Residential Exterior Painting in Colorado

Residential Exterior Painting in Colorado

Residential Exterior Painting in ColoradoResidential exterior painting in Colorado requires fresh new paint several years after construction, as it is imperative maintaining outside shell of a home. With regular home improvements, a home's protection plan can be kept up to date.

Not costing excessive amounts deferring the exterior paint job to a later date.

A home's exterior increases its real estate uniqueness, curb appeal, thereby holding it's property value. Applying fresh new exterior paint insures protection from Colorado's harsh climates we sometimes see. Whether it be freezing temperatures or intense direct Sun, all have adverse effects on exterior paint.

Newer residential exterior paints is also good, as many manufactures add mil-decides, and anti-bacterial agents, keeping mildew and insect populations down to a minimum, which also deters Woodpeckers.

A Woodpecker's diet is not wood, but micro-organisms inside the wood surface.  So, good rule of thumb is if you are having a problem with Woodpeckers, it's a very good chance it's time to paint the exterior of your residence.

A high quality exterior paint serves as a defense shield against climate conditions, insects, bacteria, termites and other pesky critters. A professional exterior painting company can also add individual color, personal character, and charm to every home.

Time to repaint has no time line, which varies depending on the quality and durability of paint applied. A lesser quality paint can last three to four years, while a premium quality paint can last more than 25 years.

Painting exterior of  a home exterior requires superior preparation, knowledge, and Eco Paint, Inc., has them both.

Purchasing a Home

After purchasing a home, owners can paint the exterior siding and trim of the structure to add their own personal touch and color. Many people paint their home's exterior when they are selling the property. This is a practical strategy, as new paint gives a fresh new curb appeal. If the house is in good shape, then applying a fresh paint coat will make it look brand new.

All homes need an edge selling as quickly as possible in the market we are now in. Many homes that look deteriorated or need additional work can and will reduce the sales price or likelihood of potential buyers looking somewhere else.

Best Time to Paint a Home's Exterior

The best time to paint a home's exterior is before it has peeled or become blotched and faded. The first sign a house needs a fresh coat of paint is when it become "Flat" or Chalky and dried, as deterioration of the exterior paint diminishes from that point forward, as it discolors, cracks, and peels.

Layer of paint mills eventually dry out and cannot offer suitable protection from sun, rain, snow, and wind to the exterior surfaces underneath. Quality paints have longer warranties and longer durability.

Professional house painting services will help it much better than a do-it-yourself shade-tree job, through proper painting techniques, tools and equipment. Taking time to have a Denver painting contractor and do things right the first time, before it begins to deteriorate will add many years to the life of the exterior painting job.

Remembering a couple profound sayings in the painting industry, and ones to remember, Paint is Only as Good, as the Substrate it is Covering & Paint is not Smart!

Colorado Weather Conditions

Colorado weather conditions is the biggest governing factor when painting exteriors in Colorado, and the optimum time to paint a home's exterior in Colorado is all weather related.

Many exterior painting days throughout the year, yes even winter season offers many prime painting days in Denver and Front Range of Colorado, although the work hours are much shorter.

As the seasons change, a home’s exterior which has some damage will continue to decline due to climate extremes. The best line of defense avoiding further damage is to protect it by having your local professional Denver house painters of Colorado do the job. Optimum painting temperatures for exterior painting is above 40 degrees F, and rising.

All Chipping Exterior Paint Must Be Scraped Away!

Reasons to Paint

Waiting until an exterior gets to this condition requires much more time, labor, materials, and money to get it back to "Like New". Many times wood has deteriorated and rotted, not allowing even the

Best exterior paint adhering to it, costing 3 times and more, as much as a normal exterior painting job.

Exterior paint is only as good as the substrate it is covering, and old flaking paint must be chipped away, sanded, sealed and primed before any new paint is applied.

Paint is not smart, having no capabilities of knowing when it is getting old, fading, drying out, cracking, bubbling, or peeling. Having an expert house painting professional inspect free of charge, providing a painting quote is your first line of  a good defense.

Easiest way insuring your home is properly protected is calling your local Denver painting contractor.

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