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Latest Commercial Interior Painting job in Denver

Eco Paint's painters in Denver & Centennial just finishing up painting commercial offices at 7094 S. Revere Pkwy. Centennial, CO. 80112 for Colorado Mechanical Systems. Painters using Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 V.O.C SW 6147 Panda White and Anonymous SW 7046 Eggshell paint sheen throughout the entire office/warehouse.


Company's Determining Factors Hiring Eco Paint for this Commercial Drywall Finish and Painting Job

After reviewing Eco Paint's credentials, insurance, and references, price was not the only matter deciding as Eco Paint being the paint contractor for this job. Painting experience, size of jobs completed in the past, looking into the ability to provide a Level 5 smooth ''Doctor's Office, or Hospital'' professional drywall finish before painting. Not to mention how quickly could Eco Paint gear up, starting this large job.

Key points to Consider, Choosing for Your Next Large Interior Commercial Job

  • Credentials
  • Insurance, Liability / Workers Comp
  • More than enough references to call and verify
  • Experience conducting larger type painting jobs
  • Other services including drywall texture and finishes
  • Pricing is indeed a factor for all work, including interior painting


Colorado Mechanical Systems Growing by Leaps and Bounds, Needing Larger Space


Colorado Mechanical Systems New Location. Repaired, floated, and painted to perfection for a local graphic artist to layout company logo.


Starting painting the main four perimeter walls, completing before going into each individual offices, electrical room, kitchen, and restrooms.


Standing at the main entry to Colorado Mechanical Systems, looking down hallway to kitchen/break-room.


Front conference room with projection display.


Completed painting walls having a level 5 drywall finish.


Interior offices, each area, large cubicles for privacy, but openness.


Leaving everything with a vacuumed clean finish. Hollow-core door installed after painters completed, this electrical room.


Each office having level 5 smooth drywall finish, allowing the Sherwin-Williams Eggshell paint lay out beautifully. Notice nice crisp tight lines at corner and ceiling.


Painting offices, each office has at least one window, allowing natural lighting to illuminate the working area inside.


Still more work needed above ceiling grid with electrical, having just installed high intensity led lighting.


Main hallway with accent color Anonymous SW 7046 Eggshell paint for an upscale professional office paint scheme.


Painted both restrooms here at Colorado Mechanical Systems. Brown paper protecting new floor until most of the construction in back is completed.


Repainting this hallway, as this is the rear main entrance having tremendous construction traffic, bringing in large items after initially painting.  We marked with blue tape areas of concern, but actually repainted entire hallway last day.


After painting the interior offices, painters moved in the back, continued painted walls past bar-joists to B-decking. Electricians hanging high intensity LED lighting in warehouse.


Finished painting, a new wall and office erected, behind scissor-lift, for the receiving manager.


Left nicely painted walls for a graphic artist to layout company spirit.

Tenant Finish Painting

Painting offices is usually referred to as tenant finish. Painting before cove base is installed, or above it if it is not being replaces, to the top to grid ceiling. Normally tenant finish does not include ceilings, however in many instances, property owners choose to have ceiling grid and tiles painted for a complete uniform paint finish.

This is decided knowing how many ceiling tiles need replacing from age, and or stains. Here at 7094 S. Revere Pkwy. the original ceiling was in excellent shape, not needing paint, thereby saving owners a sizable portion of the painting expense.

If you have a new commercial painting request, look no further than Eco Paint for your contracting needs, with over 40 years experience. Knowing you have enough things to worry about starting your commercial project, but bringing Eco Paint on site, painting will not be one of them!

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