Best Homemade Deck Cleaner For You

What Is The Best Homemade Deck Cleaner? This is a question I get all across America, and would like to write about what best deck cleaner we've found. Having written an article several years ago, stating the exact same formula, we still use it today. Saving tons of time, and money, with deck benefiting just…

What To Know Painting, Repainting Old Cedar Shingles

Correctly Painting New or Old Cedar Shingles Having several requests per year painting Cedar shingles, I feel an important need to clarify some misnomers regarding this subject. Cedar shingles, whether being shake or regular thickness, new or old, same painting recommendations fits all types, across the board. First off, Cedar is not cheap, shingles or…

What Best Paint Finish For Interior Doors?

What is The Best Paint Finish For Interior Doors? Getting ready painting the interior? Knowing what best paint finish used for interior doors is highly important when painting a home. Important for several reasons, but primarily key to know, so you don't find yourself painting interior doors once again, anytime soon. Of all typical paint…

Best Blotchy Deck Stain Review – Weathered Gray

Review Best Blotchy Deck Stain Ever Review Sherwin-Williams™ Superdeck™ Semi transparent Stain Finding the best blotchy deck stain is no doubt-ably Superdeck™ 2100 Weathered Gray Semi transparent stain. Staining a deck, lattice, or pergola, wishing for a real weathered, distressed look, you might want to read this first. Final outcome may exactly what you envisioned,…

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