What FAQS For Painters & Painting Contractors?

What FAQS For Painters & Painting Contractors?


There are many good frequently asked questions (FAQs) to painters, also painting contractors what you should ask, knowing answers to common house paint inquiries.

Best questions to discover when determining which one to employ, before painting your home or business.

Contractor's answers to your valid questions should comfort you, painters having first hand experience. Reassuring you this task will go smoothly as the paint being applied.

Speaking with a contractor, knowing your exact painting criteria, having a wide range of knowledge. You're one step closer choosing what correct team of painters to hire.


Feeling comfortable with everyone on your property. So having great questions to ask your next paint contractor, concerning their painters, and details of job. Will not only let them know you're on top of your game, but see how they communicate, understanding their painting expertise.

Because let's face it, painting your home is not an everyday task. House paints lasting even longer now, especially having the latest paint technology, with highest quality paints offered today.

Paints are now mixed, measured, and colored using exact measurements in our digital world we are living. So getting exactly what you envisioned has never been any easier.


Giving you a head start, listing commonly asked questions and answers below, before your next painting project.

Getting into the bulk of questions, I must say, it's always best to have everything in writing, when hiring any contractor. Familiarizing yourself, knowing what you can expect, meeting all of your thoughts, splendor & convenience.

Personally meeting who may be working on your home. Building confidence even before the work begins, makes your project go that much smoother.

  • Does a paint quote cost any money?
  • How long to paint your home?
  • How many painters needed?
  • What paint brand type do you use?
  • Are you fully insured & bonded?
  • Will you be caulking my interior or exterior?
  • Do you have an active health & safety work-plan?
  • What preparations will be administered?
  • What is included with my paint warranty?

Good questions such as how long will it take painting your home. How many painters will be needed? What preparations will be made? What is included with warranties? All these will give you the peace of mind, many years to come, for your new interior or exterior paint coatings. Hiring painting experts is your ideal choice, tackling a very labor intensive job, saving you time & money.

Not all painting contractors are the same. Hiring industry professionals conducting this painting process is your smartest move. A home is generally one of your largest investments, so great care and safety needs to be given at all times.


Most reputable painting contractors have both liability & workers compensation insurance. Making sure your painters with painting company fully insured. Liability covers any damage, or mishaps, as workers comp covers any injuries. Covering all areas of a painting job, reassuring you the client, you are safe with workers on your property.

Our Denver painters are among the safest in the industry. Eco Paint contractor holds required liability, and industry standard amounts of workers comp insurance being 1,000,000.00 & 3,000,000.00 aggregate. Bondable for many different types of bonds.

There really is no silly painting questions. Reason is not everyone paints homes, just like not everyone changes a car transmission, not having an idea of that either. I had my transmission replaced a few years ago, asking questions, gaining correct answers makes us that much more informed.

Several common questions as paint contractors we hear a lot, outlining below. Putting these in a uniform manner, from beginning to end, hopefully will help, with your next house painting project.

These are some of the important things we will touch on below. So without further ado, here we go listing frequently asked questions to painters and painting contractors alike.


Frequently Asked Questions To Painters & Paint Contractors

I_Need_My_House _Painted_Now_What

  • I Need My House Painted, Now What?

Great question, let me be the first to congratulate yourself, recognizing you need your home painted. The further a home goes without proper paint coat protection, is a prime candidate for costly repairs down the road.

You are about to embark on a exciting home improvement trade. Renewing, revitalizing the interior or exterior of your home. Updating your home's appearance is just one benefit, but is also a task requiring much time & labor. This is why most seek outside help painting a home, than doing it themselves. Is this you?

Seeing that you need your house painted, would be a good time to familiarize yourself with which colors you want to use. Once that is narrowed down, having a few color selections, or paint chips, will give you time to choose which painting contractor you want employ.

Well if so, there are some important questions to ask painters & painting contractors, before you get the ball rolling.


  • How Do I Choose A Painting Contractor?

First thing to do is look in any number of online directories, searching for either interior or exterior painters and painting contractors in your local area, like Houzz, Angie's List, Home Advisor, Yelp, or YP.com. Social media provides a good outlet, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but seems like it's a hit or miss. Major search engines such as Google is a great source, just like Bing & Yahoo.

Ask for recommendations from co-workers. Many local paint stores have a wall mounted card place holder of several painting contractors for your decision. Asking your H.O.A who they recommend, or have used.

Doing your due diligence, verifying that companies reputation, logging into the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). There you will find a list of top notched, professional painting companies who's staff of painters can handle your house painting needs. Contacting them, setting up a time convenient with your schedule, not theirs, for a free in-home, person to person paint consultation.

Looking over best online reviews, checking with your local BBB for that company's tenure and accreditation is a must. Eco Paint, Inc. not only has an A+ rating with the Denver, Boulder BBB, but having 10's of 1000's of happy customers. Making sure everyone is happy choosing Eco Paint for their painting needs. Going that extra mile, having a vast amount of house painting experience. Our corporate slogan more than 4 decades has always been;
Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern.


  • How Should I Contact A Reputable Paint Contractor?

Best most direct way is calling them. Letting contractor introduce themselves, getting a general consensus of what you're needing. Not all paint contractors are the same. Some specialize in parking lot paint striping, others specialty maybe garage floors, fences, or swimming pool paints. You really want an expert for your exact painting projects.

Our vast experience is interior, exterior painting for residential and commercial applications. Starting in 1977, painting tens of thousands of locations. But your project is the most important.

Other credentials can include Chamber of Commerce, Painting, Decorating, Contractors of America (PDCA), and other professional organizations.

Speaking with paint companies staff on initial meeting, feeling good with their knowledge, experience, and a real concern taking care of your particular work, like it was their very own.

  • Phishing, Smishing Text/Emails

I would suggest not texting first, out of the blue. But once getting to know, texting is the ideal way to communicate. Even more direct and quicker than emails. Making a phone call first, allows both parties determining if it's a good fit.

There are so many scammers, smishing texts today. Many texting paint companies like myself, stating they just bought a home, using incorrect language, asking to me to drive-by looking over a property, but out of town.Wanting my email, asking if I'm the owner, and what is my email address.

In the hospital, having a leg amputated, or lung removed, having chemo-therapy due to 4 stage cancer, with only 3 weeks to live. Red flags not knowing what in the world they are buying a home, just before dying.

Wanting to pay full amount of paint job up front, needing my Social Security #, and banking info.  Therefore, an in-person phone call, getting to know each other first, in this day & age works best. Needless to say, I will be forwarding this page link, to my next scam smishing text messages, before blocking & deleting them.

Spam Text Messages Dos And Don'ts

It’s illegal to send unsolicited, or spam, commercial text messages to a wireless device unless the sender gets your permission, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Besides being painfully annoying, spam texts pose the risk of exposing you to identity theft, installing malware on your device, and stealing your information.

Here are a few tips that may help you deal with spam texts.

Don’t reply directly to any spam text message

Directly replying to a spam text message lets a spammer know that your number is genuine. What happens next? They can sell your phone number to other spammers who might bombard you with promises of free gifts and product offers.

Do treat your personal information like it’s cash

Spam text messages may lure you into disclosing personal information like how much money you make, how much you owe the bank, your Social Security number, and credit card details. Most legitimate companies do not request personal information like passwords, account details, and other personal details via text messages. When in doubt, look up the company phone number, call them, and verify if a legitimate request was made. Don’t call the number sent in the text message.

Best getting a phone call first, to validate a real potential client, than a scammer. Another reason is paint contractors like myself get an overload of these, from unscrupulous, and corrupt people.


  • Does A Paint Quote Cost Any Money?

No. Most painting contractors in Denver provide a free, no obligation painting quote for interior or exterior applications. But you may need to consult in your local area. That's not to say some other home improvement trades like heating & cooling, plumbing, or roofing contractors may charge for an estimate. But generally put it towards price of job, if you go with them.

Red flags would be getting a paint quote on the back of a business card. Too much information needs to be covered, and a business card is just not large enough.


  • How Long Does A Paint Quote Take?

Normally an interior painting quote may take up to an hour, where as exterior painting quote may only take 30 minutes. Giving your potential paint contractor enough time, that you can adsorb the full packet of information.

Knowing your time is very valuable, with busy schedules, most contractors try to work with your scheduled time frame. This will be decided upon initial phone conversation. Setting up a convenient time you both can meet.

Depending upon the scope of work, how large the painting project is are all factors determining how much time a paint quote will take. As a seasoned painting contractor like myself, taking any longer than an hour, I'm at a home on the initial visit, we're talking about everything else, besides house painting.


  • What's Next After Getting Price To Paint My Home?

Paint Colors

Getting a head start, would suggest choosing paint colors is the most important next step. Asking your painting contractor what paint brand they like using, will guide you which paint store to pick colors.

Many paint contractors like Eco Paint provides a set of paint samples free of charge, with a signed contract. Paint samples do cost money, and there is a limit of free paint samples. Suggest you choose 2 or 3 best ones you want to see on your surfaces you're about to have painted.

Paint Brands

Keep this in mind, every painter or paint contractor providing paint has a direct cost factor for overall total price of your job. Don't care if this is interior or exterior, every different paint brand label has a different cost factor.

Best asking not only which paint brand, or type of sheen, but which label is included. Interior & exterior paint choices can range from $25.00 -to- $85.00 per gallon. Comparing apples to apples, this is also important, having a direct factor in your paint quote. Knowing what you're getting for your money. If this information is not written, any painter or contractor can use whatever price point, paint brand & label they want.


  • Can One Paint Brand Match Another Paint Brand Color?

Can Benjamin-Moore™ match BEHR™, or can BEHR™match Sherwin-Williams™, or can Sherwin-Williams™ match any other paint color name from another major paint brand?

Yes, every major paint brand can digitally match another paint brand's color, but choosing a popular paint color from that particular paint stores selection is best.

Reasons include having no custom paint match. Also that particular paint color name will always be available within that painting companies data base, to always have it available years to come.

Another important reason is touching up years later, buying additional paint will make touch-ups much easier.

Finally, another important reason to consider is sheen. Every paint company can match a paint color almost perfectly. But paint sheens differ from one brand to another. An eggshell, flat, satin, or gloss sheen may look a tad-bit different, to another brand of paint with their same sheen.

So there you have it. Unless you're painting a complete section, corner to corner, top to bottom, do not recommend changing paint brands in the middle of the stream.


  • Can I Choose Different Paint Brands For Same Job?

No. Best painting practices, choosing one paint brand for your entire interior or exterior paint job. Reason is having just one paint supplier for entire paint job, in case there is any concerns of proper adhesion, color and sheen matching, painting walls, ceilings, and trim.

Having one paint supplier for entire job, supplying all paint and supplies makes that much more concise. You don't have to remember if you used Sherwin-Williams™ for walls, Benjamin Moore™ for ceilings or BEHR™ on trim.


  • How Do I Choose Paint Colors For My House?

  1. Paint brochures provide newest schemes
  2. Asking major paint stores popular colors
  3. Immediate neighborhood surroundings
  4. House painting apps
  5. Asking paint contractor popular colors
  6. Home Associations

Choosing paint colors can be a monumental task. But simplifying this important decision either matching, going with same colors is the easiest. However picking a completely different color scheme may bring new life and vigor on your home's surfaces.

Typically, trim is painted with lighter colors, siding or body darker. Really there is no cookie cutter recipe. It's really whatever you like. Suggestions include looking over paint stores brochures, looking around your immediate neighborhood for likable color schemes, or using house painting apps.

Walking into your local Sherwin-Williams™ or Benjamin-Moore™ asking who sells the most, what is going out the door. Combining two or three colors on the same swatch is easiest and safest to do.

Asking what colors most popular from your painting contractor. Another form, would be asking any Home Association, as they may have an approved list of colors. If choosing same colors, taking a piece of gutter downspout and/or a dryer vent in to your local paint store matching colors exactly.


  • Should I Get Paint Samples?

Yes. Either your painting company you plan hiring will provide paint samples in obvious places, or personally going to chosen paint store yourself. Most reputable paint contractors will buy samples. Applying on selected areas for your approval, upon a signed contract.

Either way, you really should have paint color samples for exact areas you wish painted. Reason is inside, carpet, draperies, and furniture can give your color a different hue.

Outside, roof, brick, and landscape can make a paint color look differently too. Seeing your new paint colors actually on your walls, inside or out is your best rule of thumb, having no surprises.


  • Can I Get Paint Samples At One Store, Buy At Another?

Can I get paint samples made at one store, buying at another? A common courtesy rarely mentioned in the painting world is if you have paint samples made from one paint store, going back to that same store, buying the bulk of entire paint order. Especially having any custom paint match. As those paint representatives took time  color matching it for you. This is just an unspoken courtesy, rarely mentioned to the retail customer, but on every Denver painting contractor's mind.

Although nothing written in stone, many circumstances could require one paint store making custom color matches, and another supplying the paint order. But it's always just a good practice to follow.

What_If_I Change_My_Mind_On_Paint_Colors

  • What If I Change My Mind On Paint Colors?

What if I change my mind after agreeing on paint colors? As long as your paint contractor's painters has not placed order, making the entire amount of paint, it can be stopped. However, once a contractor has called order in, and paint store has mixed it, cannot be returned. Reason is all paints come as a base, adding colorants, specific to your particular job request.

Even though it's a Sherwin-Williams™ color from Sherwin-Williams™ paint color selection, no paint store stocks that exact type of paint, in any multitude of colors. Once it's mixed, it's yours.  That's another reason why it is so important to sample paints before placing entire order.


So, once paint colors have been reached, locked in, and paint is mixed, you've bought it. Painting contractors are responsible paying for them, but if wrong, contractor will most certain pass this as a charge-back to the client. Mixing another batch of paint to paint entire home, can add a large cost several hundreds of dollars. Sampling would otherwise save this costly error.

This is why we suggest allowing us sampling paint colors interior or exterior, before ordering. Getting a good idea what new colors will actually look like on your home.


  • What Should I Expect During Proposal & Consultation?

What should I expect during free paint proposal quote? Our paint estimators are very knowledgeable, experienced, actually previously painters themselves. Listening to your requests, answering any questions you may have. Looking over any special areas of concerns. Might be peeling paint, or spots where wood is deteriorating, or wood pecker holes outside. Walking through project areas completely. Finding out what quality, price range you're leaning towards with paint qualities.

Gathering as many details, all information to prepare a concise paint proposal. Submitting to you, running through high points, giving you a copy of all our insurance documents, and association credentials , normally before leaving your home or business.  Normally this takes approximately 20-40 minutes.


  • What Should I Look For In A Paint Contractor's Proposal?

This is a very important question, glad you asked what to look for in a contractor's paint proposal. First look for a detailed description of all work to be done. Preparations, and actual painting work described. An estimation how many painters, also how long job will take. Any repairs, pressure washing, cleaning, sanding, priming, textures, cabinet painting, wood siding repairs or replacements are key to be mentioned. Exact brand and type of paint used. How many coats of paint will be applied. Mentioning how many coats will painters apply. Best having a brief description of warranty. A place for contractor's signature & date, also yours.

What_Paint_Preparations_Does_You_ Company_Perform

  • What Paint Preparations Does You  Company Perform?

Knowing exactly what preparations also precautions will be taken, working on your home, will take most anxiety, knowing your home will be cared for with kid-gloves . Some common preparations include, not limited to pressure washing outside, scraping, caulking, filling, sanding, priming.

Removing draperies, switch-plates, hardware, to outside shutters, hose reels, or any temporary attachments. These items most professional painters remove before painting, replacing afterwards.

Making any wood trim or siding replacements before painting begins. Preparing your home for a brand new paint coating.


Probably most common question asked is "Do you caulk"? Even though our proposals mention caulking using a high grade SherMax® urethanized elastomeric sealant, caulking questions are on everyone's mind. Reassuring those who ask, SherMax® has a life-time warranty.

Being paintable, with excellent durability, water-proofing seal. Having greatest flexibility, also adhesion properties. Once this is applied, windows, doors, siding, and outside corner-boards will withstand the test of time, no matter what's thrown it's way. Making any call-backs a thing of the past.

Of course SherMax® is not necessary for interior applications, where a premium grade of Sherwin-Williams™ 1050 quick dry siliconized acrylic latex caulk will be just as good inside, having smoothest spread-ability.

Keep in mind, a tube of caulk doesn't cost that much different. Using a higher grade sealant, will save your paint job that much longer, believe me. So, very good to ask contractor which type your painters will be using.

Inside preparations can include, but not limited to covering, moving, caulking, sanding, priming, before applying finish coats. Our Denver interior painters make as many inside preparations, so our clients do not have to.

Both interior as well as exterior painting requires typical precautions such as masking, making sure a clear area to work. Covering, with plastic sheathing, and/or canvas drop-cloths to ensure to contain any paint splatters.


  • How Many Painters Will Be Needed?

This is a very good question, getting a feel before painting starts. A professional paint proposal should have this estimated. Reason why important, in both extremes. On first day, 1 painters shows up, painting your entire interior or exterior, don't care how fast they may be, will take that one person 6-8 times as long than having a team of painters.

On the flip-side, having an unusual large number inside or outside your home can be just as bad. Reason getting a job done too quick, is quality control standards seem to suffer. When a job normally takes 3-4 days with 3-4 painters, but is completed by 12 in one day, look out.

Unless an interior or exterior job only needs one paint, same sheen, same color for everything, with very little caulking, masking, it can be done. Typically quicker jobs done in new construction, not repaints.

No other important point as important to another is having the correct number of painters on your job. Taking a paint job from beginning to end, in the most reasonable time possible. Your painting contractor should know exactly how many painters to staff your exact needs, being a very good question to ask.


  • What Other Trades Included With Your Paint Contract?

Many painting jobs require other home improvement trades taking place along with painting. It's always good asking your electable paint contractor if he or she can take care of any additional work also. Painters are very resourceful, some have other tools for other minor repairs, such as drywall, wallpaper removal, wood replacements.

If your estimate can include various other trades, all the more better. In that you only have to deal with one contractor, making more streamlined. We actually changed the contracts of many paint contractors here in Denver, starting back in 1990.

Beginning our home improvement business in Dallas Texas summer of 1977. Later moving to Colorado first month of 1990. Having years of experience with several different tasks, originally being a home improvement business, we also owned a saw, nails & hammer. If a piece of wood trim was so deteriorated, we replaced it.

"Let the painters fix it"

All other paint contractors here at that time were asked if they could replace a piece of baseboard, or Masonite™ siding, they said "No way, find a carpenter". Well, starting in 1977, there was a common thought in the building industry. "Let the painters fix it". Also most home improvement jobs required painting, so Eco Paint doing many of those too.

Today, most reliable painting contractors here in Denver are fixing other things, other than just applying paint. So best asking if they can take care of other needed trades as well.


  • How Long Will My Paint Job Take?

Contract should mention how paint will be applied. An estimation how long will paint job take. Estimating how many painters for your particular job. This is important, in that an unscrupulous contractor can only have one painter taking an extra longer time on your property.

Typically a paint crew consists of 2-6 painters on most homes, taking 3-5 days to complete. Yours may differ depending on size of home. But this should be noted on paint contract.

Generally those who have a different level of expertise, trying to paint can take 3 or 4 times as long as professional painters. Experiencing this on an ongoing basis.

Your exact painting length can differ greatly, depending upon the size of job from painting it yourself, or hiring experts in the field, doing this day in & out.

Asking how long your job will take is a very good question, so you'll know what to expect. Having no surprises either. Non-professional painters can drag a paint job all summer long, if this isn't put in writing. Making another good reason, not paying any money until the job is completed, and you approve.


  • What Payments Accepted?

Not to forget payment schedule. How will payment be received and when. We've always made a practice to never accept any money, until the job is completed, and you approve.

That way it automatically builds accreditation, knowing how confident we are with our work. Way too many shady paint companies out there. Some ask for half up front, never seeing them again.

Or, paying them half up front, getting a very sloppy job, you are subject to pay the rest, since you've already paid first half. Knowing if your contractor accepts credit cards, checks, or cash.

You are in best of hands, paying full amount after job is completed, also approving. Safeguards you, having a job you're happy with.


  • I Decided A Paint Company To Go With, Now What?

First, I would say call them, letting them know you've chosen them. Most require a signed and dated copy of paint proposal, describing all work to be done. Working with your contractor, scheduling a time best suited to your schedule, 'Not ours', when you wish the work to begin.

Letting them know which paint colors you'd like seeing, or which ones you've decided on, locking in place.  No money should be given for a residential home, inside or out, until all work is completed, and you approve.

Too many times a fly-by-night contractor for any home improvement can take money as a deposit, or half up front, never seeing them again. Eco Paint has never over 40 years has ever taken a dime for a residential home, until job is finished, and customers approve. Not only does this demonstrate confidence, but insures your happiness & quality approvals.

What_Paint_Warranty_Do _You_Provide

  • What Paint Warranty Do You Provide?

Eco Paint provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, covering a 4 year workmanship, products used having its own warranty. Will walk with you prior to completing, making sure you're happy with every section and detail.

Paint warranties very important knowing before you get started. Reasons include you may want to increase the quality of paints being used. Many paint selections today have life-time warranties. Asking your paint contractor their recommendations what added cost, also which ones they like using the best.

Here, we will discuss both types of paint job warranties needed for an all inclusive warranty on your freshly painted home. But first, being one of the authorities on this subject as a local painting contractor in the Colorado area, you are in great hands when it comes to the quality of paint manufactured today!

There is no inferior paint made today by major paint manufactures, period. Years ago, technology was not where it is today, thereby raising the bar in quality, durability, adhesion, elasticity, and resistance to fade. Notice I mentioned fade, as we will circle back to that later, being very important in the warranty.

Eco Paint offers one of the best paint warranty programs in Denver, giving you the assurance your paint job will continue looking great, protecting many years to come. Our paint warranty is a cut above all the rest.


  • What Are My Responsibilities, Having My Home Painted?

This is a great question, just like others above. A homeowners responsibilities differ from inside or outside the home. Inside, you'll need to ask your chosen contractor what you need to do, prior to painters arrival.

This may include removing pictures, wall hangings, packing up fine art and breakables. Agreeing what time each day for painters arrival. Disconnecting any electronic peripherals and devices. We generally move them, just not unplugging. Not wanting to be responsible, possibly loosing any memory.

We need all the memory we can save, painting your home.

Outside responsibilities may include, but not limited to full access around your home. Accessibility to water. Adjusting lawn sprinklers, cleaning and/or replacing gutters prior to painting if rusted out. Keeping gutters cleaned out on a regular basis. Retaining and cleaning up after any pets in the back yard. Moving any large wood piles, or debris, giving painters full access around your home. If your home has wood windows, you'll need to be present, removing any screens from inside, rising them up after painting, so they are not painted shut.

After your home is painted, a few requirements are needed, as paint warranties do not cover these situations mentioned

  • Inspect during different times of the day

  • Keep plants and trees away

  • Check water drainage

  • Adjusting sprinklers

Not all homes have wood windows, but every home we've painted has a front door. Some front doors require new paint. Owners are needed home, opening up front door, or any other exterior passage doors, during painting.

Allowing our Denver exterior painters painting complete door, even behind weather stripping. Painting doors are typically on the end of paint project, so making arrangements when this is completed, doing a walk-through goes just as convenient and timely.

Limiting as many responsibilities on our homeowners part, making the painting process as easy as possible. Asking your painters or contractor if unsure what's needed on your part is ideal. This way, not having any surprises during the actual work in progress.


  • What If There's Another Question Not Mentioned?

Glad you asked. We would be delighted hearing from you, with your individual additional paint questions. Knowing quite a bit, an authority, painting over four decades. Feeling house painting is our expertise. But if there is something we cannot answer, we can find out best solutions, for your exact paint project.

If calling, asking for a price to paint an interior or exterior home is almost like a shot in the dark. Some may want to get a general idea, but getting a firm price, always best for painting company to actually see in person the physical location. Reason why is there is so many variables to the equation.

Not only seeing a painting location in person best, getting a birds-eye view, but meeting the company representative in person. Asking any of these questions listed above is a good idea, whom ever you contact.


Needing interior or exterior painters in Denver? Look no further than Eco Paint contractor for all of your house painting needs. Our pro painters fully verified, having years of painting experience. Making your next painting project, go as smoothly as the paint being applied. Either calling today, or filling out Contact Form on the right.