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Best Painting Websites For House Painters

Best house painting websites found, all have some basic fundamentals for any painters or contractors site online. Particularly for an online client searching.

Knowing what makes up ideal websites, specifically house paint sites is main focus here. Giving ease, being user friendly, anyone searching through a website.


Searching through a website, an organized ability to locate exactly what anyone is looking for. With so much information with regards to house painting, having a roadmap is best suggested by most search engines, for a potential customers alike.

If you believe you have very best painting company, painters & staff, you must show that off, with a quality website wouldn't you think?

Below are 15+ suggestions building out a premium website for painters & contractors, adding more consistently.

What Makes Up Best Painting Websites

Understanding what makes up a great website is key, as this is you're onboard public painting business card, for everyone to see. Not knowing you from Adam, but happening to find your site on the web, is just the first step.

Also, anyone calling from second or third page of search engine results is almost taking a leap of faith. Biggest reason putting best websites first in search engine rankings are really just like you & me.

Everyone wishes to put best foot forward, similar to dressing up. Acquiring a new pair of dress shoes. You put those new shoes on for everyone else's viewing pleasure, just as search engines put websites front and center, who has the most updated, cleanest, also accredited. Google, Yahoo, & Bing are no different, wanting to provide the online searcher quality information, and not a lot of garbage.

Being a paint contractor myself, starting a website back in 1993, coming full circle today, I'm eager to relay what I've found. Looking back to 1993, seeing where technology has taken us, my first site was as primitive as hieroglyphics in Egypt's pyramids. Early 90's cell phones just making it's headway, from the infamous Motorola pagers. If you've never updated, keeping up, your site might show up on the web on page 254, but highly doubtful.

Providing a potential client ease of navigation through you're website is ultimately important. If someone logs on to most websites these days, and it doesn't load properly, taking too much time, interest is lost almost immediately. I know this is true with me.

Who Determines Best Painting Websites

Knowing who determines a better painting website is actually two-fold. Well, ultimately starting with search-engines who determines which websites to show first. If your website is clean, correct, and forthright, following all the suggestions they've set forth, you stand a better chance of being seen higher on search results.

Higher on search results equates to more online traffic, and unique visitors, which is also highly sought after, just as a solid Gold Goblet sought after of Christine's Chapel.

More traffic doesn't mean more calls, being first step in order obtaining each ring.

OK, so your site speed is fast as it can be, having a quality server, removing as many i-Frames, broken links, errors. Incorporating advanced mobile pages (AMP) to most important cornerstone pages, which is web's latest suggestion for websites. Substantial online searches today are now with a smartphone, Android or iPhone. This is where the meat hits the road, if you don't have AMP, you might as well consider yourself a part-time painter.


There is almost an encyclopedia of information what constitutes a quality website, more specifically related to painting. From a HTML Template site to a HTML WordPress format, many attributes with the latter. A template site does not allow custom meta data within header.

Spent 1000's of dollars renting a site from way back, not seeing a site move up it's rankings only to a snail's pace. By 2009, I had enough of it. Keeping my URL, canceling account with, transferring to a reputable custom website builder was the smartest thing I've ever done.

Consistently adding new gadgets, and gizmos to a quality site as technology improves, with, best format, w/o having to start from scratch each time is WordPress. Owning this site, it's content, site is my property, and no one else's. Of course having to pay monthly for server, and yearly domain registrations, but no rental fees for a template site itself.

Matter of fact, after publishing this article, realizing my AMP plugin needed updated. Purchased a premium AMP Cache tool for the next year. That way every page can be seen properly on a mobile device, making much faster load speeds.

Another small expense and key component is having an SSL security certificate. Thereby search engines pick this up, rising those who have one to the top with an HTTPS prefix. Those sites w/o this security cert. you can bet are not on top of their game. Thinking cost of this SSL Cert. is only twenty-five dollars a year, but you may find them a little cheaper when combining other services.

So, besides search engines, also unique visitors which equates to traffic numbers, I determine which is the best painting website for my line of work.

What Are Some Important Features of a Painting Website

  • Domain Name


First off, you're gonna need a domain name. Typically domain same as company name, however there is some wiggle room.

A keyword domain is another alternative. No one will type Joe Blow Painting on a search engine if they didn't already know of Joe Blow painting. Now, if they did know of Joe Blows painting, they'd just type in, and not go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo searching for a painting company.

Either way, you will need to buy sole rights to a unique domain name. Good place is GoDaddy for this.

  • Company Name


With a company name in the uppermost area of first page of your website is important. What's worse than landing on a site, not realizing the company name, wondering if you clicked on correct site.

Company names can be short or long, makes no difference. Remembered back in 2009, it was mentioned, Google liked shorter company names, making it easier to remember, giving more space in meta data for other information seen on the web.

So, wanting to keep up with the times, we shortened our company name from Eco Paint Specialist's, Inc. to Eco Paint, Inc. Then later heard rumors it doesn't really matter that much. Although glad we did, having less to deal with typing, writing, & saying.

Will note changing a company name, you might see a fluctuation in placement on the web for a while, but nothing like if you were to change the URL.

Company names can be changed, rather easily, recording in your state records. However, extremely important, not wanting to change your URL. If you do change it, it'll be like starting all over with placement on the web. So don't do that! A mature URL, having some age to it ranks higher than one just purchased. Knowing I'd be the same way showing off the best, having a longer tenure on the web if I had a search engine.


  • Phone Number


Other key information for great sites is a phone number. Phone number at top, front & right hand side, makes it easy to find. Do not know how many sites I visit, wondering if the company even has a phone! Finding some in the bottom footer, in smallest print. Gives me the impression they do not want calls. Have no clue.

Excuse me for the rambling about phone numbers on websites, but knowing how important they need to be seen is my soapbox. So make sure you put this at the top, & not somewhere, looking for it like an Easter egg hunt.

Today, having an AMP page must include a phone number. Not just choosing a particular font, but clickable, automatically dialing the number shown. This makes a painting site mobile friendly, also responsive. Proper AMP code will also make your site fit on any smartphone display screen properly.

Having always practiced this, I still get spammers texting me, asking if we paint interiors or exterior homes in Denver. Also if we accept credit cards, and if they can pay in advance. I immediately respond back, "Please fill out and someone will get back w/you, pay close attention to very bottom of page, Thank you!

I believe these spammers are actually pushing Square™, but not sure, but everyone one of them have Google telephone numbers. Calling them back, recording says this Google subscriber does not have voice mail set up, then just block the number.

  • Logo


Your company logo follows image throughout the net, especially on different browsers, also on social media. This is your trademark, your image separating you and your site from all others.

  • Tag Line


A catchy tag line doesn't need keywords, nor required. A saying you'll want to stick with, as when anyone hears it, they think of you. Our company tag line is Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern. Also printed on all of our business cards, which has been a mainstay from Eco Paint, since it's inception. Should also be no more than one line, and sixty characters.

Tag lines rarely have special characters within it, as it's just a catchy phrase to capture your client's attention. A tag line in your header is recommended, similar to an online business card.

  • Call to Action

Calls to action are generally shorter than tag lines, reinforcing what you want the person viewing your site to do, like 'Call now, Call for a free quote today, or Book your paint job today!

  • Menu Bar


A well defined menu bar at the top, making an easy access to find interior pages you may have. Menu bars have many different looks, some on the left side of page, or at the top. I have always like putting mine at the top, for easiest access.

With AMP, it's good having cornerstone pages showing in the drop-down menu of AMP's menu bar. Knowing this, I need to update mine, having the blog showing up, being one more thing on my to-do list.

Speaking of menu bars, any site with less than three pages is not adequately indexed on search engines. So all these 3rd party marketers calling, saying they are SEO experts, who can build a landing page to show you on the first page of Google, run away from them.

A good quality site will have at least 8 pages, but want to be careful not having way too many, being too top heavy. If additional pages needed, best to write a blog post, thereby inserting link within your main web pages.

  • Images

Images are a window inside your painting business. What someone should expect, hiring your company of end results. Always good to tag the photo on your hard drive before placing it on the website. This way search engines can show them properly when someone searches. Alt tags equally important.

Photos guide a reader, keeping interest, with visuals, and corresponding content. Keeps the reader involved, wanting to read more, also keeping visitor on your site longer.

  • Business Info

Just as images are tagged, current up to date business information on the first page of your website describing what exactly you do. Where you are located, what areas you serve. This is important providing the reader a concise, clear roadmap without question.

Don't know how many sites out there, but there are many, who don't mention on the first page where services are provided. This makes it difficult for the reader picking a correct contractor to paint. Makes it difficult for search engines to index properly also. So, wanting to help clean up our painting industry, giving basic suggestions of business information on your opening page.

Do you paint interiors, or exteriors? Specialize in residential, commercial, or industrial painting? All these areas should be mentioned on the first page of your website as well. Followed by a deeper inner page, describing exactly what you do.

Giving a brief description of history, credentials, memberships, also types of structures serviced. This helps the reader know immediately if you are a good fit or not. Again, making your website as user friendly as possible, not wasting your time or theirs.


  • Testimonials & Reviews


Showing some comments what others say about you and your work is highly recommended. Knowing you only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention once they have clicked on your site, you need to make the most positive impression!

I like taking reviews straight from Google, Yelp, or any other online sources, linking directly to the first page. Placing it over on the right column. This way reviews can be read if chosen, but does not interfere with actual business content on the main portion.

  • Internal & External Links


Including internal links to deeper pages inside the website, from your original content is important, making it easy to navigate for your potential client. Showing what products you use, placing external links to various other websites also recommended.

However, pay close attention to this. Always check "Open link  in a new tab" inside link options. This way, if someone clicks on an external link, your site is still present on their browser, not loosing them.

  • Contact Form


Besides having a phone number listed, every painting website must have a contact form. Allowing a more detailed description what might be needed. Whether it be wall paper removal during interior painting, or painting cabinets, or popcorn removals.

Enabling forms being mobile friendly highly recommended, again as many using phones to search, call or contact while on break, traveling on Light-rail heading to work. Contact forms just make it more convenient contacting you.

  • Business Hours

Thinking of your website, just as a storefront, having business hours listed a good idea. Listing it down towards the bottom footer, making it easy to change, or add any holidays you may be closed.

Always good idea to update Google &  Bing map listings regularly for holidays, being open or closed. We keep business hours set in stone, however any deviation should be addressed.

  • Social Media Buttons


Placing social media buttons near the bottom a great idea, for those to keep in touch with you, latest news, and updates to company.

Best Paint Company's Website Summary

This is a good start having a top notched painting company website. Making sure you implement everything listed above will set you on the right path, not only being indexed correctly on the web, but climbing the search engine ladder, when you're not on a ladder painting walls, trim, or siding.

Just wanting to set this out, describing what I've found with years of trial and error. Getting it first hand from another painting contractor having over 40 years of experience painting, with a website last 25+ years.

Best Painting Websites For Painters & Contractors

  1. Updated site
  2. Clean, easy to read
  3. Credentials / Memberships
  4. High-speed server
  5. Remove broken links
  6. Have advance mobile pages (AMP)
  7. Domain name
  8. More than three pages
  9. Phone number
  10. Logo
  11. Tag line
  12. Call to action
  13. Menu bar
  14. Images
  15. Business info.
  16. Reviews & Testimonials
  17. Contact form
  18. Back links
  19. Social media buttons
  20. Correct spelling

Most importantly, no matter if we are talking about a website for painting, a business card, or a vehicle with company logo, everything must have a way of contacting you!


Putting company info. front and center, making it easy to contact, this van has some opportunities, besides a burned out right brake light.

If not internet & website building savvy, you may want to look into one of many online sources, who can build out the proper framework, theme, and appearance you are seeking.

This can be built on a WordPress platform, which is by far most user friendly, even for most novice users out there. Even allowing me to write this blog article, as it's attached to main website, with least amount of effort.

  • Correct Spelling

Now if you have best painters, being the best painting contractor in your local area, you'll want to make sure of correct spelling, also punctuation on the website. With misspelled words, also typographical errors can be annoying to others reading your message. Always good to check correct spelling before publishing anything.

Having best painting company websites have no room for grammatical errors.

When unsure of spelling, never just add an extra P, as shown below, or you may have a caravan following you, waiting for music to start playing & those poles to be used.


Now to get checking on our painters, painting an exterior here in Aurora, CO. Just wanted to help other painting websites, improving one's experience, once landing on a site. This list barely scratches the surface, but is a good start.

Your likes, shares, & comments appreciated below!

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