Best Paint Finish For Laundry Room

Best Paint Finish For Laundry Rooms


Top paint finish for laundry rooms will add higher level of protection to your painted walls & ceilings. Essentially, the smaller size rooms where moisture is present, the higher gloss paint finish needs to be. We will delve in all finishes for laundry rooms in article below.

Several years ago, a home only had a couple interior paint finishes. Flat, Semi-gloss, & Gloss. This is why rooms with highest moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms were painted with semi-gloss. Not any more.

Great News. Today, laundry rooms are bigger, and paint manufactures have developed more paint finish options. Which is a win-win in every regard.

Laundry Room Paint Finishes


Depending upon the actual size of your laundry room will govern exactly which paint finish or sheen you need to incorporate, for this particular area. Paint sheens come in flat, eggshell, pearl, matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, & high gloss.

As you go up the ladder with finishes, the more gloss and reflection it will have. Also noting, the higher up you go, the more moisture resistant a paint sheen will have.

Laundry Rooms Needing Semi-gloss Paint Finishes Include;

  • Laundry rooms with only one passage door
  • Laundry and wash areas with no windows or ventilation
  • Clothing wash rooms of a much smaller footprint
  • Also conducting several wash loads per day
  • If all above is present, semi-gloss paint finish for walls and ceilings is a must

This is why in the olden days, most moist areas were painted with semi-gloss walls & ceilings. Not having any difference with trim, being the same sheen as well. Not any more!


Laundry rooms having different paint sheens or finishes with walls, ceilings, and trim makes a room feel much warmer, and part of the home in every sense. With ceilings being flat, walls being eggshell, pearl, matte, or satin. Trim painted with a semi-gloss or high gloss throughout the home.

With all three finishes in your laundry room gives that warm feeling, not being an industrial work setting. Showing off as a integral part of your home.

Laundry Rooms With Different Paint Finishes


Today, laundry rooms offer different paint finishes. If your laundry room area has a window, exhaust fan, or wide door opening, you're lucky.

A well ventilated room, without moisture buildup will accept eggshell, satin, pearl, or matte, no problem. Even more lucky if your exact square footage area is that of a larger size.


These items help you deciding more than just painting a laundry room with the stereotypical semi-gloss walls, as in years past. Offering almost a full list of choices.

Importantly noting next topic, "Professional Paint Scheme", as this is in direct relation to your complete home's look and feel.

Professional Interior Paint Scheme


A thorough, professional, also concise  interior paint scheme is one with same sheens for walls, ceilings, and trim throughout the entire home. This includes laundry, bath, and mud rooms. If all your rooms are painted with the same paint sheen, it offers a more uniform finish.


This means all trim semi-gloss, or high gloss, walls being eggshell, pearl, matte, or satin, and ceilings flat or eggshell. As eggshell finish looks flat, but feels and cleans like a semi-gloss.

Paint Finish For Accent Walls


Paint finishes for accent walls can be a little more tricky. If unsure, use the same paint sheen as rest of room. Wanting accent walls to stand out, bringing more attention to this area, does not mean to make it more glossier.

However, painting your baseboard trim a higher gloss finish is highly recommended. Depending upon the color, this could very easily stand out like a sore thumb, so use same sheen as other walls.

As you can see in the photo above, this laundry room has two distinct colors, but same paint finish.

Thereby, if you use eggshell off white for majority of walls, best to use eggshell in a darker color burnt red, or sage green in a dinning room, kitchen, or laundry room.


This photo shows a darker accent color just above washer & drier, giving attention. Great that's not glossier than rest of walls.

Best Small Laundry Rooms Paint Finishes


Top paint finishes for small laundry rooms, especially those with full double doors can really be anything you want. But you don't have to paint it with semi-gloss on walls.


Reason being as moisture will have a difficult time building up, if you occasionally run loads, with doors wide open.

If washers and driers are out of room, painting is much easier painting ceilings flat white, walls eggshell, pearl, or satin, and best finish for trim & baseboards semi-gloss.



This photo shows a very small laundry room, walls one color, ceiling white.

Best Paint Finish For Your Laundry Room


Best paint finish for your laundry room will be just as rewarding as the cleaned fresh smell you cleaned laundry offers you each time. Having a room you visit regularly, that which looks and feels like the rest of your home.

Laundry room paint finishes matching other portions of your home, and not some shinny industrial wall setting. As today's wide variety of paint finishes offers much more, than old fashioned colder looking semi-gloss walls for higher moisture areas within your home.

A List Of Preferred Laundry Room Paint Suppliers;


Great knowing you do not have to paint entire laundry rooms with semi-gloss paints. With proper ventilation, footprint size, door system, and number of washes you do per day will allow you to paint your laundry room just like the rest of your home!

It's been very enjoyable putting this updated information together for you. As we know painting trends change with technology advancements in our paint industry.

If you need interior painters in the Denver CO. area, look no further. Eco Paint Inc. can take your home's interior painting from start to finish, with over 40 years experience.

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