Painting Denver Kitchen Cabinets Black

Want To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Black?


Wanting to modernize, updating your kitchen cabinets in Denver, paint cabinets Black? Items to consider before painting your cabinetry, ensuring a delightful also upscale, modern decor, offering the most luxurious and high-end finishes within your home.

Best tips before going all out, painting your kitchen cabinets black. Knowing most kitchen cabinets are painted white, finding very best white paint is high on the list of considerations. Reading both articles, you too will be an expert painting kitchen cabinets.

Tips For Painting Black Cabinets Ensures Deep Lasting, Enjoyable Finish

Several ideas to put forth, hoping to show, before actually buying your first gallon of black paint.

The first question that comes to mind is, does black go well with your current decorations, trim, doors in your Denver home?

Black Kitchen Cabinets Compliments Current Decor


Many homes possess darker finishes today. Adding black into home can be just as rewarding, and complimentary as painting trim white. Having a rich, professional look, which black offers, if done properly.

Black trim is just as inviting in a home, as over having a glass of wine, after a days worth of work. Matching most current decors, black trim and cabinetry offers your guests a rewarding atmosphere.

Deciding on which black color you want to go with, a good rule of thumb would be place your black color chip, or even better, a larger draw-down sample next to say your dining room furniture, your counter-top, back-splash, plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc.

If you see just a hint of black in those, you can bet black cabinets in your kitchen will be a nice enhancement, providing it is the right sheen or finish. Having a deep hint of red in your black, offers even more unique color choices to consider.

Another item to consider is the darker the color, the smaller the room will appear. Darkening up walls, ceilings, and of course trim including cabinets will make appearance of a smaller room. So, if your home is of a larger scale, darker colors work the best. If your home and kitchen is that of a smaller footprint, lighter colors are suggested, giving appearance of more room and openness.

Darker colors lend to be more professional, high-end, entertaining. Ever gone to a Ballroom or a fancy 5 Star restaurant? Bet those cabinets were of a dark nature, giving way to candles, indirect lighting. Therefore, would have to conclude black kitchen cabinets are on the romantic side of things.

Speaking of lighting, knowing this will darken up room considerably, good idea to know if you have enough light available. With top picture above, corner essentially has four windows to allow natural lighting during the day. This was important homeowner considered, before making final decision to paint cabinets black, which worked out well.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a very smart idea, if you have quality cabinets in place, wanting to update your kitchen. If your cabinets are all wood, plywood bottoms, not particle board, a good candidate to have them painted. However, all cabinets can be painted properly.

Cabinet painting is typically two thirds the cost of new ones, followed by one third cost of refacing. So if your happy with cabinets themselves, just wanting to update, no need to incur the total expense of replacing with brand new cabinets. This became a painting trend by 2005, as most everyone started watching what they spent, from that point forward.

Interior paint sheen & finishes being important to decide; Include Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Pearl, Semi-gloss, High-gloss, depending upon each paint manufacture. Flat having no sheen, moving down to High-gloss having most.

Would stay away from Flat, Matte, & Eggshell for cabinetry, as applied right, will bond and hold, but will look dull, not recommended for regular cleaning day in & day out with only a damp cloth.

  • Flat - Used normally on ceilings, having no paint sheen
  • Matte - Similar to Flat, feels a bit smoother to touch
  • Eggshell - Appears like Flat from a distance, but touching feels like Satin
  • Satin - Contains the slightest paint sheen, very durable on walls
  • Pearl - Typical to Satin, not near the sheen as Semi-gloss, can be used on trim
  • Semi-gloss - Normally on trim, doors, handrails, woodwork includes all cabinetry
  • High-gloss - Anything you wish to bring attention to, ''Hey, look at me!''

One more reason not having a duller paint finish is your wanting to show-off cabinets to yourself as well as others. Best way to do this is having a higher gloss paint finish. More expensive, harder to work with, which is why majority have mentioned in other articles.

Best procedure applying this paint you have chosen is by spray. Spraying kitchen cabinets is similar to that car finish down to slightest detail.

Important Tips, Tinting Primers Before Painting Cabinets Black


Basement Kitchen Cabinets in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Another important tip before painting cabinets especially black, is tinting your primer first. Having a grey high bonding primer will not only bond to your cabinetry properly, being a Must, but will allow black finish coats to lay properly, having more consistency for a deep dark paint finish.

I cannot stress this enough, using a high bonding primer, as this is the utmost importance, insuring your finish coats will adhere, so I've underlined this.

When painting kitchen cabinets white, best to use primer right out of can, pure white, with no tint needed. This is a trick most painting contractors use, making final outcome superb.

  • Below is Our List of Tasks, Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black
  • Leave Cabinet Doors and Drawers in Place
    Doors and drawer fronts must be painted, if you remove from hinges, you have to rehang somewhere to paint all surfaces, so the idea of taking doors off, requires even more work you have in front of you.
  • Clean All Future Paint Surfaces with a Lacquer Thinner
    Wiping down with a premium Lacquer Thinner removes all contaminates including oils, grease, and particulates hard to see with a naked eye.
  • Wiping Dry with Clean Cloth
    Lacquer Thinners dry very quickly, but wiping down with a clean cloth is best.
  • Mask every Detail Not Wishing to Have Paint
    Spraying kitchen cabinets, every spot, edge not masked will be painted, so be very detailed with this section. Using a sharp razor knife, cutting excess tape is best.
  • Spray Primer
    See Above. Allowing to dry overnight, 24 hours dry time. Very important, allowing primers to Grab to varnish, and slick surfaces.
  • Spray Finish Coats
    Painting Black cabinets and trim by spraying for best paints, 2 coats, wet on dry. Normally allowing each coat to dry overnight.Painting_Black_Cabinets_Trim_Painting
  • Unmask Kitchen Cabinets
    Carefully pull away plastic, tape, also masking paper, as new fresh paint is tender. Take your time with this, using razor knife to your benefit.

Can I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding?

Yes you can! All cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms having a lacquered, sealer, or varnish finish requires no sanding whatsoever. Does require a very detailed cleaning, no matter how discriminate and clean the cook is. Oils from cooking, tiny splatters must all be removed before any primer / paint is applied. You will be in best of hands Can_I_Paint_My_Kitchen_Cabinets_Without_Sandingpurchasing this primer, developed back in the early 90's, just for this reason.

Painting cabinets without having to scuff sand the slick varnish first. Doing all your prep work which entails cleaning and masking is probably 90% of the job. Once you have that completed, spraying this XIM high bonding primer on your cabinets first, will ensure you are doing it right, without even having to sand!

XIM Advanced Technology UMA®Brand White

UMA’s advanced technology has both primer and adhesive-like properties. A quick drying, white bonding primer / sealer that provides excellent adhesion. Can be tinted. for tough-to-paint surfaces: glass, tile, Formica, metals, many plastics, wood and other construction materials including Kynar® and silicone polyester pre-coated siding.


Best Cabinet Paints Available Painting Kitchen Cabinets Black

Using the very best paints available for your black cabinets, will ensure many years of enjoyment. Cabinet paints recommended below, ensures a quality kitchen cabinet painting job from the get-go.

Having many years of durability, proper adhesion and leveling will look like those cabinets were painted in the factory, having a hard car finish, and not some fly-by-night painting job. We have painted many kitchen and bathroom cabinets over the years for our clientele, and not one warranty question speaks highly.


ProClassic® Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel is a tough and durable coating that enhances the look of doors, trim, cabinets and furniture. Excellent adhesion, flow, and leveling, non-yellowing and a unique wet and dry hide makes ProClassic® a perfect choice.

Benjamin Moore™

ADVANCE® Interior Paint

A premium quality, waterborne alkyd paint that offers a full line of durable high-end finishes ideal for doors, trim and cabinetry.

Hope you've enjoyed reading our experience painting kitchen cabinets black, knowing this is a tremendous amount of work for any painting contractor involved pulling this off professionally, as we have done so countless times over the years.

Would like to hear your comments below, modernizing and updating your Denver kitchen. Inviting you to like, share, ping, and/or leave comments below!

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