Home Depot Paint Kicks Martha Stewarts Butt

Martha Stewart Living Paint Being Replaced


Martha Stewart Living™ Home Paint is on clearance at all Home Depots across the country, loosing this major contract. Never used Martha's Living paints, I have used Glidden's, and very satisfied with coverage, and price. Martha Stewart Laying Off 40 Employees this past Friday in Fishbowl NY, in her Living advertising, marketing dept. called the Omnimedia group.

Martha Stewart's Living Paint Being Replaced with Glidden

This is a huge loss for her empire, with biggest

box store distributing her line, I'm sure. Have nothing against Dear Martha, we have never used her paint either. Also knowing the strongest will survive especially in this economy, Martha is very smart, knowing when to cut back.

Normally when we paint for customers across Denver, they either request a certain type of paint, being Benjamin Moore™, Sherwin-Williams™, Kwal Howell™, or Glidden™. If they want our personal preference, we will choose, but have never picked up Martha Living as this is a signature type of paint, just like Ralph Lauren™, or Calvin Cline™. Personally, I have never wanted a pair of jeans painted on my walls, using Calvin Cline, but suppose each to their fancy.

First Noticed Martha's Living Paint On Sale

Walked into one Home Depot, picking up some paint sundry items, and first noticed several gallons of Martha Stewart's Living Paint interior flats, eggshell, and even semi-gloss, along with her exterior line of paints on a clearance table near the paint department. Did not think anything about it, making my purchase, and leaving.

This was Monday I believe, I was busy going to and from various painting jobs our different crews were painting, this discounted paint did not interest me, even at a lower price. Why? Not using before, and have heard various others who have, not getting all that good of performance and paint coverage on original paint coat.  Therefore, noticing Living Paint on sale, my eyes looked elsewhere.

Replacing Living Paint With Glidden

Yes, I found myself in another Home Depot Store, again at the Paint dept. 2 times in 1 week, hey I'm setting a record, normally getting most of our paint and supplies who caters to contractors more than over the counter retail sales. Anyway, I was in Louisville, needing a color matched from Behr in a solid body stain, not having color number off hand, this took a few moments locating it. During the course of my visit, speaking with attendant, he told me about Martha's paint on clearance.

He continued to tell me, what ever does not sell by Mid-Nov. Home Depot's would be drastically cutting prices, moving her paint out of there, across the country, replacing with Glidden. This made sense, seeing a store across town doing the same, understanding the reasoning. Purchased a few more gallons of Behr stain, taking to painters, painting a home's exterior in Louisville. I have to believe Glidden, being the largest paint company in the world, owned by AkzoNoble™ is very pleased getting Home Depot's account back from several years ago, loosing out to you guessed it, Dear Martha Living.

Putting Two and Two Together

After seeing two Home Depot's in different parts of Denver, with Martha's Living paint on clearance, I knew this was a big loss for her, and her company. Later the next night, on the Huffington Post, seeing latest news of her company laying off 40 workers, I knew this was attributed to the Living Paint account with Home Depot. Hate to see anyone loose a job, cut business, loosing income, no matter if I've ever used the product or not, wishing all those affected Best Wishes and Luck, knowing first hand, loosing Living Paint contract was the reason behind layoffs.

Get ready to see Glidden's line of house paint products and coatings in all the Home Depot's across the country very soon, taking it back from Martha.

When Martha Stewart's Living Paint Looses Lowe's Gaining Home Depot


Dutch paint manufacture AkzoNobel, who is located in Strongsville, US said Monday that it has landed a deal to produce a line of Martha Stewart-branded paints for Home Depot.

This paint manufacturing facility is one of three that is producing the newest paint line. This facility currently makes several Akzo paint brands, including Glidden, Ralph Lauren, and Devoe.

The paint deal comes as Stewart's exclusive contract with Lowe's and Minneapolis paint-maker Valspar ends this month.

Eric Stasiowski, an Akzo spokesman, says the company worked with Martha Stewart and Home Depot to develop a new paint formula specifically for the Martha Stewart Living brand. He said it will be different from previous Martha Stewart paint products, which were only her colors applied to an existing paint line.

The new paint is low in fumes, and will come in distinctive packaging, Stasiowski said. It also, of course, we be available in line of colors approved by Stewart herself.
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Let me know what you think of paint change in all the Home Depot's below, and or will you miss her line of paint.

From your painting contractor of Denver, Eco Paint Inc. and Cal Phillips

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