Denver Painters Going Green Painting Homes

Denver Painters Going Green Painting Homes

Denver painters Going Green, painting homes now using, Green Earth Friendly, sustainable paints and materials even more today, than since it's inception back in 1999-2000. Today, Green Earth Friendly paints are a norm, as most Greener than the leaf on your tree!

This is Great News, Thanks to many painters and painting contractors getting the word, as well as local paint stores, informing the public of the advantages of Going Green, when it comes to painting homes across Colorado. What used to be a trademark of a typical


liberal Green environmentalist, is now including most, liberals and conservatives alike. Being politically by-partisan, painting homes today, no matter which side of the isle with these purchases of Low to  Zero V.O.C (Volatile Odor Content) Green Earth Friendly paints.

Therefore there are no stereotypes of a particular race, religion, gender, and politically motivated group, now including all folks today, of all walks of life, painting more and more homes in Denver using Green Earth Friendly paints and materials.

Knowing the advantages of using these newer formulated, interior painting products, it is easy to see, Going Green is a wiser choice, painting homes, no matter where you stand on political or society issues.

Top Reasons Denver Painters Using Green Earth Friendly Paints

Reasons Denver painters are now using more Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints vary from one household to another. Reasons may include paint costs, air quality, breathing concerns, family additions, or advocacy groups, or enjoy the coverage these paints provide.

Top Reasons Denver Painters_Using_More_Green_Earth_Friendly_Paints

Denver painters are informing households, more than ever before, using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints, as they are now a paint type standard, which homes in Denver are realizing the benefits using Green Earth Friendly paints.

Green Earth Friendly Paint Costs

From my perspective, as a local painting contractor here in Denver, knowing painting costs is the primary question of most, I can put that question to rest. Green Earth Friendly paints cost the same as premium quality interior paints still on the market today. Typically a high quality interior paint from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, Valspar, Behr, Kwal-Howell, Devoe all range from $30 to $50 dollars per gallon.

Typically when someone hears an advocacy group speak of "Going Green", many jump to the impression this will cost much more, like twice as much. Well, Great News in the house painting industry, as described.  These Green products do not cost any more than premium quality interior paints you would ordinarily pay and use anyway.

With that being said, your high quality paints having higher V.O.Cs having similar pricing, if all other paint concerns met, using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint makes perfect sense for everyone. Earth Friendly paints having same or better paint coverage, uniformity, and paint color retention, your Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints are by far superior in most applications, including the home.

Who Now Is Painting With Green Earth Friendly Paints?

Updating this article originally published in 2011, I can tell you without a doubt, just about every public area now uses Green Eco Friendly paints now. Every new school, hospital, office, and business across the country, if not world is using them now, whether they know it or not.

Reason for this is since it's inception back in 1999-2000, the major paint manufactures have all jumped on board, making most paints with less volatile odor compounds, either being Low or Zero V.O.C.

Green Earth Friendly Paints Improves Air Quality Everyone Benefits

Using Green Earth Friendly paints improves air quality, so everyone benefits. Of course they do nothing if no interior painting is being considered. If your getting ready to paint an interior, this type of paint should be considered.

Air quality is one important consideration for many, and that "Fresh Paint" smell can have major allergic reactions to one's bronchial passages. The conventional interior paints give off ammonia and formaldehyde releases for up to 3 years inside a home.

When a home is freshly painted with conventional interior paints, our noses get used to those "Fresh paint" smells within a week or so, not noticing the chemicals still being released into the home, unless of course having allergic implications to these chemicals being released.

So, when painting an interior, using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints, improves air qualities inside the home.

Breathing Concerns are Important When Painting an Interior

Breathing concerns are important when painting an interior. This can include people with asthma, increasing symptoms related. This can be a part of occupational asthma and or Allergy-induced asthma. Keeping the air quality at it's highest, reducing any chemicals, fumes or gases is always suggested.

Remembering these interior paints having higher V.O.Cs, although may smell good, do nothing, and will actually reduce the air quality within the home. Other breathing concerns important when painting an interior could include bronchitis, hay fever, obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

Similar breathing problems may also stem from other serious problems such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and lung disease related to HIV/AIDS. Being able to enjoy a freshly painted interior, non of these breathing concerns will be compromised or affected using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint.

Painting Interiors With New Family Members

In Denver, painting interior homes having new family members has been the leading reason using Green Earth Friendly Eco Paints. Getting ready for new arrivals, 5 of the last 6 interiors we painted were for just this reason alone.

Wanting to bring fresh new paint colors into one's home for the infant here in Denver, is always a positive attribute as a parent. Painting a child's room with paint colors children love the most is an added benefit, learning their colors, while using environmentally safe, Green Earth Friendly paints.

Other interior painting for new family members can include a mother or father coming for an extended stay, say for a summer or winter, or providing family care. We all tend to clean, dust, putting our home's best conveniences forward when entertaining.  Having a fresh new look for either one of these examples, is very popular.

Looking out for the very best with new family members in your home, painting interiors for new family members, using Green Environmentally Friendly, Eco Paint is your best course of action, Denver Colorado being no different than the rest of the country.

Advocacy Groups Promote Green Earth Friendly Interior Paints

Advocacy groups promote everything being Green, as Green Earth Friendly Interior Paints being 14% of the total Green Movement for sustainable Green Living. Solar, Wind, Food, and other home products make up the rest of Green Earth Friendly products.

Allowing yourself to contribute to this Green Earth Friendly Movement, right along side many advocacy groups promoting the same Green Earth Friendly interior paints, doing your fair share. Seems like everyone who uses these newer formulated interior paining products, mentions this to a neighbor or friend at some point within the coming year, stating how please they were with these newer paints.

Thereby adding to the long list of advocacy groups promoting Green Earth Friendly interior paints, including just about every paint supply company, contractor, and team of painters.

Denver Painters and Painting Contractors Informing the Public

Denver painters and painting contractors alike, now informing the public, as this is the hottest thing Going Green in Denver. Denver painting contractors and painters both are always looking out for the public's best interest, suggesting these Green Earth Friendly paints as a choice, not costing any more, than conventional brands and types.

These Eco Friendly types of paints cover much better than the others, while retaining vivid colors much longer. Building public awareness using these types of Eco Paints makes it perfect for many reasons mentioned above. Still spreading the word, many interior painting customers may not know benefits, or have not heard of interior painting choices.

This is where Denver painting contractors and painters alike are helping spread the word, informing the public, saving our environment, one home at a time, with little or no increased cost painting interiors in Denver and Colorado.

Top Reasons To Go Green With Eco Paint

  • Paint costs
  • Air quality
  • Breathing concerns
  • Family additions
  • Advocacy groups

Painting a Home in Denver Colorado

Painting_a_Home_in_ Denver_Colorado

Painting a home in Denver and Colorado, your local painting contractor, Eco Paint Inc., provides top quality interior painting techniques and Green Earth Friendly painting materials and supplies across Colorado.

Specializing in complete interior painting and exterior painting for homes and offices, having over 30 years experience. The originator of the term "Eco Paint", back in 1993. Eco back then meant economical as well as ecological, as it's largely part of our company philosophy today.

Needing a home painted in Denver? Look no further than Eco Paint, for a Free In Home Paint Color Consultation for all your interior and exterior painting needs. Contact us Today! Would like to hear from you with your Earth Friendly Paint experiences, with a comment below~

Go Green! Paint Today, Entertain Tonight!

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