Amazing Talent I Really Digg!

Digging Truly Amazing Talent

Finding talent that comes ever so often is truly amazing for which I Digg. Mesmerizing you on the edge of your seat, having to replay it several times just to get the full effect is No.1 Art at it's Finest.


What Does This Have to do With House Painting?

Great question, and can only tell you it's Art, taking years of practice, just like house painting I'm sure. So without further-a-do, not wishing to push video clips further down the page with content, will let you decide. Hope You Digg this as much as I do!

UUTAi Olena. Neo Shamanic music.

Mother Earth Song

UUTAi Olena and Khomus for Putin

UUTAi Olena. Incredible Alive Jaw Harp

Jaw Harp, Throat Singing

Hope you enjoyed Olena as much as I did, originally having a Facebook video on this blog, but had to come back, updating to official YouTube videos, because I guess Facebook does not allow streaming video links to blogs. Actually, very happy YouTube originally had her videos showing, getting them right from the source.

Russian Collusion

Want this to known; There is no Russian Collusion between Russia, and Eco Paint. The FBI, DOJ, and KGB all can conduct their own internal research, and can tell you Flat Out, no one prompted me to publish this blog article, referring to the most talented person I've seen in a very long time.

I know Olena may not have been seen by many in America, but knowing there is a vast amount of talent across the world, Olena comes to you from Siberia Russia. Hoping to connect our two countries, with her relaxing, and enjoyable talent.

Pre-order her new neo-shamanic album at iTunes & Google Play

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