Do I Need To Remove Old Paint Before Painting Deck?

Need To Remove Old Paint Before Painting Deck?

It's about that time, wondering if you really need to remove old paint, before painting deck. Going to walk you through this important question, answers for a beautiful, long lasting deck coating.

This is on many homeowners minds, who enjoy backyard deck activities.

A few key, important topics discussed, deciding if old paint needs to be removed before applying new deck paint. Actually depends what you currently have on your deck, and what condition it is. Moving forward to what kind of finish to enviably want. Just how to refinish a painted deck?

These three questions you'll need to ask yourself, in order to determine if you need to remove old paint first, before applying a fresh new coat of deck paint.

  • Do I really need to remove old paint off before painting deck?
  • What kind of deck paint or stain do I currently have?
  • What current condition is my deck paint or stain?
  • What deck finish do I want to end up with?


Knowing if you should to remove old paint before painting deck, this knowledge will give you a piece of mind, extending the life of new deck paint. Now you are an expert, it's time to get out there, either removing old paint, or just lightly sanding current paint, before new deck paint is applied.

We didn't mention much about pressure washing, but after all prep is completed, before painting deck with new coat, good idea giving it a quick wash. Having a semi-transparent stain, cleaning with a homemade deck cleaner works best, followed by an even pressure washing.

If this sounds like too much work, contacting a local painting contractor who's very knowledgeable removing deck paint is a great option. Because if they have lots of experience removing deck paints, more than likely their staff of painters are very efficient with applying all types of deck stains too!

If you are in the Denver market, needing your deck refinished, look no further, contacting us today! Now if you are in other parts of the country, hope this information is beneficial to your outside wooden structures.

Like to hear from you with your deck paint removal experiences!

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