Compare Best Exterior Paint, Review Lifetime Paints

Compare Best Exterior Paint For Lifetime Paints



Researching best exterior paint today, comparing different lifetime paints. Reviewing different paint choices available to you. Wondering which one is best, even though all are lifetime paints?

Over the years, premium exterior paints would last about seven to eight years, needing to repaint. But today, we are living in an age where everything is getting better, exterior house paints is just one more prime example. Quality of paints for the home has come full circle, 180 degrees from just ten years ago, with today's technology, lab testing, also extensive research.

I speak on this about at least once a week. Here is my spill in written form. After reading, you'll be able to make a qualified decision which best exterior paint is right for your home's exterior.

Listing reasons why lifetime paints makes perfect sense, saving you time & money, getting top-shelf paint for your exterior. You've heard that old saying, "You get what you paid for", cannot be more true with exterior paints today.

Comparing Best Lifetime Exterior Paints From Contractor




I feel like I should be a paint salesman, but have been enjoying helping others paint their homes over four decades, believe I'll put what I relay each week, in written form.

As a painting contractor, here in Denver, we get this question all the time. "So many lifetime paints, what's the difference"? Or, "Lifetime is Lifetime, so what's the difference?"

Having used a wide variety of lifetime paints, I feel I'm an authority on this subject.

Even though, using best exterior paints, you still need to prepare exterior as you would with any quality exterior paint. If only painting trim, not entire exterior, beware! There are some very important tips regarding cost to paint exterior trim, you really need to know. What is included, what is not.

First, you have to know what happens when any paint ages, showing signs of new paint job needed.

As any emulsion 100% acrylic latex paint is exposed to outside elements, it starts the aging process. Putting this in layman's terms, because I am a paint contractor, not a scientist, engineer, or senior research developer.



First, Understand How Paint Ages, Before Making A Comparison

Needing to know what takes place when paint ages, helps you compare different exterior paints. I'm sure you've seen a wide variety of paint coatings. Some sidings having bleed-through, while some exteriors having oil spots resonating. Can tell others have aged, just looking old, colors have faded out over time.

How Exterior Paints Are Graded

  • Fade Resistant
  • Weather-proof
  • Elasticity
  • Elongation
  • Tensile Strength


Paint Fade




Paint fade is the first sign when any paint ages. Historically most quality exterior paints of yesterday would fade approximately seven percent per year in direct sun. Once fade has faded out, loosing all it's sheen, also original color.

At this point it has also lost most preserving qualities for any exterior surface. Depending where exterior surfaces are position with sun's rays, every exterior paint will fade over a given time period.

What makes lifetime paints better is added chemicals included in it's formulation. Massive research, spending millions each year, now resisting fade than ever before!

Higher quality, more expensive lifetime paints costs, more fade resistant, weather resistant qualities you get.

For instance Resilience® will fade out quicker than Duration®, where as Emerald® will be the most fade resistant paint ever manufactured by Sherwin-Williams™ Paint Company. I say quicker, but we're talking many years.

By that time, you've either moved, or forgot you painted with lifetime paint. Either scenario, we're talking three or four decades. Heck, maybe by then, you just want to switch out color schemes, bringing new look to your home.

Either way, paint fade will be least of your worries with lifetime paints today, which is the first thing to go as paint ages.






Elasticity is main criteria for paint manufacture's labs, testing exterior paints. To explain elasticity is like taking a rubber-band, pulling both ends, stretching it multiple times.

More times pulling both ends of rubber-band stretching, higher the quality of rubber-band, so is exterior paints.

Stretching dried paint from side to side, multiple times without it cracking, better, more valuable it is.






Latex paints in a general are known having elasticity & elongation similar to blowing up a balloon. More times a balloon can be stretched blown up, releasing the air, then repeating, keeping same form, once air is released, better quality of balloon, so is with exterior paint.





Another example of elongation is rubber tie straps. Having an old on my trailer, using it for years, all elongation has diminished. No stretching anymore. Every time I hook up trailer, seeing this, I'm reminded it's almost worthless. Very similar to lack of elongation to paint.


Of course your exterior paint is will not be blown up like a balloon, but will move, as siding moves ever so slightly during winds, rains, also different outside temperatures. So having best exterior paint will save many dollars down the road.

Longer your exterior paint can move as needed, without cracking, better your paint will resist what weather throws at it. Now speaking of something being thrown at your paint, brings up last criteria.


Tensile Strength




Tensile Strength is last criteria testing life-time paints, just as roofing manufactures tests theirs. How well an exterior paint keeps it's original shape and appearance having objects pelted on it, the better.

Hard driving rain, pea size hail, tree limbs and branches all can affect a paint brand's tensile strength.

Knowing no paint is hail proof, wished it was, but not quite there yet. Maybe that's the next step making lifetime paints better than they already are, not sure.


Best Paint Brand's Lifetime Exterior Paint Reviews




When comparing a paint brand's product choices, there are visual characteristics you see just opening the can of paint. However, many more attributes within a can of paint does not pop out at you.

What you get when using a premium lifetime paint with any major paint manufacture is field support, warranty, also documentation for original owner of home who had home painted by contractor, or who personally purchased it.


Inspecting Paint Application




A paint companies field representative typically visits a job, while painting is underway.

Working with painting contractor, making sure proper mil thickness is being applied. Generally higher end lifetime paints only require one heavy coat of 9 mils wet.

Paint field reps personally view application of highest quality paints, making sure all proper steps being followed. Steps from beginning, such as pressure washing beforehand, having a clean, sound surface paint is being applied.

Inspecting substrates, also being good, sound, and solid, without any obvious deterioration, needing to replace first. Because let's face it, any wood that has deteriorating, rotting, beyond repair, no paint will adhere properly.

A very common phrase in painting is "Paint is only as good as the substrate it is covering".

Also, paint is not smart!

These two phrases encompasses most paint failures, but having a clean, dry surface on recommended surface temperatures will perform what you envisioned, also expecting.

Paint Companies Documentation




These paint representatives also document paint job specifics, like paint preparations, colors used, location address, amount of gallons used, etc. for an indefinite period! Having all this information on file, in companies database. Major paint companies like Sherwin-Williams™ will be warranting lifetime paints to original home owner.

Having verified lifetime paints used, observing application, also documenting paint specifics, a lot of "Behind the scenes", support goes into every gallon of lifetime paint purchased from a qualified paint contractor. Making another reason to hire a professional paint contractor, painting your home using highest quality lifetime exterior paints you can afford.

All lifetime paint examples being extremely fade resistant, with primer included. Every job documented by paint manufactures, including myself.

Difference In Lifetime Paints




Now you know reading above, differences in lifetime paints, all having different levels of lifetime qualities. Careful, some say "Limited Lifetime Warranty", while others have no limitations.

Ones of lesser value, still being lifetime paint, will fade out quicker, loosing it's elasticity, elongation, and tensile strength quicker than those of higher retail price.

However, all lifetime paints are warrantied against cracking, bubbling, blistering, peeling, or chipping for the life you own your home. If paint fade takes place first, which it will, this can be root cause of future paint failures, typically not covered.

Best Lifetime Exterior Paint Reviews





Used BEHR™ Marquee® twice on two different occasions, picking up at Home Depot™, watching it being shook up in paint shaker. Within an hour or so after paint being shook up, a thick heavy paint clog at bottom of 5 gallon bucket was apparent. Clogged up airless wire filter, causing a real headache with a load of paint solids left in bucket.

Realizing all paint should be on the home's exterior, not some contents left in bucket, discarding, have not used Marquee® anymore. Yes, my paint representative was notified, comping me additional product, but did not feel most paint solids were distributed on exterior.

Developed for discriminating painters who want the very best exterior paint for their home, BEHR MARQUEE™ Exterior Paint & Primer is Behr's most advanced paint & primer, delivering exceptional dirt resistance and advanced fade protection. This innovative paint was developed to provide early rain resistance, so it has the ability to repel rain showers as early as 60 minutes after application.

“BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer was engineered with one simple goal in mind - to keep your home looking great long after you paint, even under the most severe weather conditions,” said Scott Richards, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Behr Process Corporation. “We harnessed the most advanced technology to offer Behr’s best exterior paint ever.”

The innovative technology delivers a tough, non-stick surface that helps resist dirt build up along with advanced UV protection and exceptional gloss protection for longer lasting, more lustrous color. The result of these two exceptional features is a paint color that stays looking great, long after the surface has been painted.

As a topcoat, BEHR MARQUEE paint’s 100 percent acrylic, less than 50 VOC formula, provides excellent hide and delivers a durable, mildew resistant finish. With its primer qualities, the product offers excellent adhesion to exterior surfaces along with the ability to block exterior stains.


Benjamin Moore™



  • Proprietary Color Lock® technology for richer colors and superior fade resistance

  • High build formula provides for for extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats

  • Outstanding durability against even the harshest weather conditions

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Low-temperature application to extend the painting season

  • Superior adhesion

  • Fast drying and quick re-coat times

  • Mildew resistant

  • Self-priming in most situations

  • Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

  • View the sell sheet for more information

With Aura® limited lifetime paint warranty, this is better than no lifetime warranty at all. While some other exterior paints warrant paint failures to say 25 years, this paint has primers built into formulation, ensuring adhesion is properly served. Again, no warranty for paint fade, being first thing to notice as it ages.

Therefore, it is possible for your HOA to suggest repainting a faded out home's exterior, even though paint is not cracking, chipping, or peeling away. This is most common reason requesting a new exterior paint job, because of fade, also limited lifetime paint warranties.




Product Details

TIMELESS® Exterior Paint + Primer is formulated with our newest innovations and technology providing complete one coat* hide, coverage and durability. With PPG TIMELESS® UV-Protect Technology, you get one coat* coverage in 1,000 colors and the best resistance to extreme weather.** The tough finish provides exceptional resistance to chipping, flaking and cracking and provides a mold, mildew and algae resistant coating.


  • Complete One Coat Hide & Coverage*

  • Exceptional Resistance to Chipping, Flaking & Cracking

  • Excellent Fade Resistance

Only time we've used Timeless®, experience with paint itself was great. Very good coverage, laying out extremely smooth, using a satin sheen, with choice of colors. Reason we don't use more PPG™ is just not near as convenient, having only a limited number of paint stores in Denver.

Know PPG™ is world's largest paint manufacture, including Glidden®, also Sikken's® brands.




  • FlexShield™ 365 Technology - year-round resistance to cracking and peeling

  • High-hiding paint + primer

  • Maximum weather protection

  • Maximum resistance against mold, mildew and algae on the finish

  • Excellent fade resistance

  • Excellent hiding

  • Flexible finish won't crack or peel

  • Low-temp application

  • 100% acrylic latex

  • Lifetime warranty






On the flip-side, have used Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald® several times. Each use of Emerald® has been exciting, just as the surface getting receiving it. Extremely smooth, satin sheen, laying on evenly. Glistens in the sun, repelling anything thrown it's direction.

With so much behind-the-scenes field support, convenient locations in every town, also very knowledgeable staff, you'd be best served choosing Sherwin-Williams™ also.

BEHR™, Sherwin-Williams™, Benjamin Moore™, PPG™, Valspar™, all have their own version of lifetime paints. No need using Mineral Spirits, as all these listed are water-borne 100% Acrylic Latex paints. Experiencing greatest results using Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald®, this is our choice.

A Sherwin-Williams™ location within 10 miles anywhere you go in Denver metro area, making extremely convenient.

So my winner is Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald® without question.

Sherwin-Williams Emerald® paint and primer in one with advanced stain blocking technology delivers best-in-class overall performance. To ensure a beautiful, smooth finish and stunning color for years to come, use our finest paint ever. Emerald prevents stains from penetrating, offers maximum resistance to water streaking and spotting, features truly remarkable hide and covers dark colors. With exceptional coverage and washability, it’s perfect for any paint job. Now Available: Emerald Interior flat finish with excellent washability. Emerald is available in four sheens, including a technologically advanced flat finish that offers the same washability, durability and burnish resistance as the matte or glossier sheens. The flat finish hides minor drywall imperfections while providing a washable, rich look. With Emerald Interior Flat, there is no need to sacrifice performance for appearance. Matte and Satin finishes are now available in a high hiding accent base, formulated to boost hiding power and deliver truer colors in fewer coats. *This product contains agents which inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of this paint film.

Now You Know What Makes Up Best Lifetime Paints

You're now an expert knowing what makes best exterior lifetime paints. Makes perfect sense to get very best lifetime exterior paint first time around.

Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald® wins Best exterior paint for 2019, so it does Best interior paint brand also! Making Sherwin-Williams™ Emerald® best paint for your complete home, inside & out.

If you need a team of professional Denver painters, look no further than Eco Paint, Inc. taking care of all your exterior painting needs in Colorado's Front Range.

Hope this has helped you determining, comparing best exterior paints, and if so, please like, share, ping, and/or comment below.

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