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Your best house painting prices by far! Free paint cost configurations, quotes, estimates in Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and Colorado Springs, CO. analyzing homes & offices. Eco Paint offers complete, no obligation, concise prices.

Turn-key, total costs, quotes and estimates covering residential or commercial structures in Arvada, Littleton, Lakewood, Castle Rock, and Highlands Ranch, CO. Fill Out the Form Above, Today!

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How much does it cost to paint a residence or commercial building?

Needing Interior or Exterior Painting Costs

What does it cost to paint a residence or commercial building? Many variables go into figuring a paint estimate and cost of painting a home or business. Whether your looking to get a cost for your interior or exterior, Eco Paint provides a Free No Obligation quote.

Starting with the size of structure, interior or exterior, how high the walls and ceilings are, does the home have a walk-out basement, to what type of paint, and how many colors needed.

These are just a few determining factors, along with primers needed, to how much preparation is required for a top quality job. Our cost estimates are complete and concise, with everything spelled out.

From the type of paint used, to the exact areas to be painted, including our processes. You will enjoy our costs, quotes estimating your project as so many others have, So Contact Us Today!

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Expert Estimating Residential or Commercial Painting Projects

Having nearly half a century estimating house and commercial painting jobs, Eco Paint has this down to a science with the experience. Leaving you with a complete estimate, you'll be an expert too knowing everything but the colors, unless you have already decided.

After you approve of the estimate, which is a turn-key cost of painting, we will sample your chosen colors, making sure that is exactly what you had envisioned, before any work begins for your home or business.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Interior, Exterior House Per Sq. Ft.

Wondering how much does it cost to paint an interior or exterior house? One good way is calculating the square foot floor space, or surface square foot.

Multiplying that square foot figure with a known denominator. This calculation works for both interiors walls and ceilings, along with exterior siding surfaces of all kinds.

Cost to Paint Exterior Home

There are many other variables to consider figuring the cost to paint the exterior of a home. Besides using the mathematical formula of square foot described above, other things to consider:

  • Type, cost, amount of paint, special materials
  • Amount of preparation
  • Outside repairs, any wood replacements
  • Height of structure
  • How much trim involved
  • Window Frames
  • How many hours required

All these points to consider when figuring the cost to paint a home's exterior. Material costs generally rise each year to an average 5%. Labor prices tends to follow material costs, unless unforeseen economic conditions, raise them even higher.

Homeowners are best served, hiring a qualified contractor in your local area, giving you a very competitive price painting the outside of your home, with a complete estimate.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House Interior

Wondering about the cost of painting your home's interior? Including the square foot figure described above, one needs to figure whether or not painting walls, ceilings, and or trim is always another primary determination.

When painting a home's interior, painting the complete interior will insure a concise and uniform finish. Other cost factors painting an interior are as follows;

  • Type, cost of interior paint & materials
  • Amount of interior paint needed
  • Drywall repairs, also textures
  • Wallpaper removals
  • Popcorn removals
  • Height of ceilings
  • Number of doors, trim to paint
  • Number of labor hours needed to complete

Knowing these points beforehand will make figuring the cost of painting your home's interior to almost a science. Most homeowners would have the best experience painting interiors by hiring a professional contractor, who knows all these areas first hand, resulting in giving you a turn-key cost proposal for your living space.

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