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Best Denver Wallpaper Removal Services

Best_Denver_Wallpaper_Removal_ServicesEco Paint Offers Best Wallpaper Removal Services

Eco Paint offers best wallpaper removal services with complete wall preparation and painting to leave walls uniform and ready for a luxurious new look. Tired of looking at your homes outdated wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper can be a much larger and more difficult job than it may look at first glance. Wanting a painted room instead of wallpaper? Eco Paint has all the experience in the different steps involved seeing this through, listed below.

Removing Different Types of Wallpapers

Removing_Different_Types_of_WallpapersEco Paint is experienced in removing all types of wallpapers including boarders, flocked, and textured papers. Removing wallpapers by a qualified experienced contractor is your best choice, especially specializing in other interior painting trades associated, only having to work with one contractor, being us, Eco Paint company.

Drywall Textures Needed

Drywall_Textures_NeededEven if the wall was sized, and after wallpaper and glues have been removed, there is a very good chance drywall textures may be needed in order to match other wall textures on remaining in the home or office.

Many times, if wallpaper is installed on initial home move-in, home builders do not require drywall textures underneath wallpaper, as they were not needed. Drywall textures therefore are needed after removal, unless a slick or smooth drywall surface is desired.

Drywall Primers

Drywall_PrimersDrywall primers are an expensive flat paint in pure white, generally a Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA). This type of primer seals drywall pores properly, allowing your final premier paint coating to properly bond.

Priming drywall before and after drywall textures are applied is a good idea, and Eco Paint recommends doing both. The first primer coat before textures are applied allows the texture to stick to the Sheetrock much better, especially when knocking it down, for a 'Knock Down' textured look.

Removing_Wallpaper_as_Part_of_Entire_Paint_ProjectJust as important, priming after drywall texture is applied, seals the drywall texture, allowing the interior paint finish to lay down more evenly. All this needs to be done after removing the wallpaper. Allowing you to see texture much better, before final paint coat is applied.

We make a requirement to have a walk-through after primer, and before paint, because once paint is applied, that's exactly what was applied. Primers not only seal, but allow the eyes to view texture in it's exact state.

Painting Rooms Removing Wallpapers

Painting_Rooms_Removing_WallpapersPainting rooms after removing wallpaper boarders, wainscoating, or full walls of wallpaper, is our specialty. Just as Eco Paint does not promote removing wallpapers as a main service, adding this service, along with drywall textures as an added feature to interior painting, having these as painting specialties.

Experts removing wallpapers, having countless jobs which have required this, preparing the wall surface for painting. However, if looking for help just removing wallpaper only, we suggest you see a long list of home improvement companies in Denver. Click Here.

Removing Wallpaper as Part of Entire Painting Project

Removing_Wallpaper_as_Part_of_Entire_Painting_ProjectBut now if your looking for a complete turn-key job, including removing wallpaper as part of entire project, followed by possible drywall textures, and painting, Contact Us! For more information on Eco Paint's wallpaper removal services in Colorado, as we are your complete painting company, removing wallpapers too!

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