How To Paint Trim Like A Professional Painter

How To Paint Trim Like A Professional Painter

Knowing tips, following steps of a professional painter who paints trim is key. The following information will have you painting trim like a pro in no time with points outlined. Also discussing the best finish for trim, along with the best paint roller for a smooth finish.

How_To_Paint_Trim_Like_A_Professional_PainterTackling any trim paint job requires the proper techniques, skills, tools, knowledge, sundries, fainness, and perseverance. Without either one of these qualities, painted trim will certainly show the lack thereof. Professional painters typically have years of experience, learning from journeymen painters, passing down this inclusive art in the paint trade.

Techniques Painting Trim Like A Pro


Techniques painting trim like a pro is a vast amount of information ranges from masking, caulking, priming, brushing, to even holding your brush the right angle. If your are replacing carpet & flooring, you may decide to paint trim after flooring is removed, enabling a spray finish technique. If this is the case, you'll want to paint trim, before painting walls, spraying all trim, casing, baseboards, doors, and any wood cabinets, doors first.

Spray painting trim like a pro first, will allow you to mask these surfaces, using proper adhesive masking tape, wiping painters caulk with a wet rag, for a professional clean, crisp paint lines when painting the walls around these painted trimmed areas.

Professional Painter Skills, Painting Trim

The skills professional painters take painting trim include proper operation of tools, equipment, that allow a proficient means  completing in a timely manner. Ultimately the amount of skills is measured with the outcome of the trim's finish. Having the highest quality factory finishes on your trim is vitally important. Being able to see any imperfections on the wood trim surface from at least six feet away is what your professional skills come in handy.

Properly filling, priming, and sanding any paint imperfection, then re-painting to a smooth uniform finish is what your pro painter does best.

Painting Trim With Professional Tools

Painting_Trim_With_Professional_ToolsProfessional paint tools increases the quality of painting trim, walls, and ceilings for that manner. Not every brush, roller, sprayer, or even drop cloths are created equal. Having the best pro tools before you start painting trim is the most advantageous to the final outcome. If you are a beginner painting trim, even the more reason to have the best painting tools in your paint bucket of tools, trust me.

What Best Paint Roller For Smooth Finish


Knowing what best size brush, roller, or roller nap laying paint on trim for a smooth finish is key. Typically using the widest brush that covers the width of baseboard, allows the least number of brush strokes. For wide flat surfaces such as doors, having a foam, or thin Winnie-roller nap leaves an uniform, pro factory finish.

Don't skimp on these pro tools, not costing that much more than lesser quality ones. The extra cost negates the amount of time you will be spending fixing what you just painted, trim included.

Best Finish For Trim

Best paint finish for trim is semi-gloss. Plain and simple. Reason for this is semi-gloss paint sheen or finish is much harder, durable, and wash-ability. Semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss paints are typically a water-borne latex, acrylic enamel. Giving that hard shell paint finish. Who wants touching a door, window, cabinet, or baseboard feeling like a flat chalkboard?

I recently saw in a rental home, who I guess did not know their trim painted in flat paint, looking just like the walls. Painting both walls and trim the same, does not allow the trim to pop out, smoothly, much less cleaning properly. So there you have it, semi-gloss is best finish for your trim.

Can You Paint Stained Trim Without Sanding?

Having correct paint primers today unequivocally allows you to paint stained trim without sanding. Even stained trim having a slick clear lacquered top coating does not need scuff sanding first. Being able to skip over this monumental step in the painting process will save you much time and money.

The primer I'm speaking of is XIM® self-bonding primer specifically designed just for that application. XIM® will adhere to Formica or even glass. Primer once dried, allows your top finish coat to hold for lasting performance. This is very popular painting kitchen cabinets, updating to a more modern decor. So Yes, you can even paint stained trim without sanding.

What Should I Paint First Wall Or Trim?

Another question arises painting trim like a professional is knowing what to paint first, walls or trim. There are many determinations considering what to paint first, then second, but I can tell you if it feels like the correct way, I'd go with it. Such as if you are planning to replace carpet, paint trim first. If you are keeping flooring intact, painting entire interior all same color, I'd paint walls first, then masking to spray trim.

Having published an article recently how to paint baseboards without brush marks, lines, or streaks requires the correct painting tools, along with other painting requirements listed above. This will ensure your freshly painting baseboards do not have lines, marks, or streaks once laid down, completely dried.

Closing on Painting Home Before Moving

If you are fixing up, considering painting your home's interior or exterior before moving, I would first like to say it is well worth your money and time. If you are not a professional painter, taking much longer to paint, spending a little extra, hiring professional painters will still put you ahead of the pack when it's time to hand over the keys to the buyer. Have written an article just on this as well, you can read in-depth the pros and cons painting a home before moving.

Hope This Helps Painting Trim Like A Professional Painter!

Helping out painting trim as professionally as can be, just the trim is a huge undertaking. Knowing this, I've tired laying as much info as I can, for a smooth, uniform trim paint finish.

Having painted countless homes across the Denver, Boulder, Aurora, & Colorado Springs area, if you are in need of professional painters, look no further than Eco Paint, Inc. for your trim painting needs. If tackling this on your own, and run into any questions, pick up the phone and call us today!

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