Compare Best Exterior Paint, Review Lifetime Paints

Compare Best Exterior Paint For Lifetime Paints   Researching best exterior paint today, comparing different lifetime paints. Reviewing different paint choices available to you. Wondering which one is best, even though all are lifetime paints? Over the years, premium exterior paints would last about seven to eight years, needing to repaint. But today, we are…

Paint Vs Stain On Cedar Siding For Home

Paint Vs Stain On Cedar Siding For Home   Paint vs stain on cedar siding is a very common question, who have a cedar sided home. Like should I have paint or stain on exterior cedar siding. Many other great questions related; Learning what kind of paint to use on cedar siding, or find if…

Hike Across Rocky Mountain National Park

Hike Across Rocky Mountain National Park   Living here in Colorado since 1990, have always dreamed of hiking across Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), finally doing so, last year. Once moving here January 1st. 1990, both were so excited of our surroundings, made several hikes soon afterwards. First hike was in mid-January, driving through Estes…

What Order You Paint Interior Room

Which Order You Paint Interior Room     Knowing what order or painting sequence to follow, painting interior room will make entire paint process go much smoother. Considering which order do you paint a room, being three main areas. Determining which arrangement you paint, acquiring even more professional painting result. Three main surfaces to paint…

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