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Exterior Painting for Colorado

Thanks for dropping in to Denver's finest exterior house painting services in Colorado, Eco Paint, Inc. Colorado is also one of the finest places to live, with mild summers and many mild Winter days throughout the Winter season. Living in the Mile High City has many benefits, too numerous to mention, full of family fun and activities. Living closer to the Sun, does have it's drawbacks, with intense UVA-UVB rays, Sun Block is highly recommended for many skin types for extended outdoor activities. Even with Colorado's Sun, living in Colorado is well worth it. Going to Omaha Nebraska few years back for a long weekend, waking up, missing the mountains, could not wait to get back home.

Just as Sun Block is recommended for your skin, a fresh pliable elastic paint coating is recommended for your home's exterior siding and trim.

If you don't care for your skin in Denver's arid dry climate, many things can happen unnecessarily to increase premature aging. Same goes for your exterior siding and trim, without proper paint protection, your home's exterior is suitable for deterioration beyond repair. One great difference between skin and exterior siding, exterior siding can be replaced for a lot less money than the skin that makes up you. Providing your home's exterior with proper vitamins, will ensure a long lasting durable substrate, and those vitamins are today's 100% acrylic latex paints, manufactured by some of the best paint manufactures in the country. Regularly using their products, insures lasting beauty and sustainability in the Mile High City, Denver Colorado.  Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin-Moore, Kwal-Howell, Devoe, Glidden, Valspar, Behr,  and Old Western paints is a good start, where to find such quality. These companies have spent millions each year, refining their products with Research and Development (R&D). Exterior paints have come a full circle in quality and durability, normally lasting 10-25 years, using such can guarantee no siding replacements will be on your mind. Eco Paint has skilled siding carpenters making most siding replacement a breeze, except for the pocketbook.

Below, is the first sign siding needs exterior  painting

Exterior Painting, Lakewood, CO

Exterior Painting, Lakewood, CO

This exterior siding is repairable to ease anyone's mind, so bare with me. At first glance, one may think the siding installer's air compressor air pressure was set too high.  Normally setting air pressure for pneumatic nail guns about 40-45 psi, these guns do not operate at too low or too high air pressure, so this is not the case.

What is going on this Masonite™ siding is exterior paint has completely dried out like a chalkboard. New homes are generally "Fog coated" with the thinnest layer of exterior painting possible, as no mill thickness quality control is in place with most production home builders.

The least amount of exterior paint dries out much faster, giving that chalkboard look and feel. What takes place after paint has dried out, a further breakdown occurs with exposed nail heads. The Masonite™ siding is a superior exterior siding, however without the proper paint coating protection, nothing will hold up. Moisture follows the line of least resistance, soaking around nail shafts, thereby swelling out siding like a sponge. If this is allowed to continue, siding will be non-repairable, and not even paint-able, so remember;

The highest quality exterior paint is only as good as the substrate it is covering

How to rectify this problem so swelling does not continue is to fill these nail head polyps with the proper filler. Most unfamiliar painters will try dabbing a touch of latex caulk in and around nail heads. The problem with this, is exterior caulk stays shinny for the life of it, and exterior paint dries out at some point. What you will have after a new exterior paint job will look OK at first, but just wait a few years till the next time to paint, and you will have a pok-a-dotted exterior home with shinny spots everywhere a nail was covered.

The solution is to use an approved exterior Crawford's Exterior Spackling. Crawford's Exterior Spackling provides the most common and popular exterior filler, coming in a quart can. Taking a little longer to apply, than an ever so quick and easy caulking gun, Crawford's Spackling dries very quickly to a flat finish. As new exterior paint dries out, nothing stands out starring you in the face, like the pok-a-dotted Dalmatian greeting you everyday as you drive up. So, the next time exterior painting is on the agenda, make darn sure to use the proper sealants and fillers for exterior siding surfaces, you'll be glad you did in years to come. Crawford's can be dabbed into hole, smoothed excess for a professional look once painted.

Hope this has been informational for you, gaining something out of it. Painting over 30 years, Cal Phillips and Eco Paint, Inc. leading the painting industry here in Denver, with Denver's painters, painting Colorado. Eco meaning "Economical as well as Ecological" with very competitive exterior painting costs. Also providing superior Siding Replacements throughout Colorado, if needed. Please leave a comment, as we would love to hear from you. If you have any exterior painting concerns, give us a call today to schedule a Free In Home Color Coordinating Paint Estimate.

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