Early Treatment For COVID-19, Coronavirus

Early Treatment For COVID-19, Coronavirus


Catching this Corona virus in it's earliest stages is key to it's cure. Knowing what treatment you should use in case you start coming down with any nasty cold, congestion is vitally important to your health, also longevity.

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus starts out in first few days like the worst head cold you've ever had. Pressure in your upper respiratory system,  massive clogged nasal passages, followed by shortness of breath, also light grade fever.

If you do not nip this in the bud, you're in for a long rough road. This viral infection can very easily develop into pneumonia, filling lungs up with same crap in your nasal passages later. This particular infectious disease, is very is extremely contagious, infecting many who you may come in contact with.

Catch This Virus Early


So time is of the essence. Killing off bacteria inside your body as soon as you feel like you are coming down with something is extremely important.

Don't be fooled with brand new drugs, too hard to obtain. Similar to the New Cat Drug making headway today.

The second remarkable thing is that GS-441524 is almost identical to a much buzzed-about human drug: remdesivir, the antiviral currently our best hope for treating COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Although early data suggest that the drug shortens recovery time at best, Anthony Fauci has touted remdesivir from the White House. The Food and Drug Administration has authorized it for emergency use. And Gilead Sciences, the company that makes remdesivir, is donating 1.5 million doses of the drug amidst the pandemic.

Many today are trying to figure out a "Vaccine", or treatment. But really, this is right in front of you, on nearly every corner of just about every town, across the country.

Having this preventive treatment at your disposal will not only keep you inside until you feel better, but taking the bull by the horns, clearing you up in no time. Once I finished my treatment, I could not tell I was sick in the least, as the day before. Had not one clogged nasal passage, no upper pressure, no fever, and throat felt great again!


I now know why my parents back in the 50's & 60's believed this common remedy, that was passed down several generations before. And yes, we are talking a good Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. An ol' treatment used for nearly 200 years, curing most aliments, especially a nasty  cold.

Just like Japanese Native Honey Bees can kill a Murder Hornet, cooking it alive. So can premium distilled Bourbon Whiskey killing off nasty bacteria. Japanese Honey Bees waste no time, killing the hornet, and neither should you!

Always remembered growing up, mixing an ounce of good whiskey to a couple tablespoons of pure honey for a cough. Seemed like once ingesting that, the throat thanked you, soothing, not coughing near as much.

In my case a nasty cough was on it's way! You know how you feel the day before the dreaded, most aggravating, hacking you've ever had? You know it's coming the very next day.


Well, having all the symptoms of this Coronavirus, and expecting the worst cough coming very next day, started sipping on straight Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Not overdoing it, only drinking one shot per hour. Kept taking another shot per hour for 5-7 hours.

Went on to sleep, sleeping like a baby all night long. Woke up the very next morning, refreshed, and had no sick symptoms the day before! Which leads me to believe this is the very best early treatment for what ever you have, including COVID-19.

Trick is if you can catch it in it's earliest stages, you're more likely overcoming this. Killing those nasty germs & bacteria that's trying it's hardest, keeping you down.

Just like any medication, you want to be careful. Not overdoing it. Only one ounce per hour. Repeat several hours, until you're ready to turn in, sleeping all night long.

Glad I cured myself at the earliest stage of this disgusting viral infection. Biggest reason is so many needed their homes, businesses, and decks painted very soon. Our busiest season right around the corner, overcoming this in late January.

I rarely write anything other than painting on this blog, as painting is my expertise. But uncovering some things most important that I've actually experienced, I must share the knowledge.

Just like a couple years ago, learning there is a cure for Lymphoma Cancer.


CBD cannabis edibles cures lymphoma cancer in home, Really? Are you kidding me? There has been many studies, doctrines, also formulations extending life with lymphoma cancer. Learning CBD, cannabis edible cures for any cancer was so exciting to hear recently.

Always remembering no cancer cures was ever known to man. Just first two days into 2019, feeling the need to share this Great News I uncovered in my Gulliver's paint travels.

If you are in the Denver, CO. area, needing interior or exterior painting, contact Eco Paint, Inc! Taking your painting requests professionally, inside or out. Having a clean bill of health, painting structures up and down the Colorado Front Range.

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