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Eco Paint's Painting History, Painting Denver, CO



Eco Paint's Leadership Painting Denver

As you know, Eco Paint painting Denver since 1990. Eco Paint has been painting homes and businesses over 40 years. See what makes Eco Paint a cut above, leading the painting industry in Denver and Colorado, reading below.

Painting in 1977

Eco Paint and Cal Phillips has been painting and providing home improvement services since 1977, long before inception of Eco Paint.

While putting himself through college, this was a perfect part-time job, where he would do various painting and repairs in a home or office ranging from wood repairs also carpentry, to painting, plumbing, drywall, siding repairs and replacements.

Starting a home improvement business early in life was just as rewarding as it is now, helping the local community take care of home repairs, improvements.

Painting in 1980

By 1980, it became apparent house painting was Cal's specialty. When Cal decided to do this, he made a commitment to himself along with community that he wanted to provide best house painting company paint industry has to offer.

1st multi-family project painting completed out on Lake Palestine TX. Today, Cal lives and breathes Denver house painting today, nearly half a century, serving Denver residents and business owners.

Leadership in Colorado's Painting Industry


  • Moving to Colorado in January 1990, having extensive working experience with many different facets of home improvement, along with painting, it was apparent Cal was going to change the way painting contractors conducting business, painting homes.
    At that time other competitors refused to pick up a hammer to replace a rotten piece of trim, Cal quickly did not think twice doing so. An old saying in the painting industry, "Let the painters fix it", is exactly what Cal remembered, since beginning of time.
  • Cal was the innovator as it comes to Free Estimates. Never charging to give an estimate for painting the interior or exterior. Actually happy to meet potential clients, discussing their painting and improvement needs.
  • Another way Cal changed Colorado's painting industry was never accepting a dime until the painting job was completed and approved. Other paint companies at that time required half of the amount up front, being a big no no.
    Cal always practiced Full Amount upon Completion and Approval. Having completed 1000's of painting jobs over the years, not one did not pay, which tells you the quality of craftsmanship.
  • Changing painting scope over the years, has also included picking up a hammer, replacing Cedar & Masonite™ siding / trim before painting, if needed.
    Having the skill, workmanship, and know-how, has allowed many to benefit from Eco Paint's painting / siding trade over time.
  • Leading Denver's painting industry, providing the very best products, materials. Finest workmanship is a result of Eco Paint's success thus far. Looking to discuss your important project next!

Painting in 1993

Coining phrase by 1993, as originator of term "Eco Paint" world-wide. Cal had changed it's company name from Cal's Home Improvement, a sole proprietorship, to Eco Paint Specialist's Inc. During that time, the acronym "Eco" was thought of a more economical sense, quickly becoming known as ecological as well.

Story Of Saguaro Cacti

Included Saguaro cacti  image within company's name in 1993. Symbolizing green earth, Eco friendly, icon has been with Eco → Paint, ever since.

By 1999-2000 first green earth-friendly paint was introduced, using lower V.O.C.s (Volatile Odor Content) within waterborne latex paint coatings. Cal has kept both meanings close to his company philosophy, while keeping painting cost at its lowest to residents, while remaining environmentally friendly. Always suggesting least V.O.C paints available for every client, especially respecting today's environment.

Denver Painting Contractor

Painting in 2019

Today, Eco Paint is a household name, spanning the Denver Front Range, with your next painting job in mind, painting in 2019.

Always putting customer first quickly became the company’s philosophy, developed into a company tagline that is still with them today:

"Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern"

Over years of painting, Eco Paint has completed thousands of residential painting jobs, along with commercial painting. Treating each one as their very own. Part of the 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means no money accepted until painting is finished, approved, & accepted, please call for greater details.

Once painting is completed, workmanship warranty is in place, meaning you never have to pay for touch ups during that time period.

Serving Customers 40+ Years!

Hire Eco Paint

When you hire Eco Paint, you can trust that job will go just as smooth as that new fresh coat of paint that is being applied, protecting and improving for many years to come.

As a vital painting contractor for the Denver Metro Area, Eco Paint ensures each and every customer's job is treated with the utmost care and consideration, or his name isn't Cal.

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