Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal Services

Tired of looking at your homes outdated wallpaper? Removing wallpaper can be a much larger and more difficult job than it may look at first glance. Eco Paint offers full wallpaper removal services with complete wall preparation to leave walls uniform and ready for a luxurious new look.

Eco Paint is experienced in removing all types of wallpapers including boarders, flocked, and textured papers.

Removing wallpapers by a qualified experienced contractor is your best choice, especially specializing in other interior painting trades associated, only having to work with one contractor, being us, Eco Paint Company.

After wallpaper and glues have been removed, there is a very good chance drywall textures may be needed in order to match wall textures on remaining wall surfaces. Many times, if wallpaper is installed on initial home move-in, home builders do not require drywall textures underneath wallpaper. Drywall textures therefore are needed after removal to find a slick or smooth drywall surface.

Many times, even having drywall textures, this surface must be re-textured to match. Since so much water is needed to remove the wallpaper, it tends to diminish existing textures. It's very rare that a surface that has had wallpaper removed is ready for interior paint without some type of drywall texture preparation. Eco Paint ensures all walls be uniform with all other wall textures in the home when removing wallpaper.

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