Want Very Best Paint For Stucco?

Needing Very Best Elastomeric Paint Coating For Stucco

In the market for the very best paint coating made for brick, Stucco, Efis, or masonry? Choosing Elastomeric paint is your best choice! Not to mention your Stucco will like it also! Below will describe the top manufacture also being first in the United States! Drum-roll Please!Best_Stucco_Paint_Elastomeric_Conflex

Choosing Elastomeric Paint is Your Best Choice

When choosing the paint for your Stucco, don't even consider nothing else than Elastomeric coating, being the best, second to none. All other products are made for different substrates, just as Elastomeric is made for Efis, Stucco, Brick, and masonry. Allow it to breath, but sealing out the moisture, which the number one reason paint can fail over time. Therefore, once you use the best Elastomeric made, you can just paint, and forget about it.

Elastomeric Paints First Made for Stucco Homes in Florida

The Elastomeric Paint Coating was originally developed, tested in the Florida market back in the 90's as a possible answer to weatherproofing, sealing, bridging the cracks and crevices of Stucco in the entire Florida area, having so many homes having Efis or Stucco.

The need came out loud and clear as homeowners were having issues with mildew and bacteria building up inside these particular substrates from wind driven rain. Sherwin-Williams saw the opportunity saving so many exteriors there, it sold like hotcakes! It wasn't long before it was made available across the country, having the first Elastomeric Conflex™ high build paint coating was just the answer!

Stucco Homes Across The Country Enjoying Same Benefits

Not long after testing the Florida market, Conflex™ was rolled out to the rest of America, all homeowners were enjoying the benefits using this product. What makes this so unique, and beneficial? Well, not only does it have the elasticity as the name implies, but it looks just like your Stucco, after being painted, having a Flat paint sheen. Therefore, Stucco homes built in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, states across the South & East all enjoy the extreme benefits this product offers, as well.

Don't Screw Up Your Stucco

The worst thing you can do is put the wrong protective paint coating on your revered Efis or Stucco exterior surface, as this will undoubtedly screw it up royally. Have you ever stepped in a hotel room, seeing shinny walls and ceilings, feeling like your industrial setting? I know I have, not making a habit of this by no means.

Now if the walls and ceilings where in a different paint finish, it wouldn't be so bad. Knowing why they had Semi-gloss everywhere is to be able to scrub down surfaces repeatedly. Same goes for your Stucco! You put a Satin Super Paint, or a BEHR Ultra Satin exterior paint on it, and you might as well kiss that natural stone look goodbye!

Not only does putting a Satin sheen on a natural stone Efis or Stucco look screw it up, but more problems underneath. A 100% Solid Acrylic is not tested having the elasticity, the elongation, tensile strength as Elastomeric paints have, and therefore not lasting near  as long. Oh, you say, "We'll just put a Flat 100% Solid Acrylic on there, being much cheaper". Sorry to disappoint you, but again, it will not last near as long either, as it's not made for masonry. Sure, it'll look similar, but come back to me in say 5 years, and see what your Stucco looks like!

Understanding Why Elastomeric Stucco Paint is Best

Understanding why Elastomeric Stucco paint is best is looking into the term itself. Elastomeric term is derived from Elastic, having characteristics that of rubber. Knowing how paint ages ties into this being the utmost importance. When you apply a paint coating, specially latex, of course it dries to touch. Moving from that point forward, a protective coating continues to dry, becoming harder, and more brittle. Just as this is happening, all paints fade from the Sun's rays. Some paints and colors fade much more than others, however all paints fade to some degree.

As the paint fades, it becomes brittler and brittler. With any movement of your siding, settling, wind, and rain, all effects this continuing. The longer your paint stays supple, and elastic, the lower the risk it will crack, and peel. Elastomeric paint was developed to keep it's elasticity much longer than typical exterior paints. Elastomeric paint bridges the gaps of tiny cracks that may be present, sealing forever, weatherproofing your expensive Stucco and Efis siding from that point going onward, which is another reason why this is best for your Stucco, keeping it's elasticity much longer than conventional exterior paints.

Therefore, best advise I can give is don't scrimp on the product type. Use Elastomeric which was developed and made exactly for your Stucco surface, as you'll never regret it in the long run.

Best Stucco Paint Available Made By Sherwin-Williams!

Having researched this over the years, there is three criteria for examining them. Unfortunately, most paint manufactures leave one off now, only having two. Used to be Elasticity, Elongation, and Tensile Strength, in that order. Now however, Elasticity is being left off of Material Data Sheets with everyone, and do not know the reason, except the last two are the most important. Out of the two Elongation, and Tensile Strength, Elongation is what I look at having the most benefit.

  1. Elasticity
  2. Elongation
  3. Tensile Strength

When all other competition has Elongation nearly 1/3 less, it makes me wonder. So, without compromising integrity, we always use Sherwin-Williams Conflex™, knowing they are the founders of such product, having done more R&D on this product, spending millions each year in their labs on the subject. Sure you might find a cheaper Elastomeric paint, but having the oldest paint company in North America standing behind you, says a lot as well.



Before resting my case, hope you enjoyed reading our choice of Best Elastomeric paint, made for Stucco. Knowing if your a homeowner, I would not settle for nothing less.

If your a painting contractor, like myself, using a premium product will make your job go that much more easily, giving your client what they expected, for a refined, and professional Stucco paint finish.

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Mike Weber
Mike Weber
3 years ago

Appreciate the stucco information. I have a hundred year old house with VERY ROUGH stucco. At least that is what I assume it is. It has been painted in the past. No idea how many times or with what kind of paint. It may have been an
elastomeric paint or not. It seems to be holding up well with no obvious chipping or peeling. Regardless, as it’s already painted with something can it be top coated
with a latex paint. I’ve been using Sherwin Williams Duration paint on the trim and
windows. I’m in western Arkansas

Cal Phillips
3 years ago
Reply to  Mike Weber

Thank you Mike. If a hundred year old home, you might want to test it for Lead paint. However, doing this yourself, you do not need to hold a Lead Paint Abatement cert. Since there is no chipping, or peeling, an Elastomeric water-borne coating will preform fine. Painting stucco, you want to make sure buying a flat finish. Therefore looking like stone, not having a gloss. Duration & Emerald is SW’s best lifetime paints for wood & trim, even being more fade resistant today. Enjoy those hills and painting in Western Arkansas!