of time.

Desired Paint Colors

Paint comes in paint bases, and colorant is added to achieve desired paint colors, tints and hues. The first thing to remember is paint colorant does not cover, the paint base allows paint coverage. Let me repeat, paint base covers in 2 complete coats wet on dry application method. The more paint colorant is added to the base, the less the paint coat will cover. Some paint colors are notorious for not covering even with multiple paint coats. The reason for this is so much paint colorant is needed, the paint base will need to be poured off, allowing room in the can for colorant to be added, therefore will achieve the proper paint color desired when dried, but certainly not the paint coverage in a standard 2 coat application. Some paint colors to watch out for are bright yellows, dark purples, and deep blues, as using these paint colors, you can find yourself painting multiple 5-6 coats for proper paint coverage.

If you are in the Colorado Real Estate market for interior or exterior painting, the house painters of Aurora and Denver painting contractors, Eco Paint, Inc. is your Best choice performing an exquisite house or office painting job. So, call today for a painting estimate, which includes a Free in home paint color consultation. (303) 591-4978

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