Advantages Painting Exterior Home And Replacing Gutters

Painting Exterior With Gutter Replacements


Painting your homes' exterior, coupled with replacing gutters at the same time, coincide with both home improvements, possibly saving hundreds down the road. Painting gutters and trim during exterior painting operations is just one facet of the entire exterior painting process.

Having an edge of knowledge how both are installed could save you hundreds later, paying for the gutter system itself. Inspecting one's exterior painting quality is fairly easy to do, but before you paint, an examination of homes' gutter system

Gutter Inspection


should be made, and you don't have to hang off the gutter checking them either.

If your way over due for painting the exterior, chances are gutters could be in need of replacing also, not just plugging holes and painting them, as this is like a band-aid that is only temporary.

So if your seeing peeling paint and leaks from the gutters, and your entire exterior is in need of a fresh coat of paint, the following suggestions will help you get the very best of both worlds. Having painted 1000's of homes

each year, many are in need of gutters also. When we run across these types of improvements for any particular home, my home improvement experience goes into overdrive for you the homeowner.

Saving many dollars down the road, suggesting something they may have not thought of, having helped many over the last few years, for the very best exterior protection anyone could request.

Before Exterior Painting or Replacing Gutters


Before getting started painting your exterior, calling a painting contractor, or replacing gutters, you need to think what color scheme you would like. The reason is simple, in that gutters only come in a limited number of colors, while paint colors are infinite.

The ideal scenario is have colored baked into metal, or powder coated colored gutters of your choice, matching the exterior paint to gutters, not matching gutters to paint would be virtually impossible. Therefore, if your happy with a particular gutter color, you have just chosen your top most exterior trim color.


Once you have determined the gutter color, taking a metal sample down to the local paint store, your exterior paint can be matched exactly to metal gutter. I will go into greater detail why this is important, but for now, the most important thing you can do is decide on your exterior color scheme, and which color your new gutters will be.

Once you chose gutter color, getting that gutter color matched in paint will be your roof line trim color, normally called fascia in construction terms.

When Choosing Fascia Trim Color, Few Things to Remember

  • All fascia the same color around the home
  • If going with colored gutters, your also choosing the fascia color
  • Fascia and Gutter both the same color

Keep in mind, gutters only come in a limited number of colors, while paint is unlimited. The reason this is important is gutters do not cover the entire fascia board it is attached. The fascia is the board which hangs down from roof line around the home, and should be painted the same color as gutter, not to bring attention to gutters, but to camouflage them. Oh yes, I've seen a few homes where gutters are different

Facia Trim Paint Different Gutter Color

than fascia, and not only does it look too busy, but it says without words, "Hey, I'm a new gutter, look at me!".

Having a clean, non-intrusive exterior paint color scheme gives off the very best curb appeal. Another good rule of thumb laying out color schemes, is trying to figure out what everyone else would like, and not you personally.

If you can decide on what others generally like, if you ever need to sell, your not forced repainting because of a bad paint scheme you choose a few years before.

Yes, you can dress the exterior color scheme by having a secondary trim color, say around windows and doors, but having everything consistent at the top, making the flow of your exterior that much more appealing.

Exterior Paint Scheme

Installing gutters and fascia trim near roof line the exact same color adds to the beauty and consistency of a well thought out exterior paint scheme. Choosing baked on colored gutters, you never have to worry about painting them, as color is a part of metal itself.

Quality Exterior Paint Scheme

Notice you barely see the gutter system, blending into roof outline, which this is how it's done in Colorado.  Having a third accent color at bottoms of windows, exterior paint scheme flows very well.

Painting Exterior when Replacing Gutters

Prime Under Gutters Before Installing New

The main reason it is a good idea to paint the exterior when replacing gutters is both can be done almost at the same time, having many benefits to the homes' substrate in this process.

Most of the time new home builders do not require the fascia (board the gutter is normally attached to) to be primed or painted before gutters are installed. Once gutters are installed, the remaining exposed portion of fascia is painted.

Once removed, this board is usually bare, not having any primer or paint whatsoever. True water from roof should not seep between gutters and fascia, as drip edge flashing should be installed under roof shingles, however this not happens due to blowing rain and snow. Never the less, all bare wood on the outside of a home should have some form

Painting Before Installing Gutters


of paint coating and primer protection.

Once old gutters come down, this is the perfect time to prime and paint fascia around the home. Knowing this, working with several gutter companies, gutters will be taken down, and gutter company pulls off job a few days, allowing us to paint the entire exterior.

Once painted, new gutters are installed, and every smidgen of exterior surfaces are painted, elevating any potential wood rot, saving tons later, matching perfectly.

Paint Fascia Trim, Color Matching To Exact Gutter Color

Once gutters are down, it is a breeze priming and painting fascia trim, having matched to exactly your gutter color choice. Keep in mind, most gutter installers provide white primed gutters, which allows any latex paint color to be applied, as primed gutters are generally a slight bit cheaper per liner foot.

Even new primed gutters installed, it is a good idea to prime and paint under the gutters, once removed, for reasons mentioned above.

This added step should not cost much more to do by either contractor, gutter or painting, both should be happy accommodating this for you.

Also should note, it is not typical by any painting company to remove gutters solely to paint behind, then reinstall. Having fascia primed and painted at least once during the homes' life span is a good idea, and when replacing gutters, this is a perfect time to paint.

Benefits Painting Exterior, and Replacing Gutters

Benefits_Painting_Exterior_and_Replacing_GuttersNew Gutters Will Save Painting Costs Later Down The Road

Installing new gutters will save painting costs down the road, as constant water dripping is bad for substrates, as well as paint itself. Getting rid of rusted, leaking gutters is the smartest thing you can do for your new exterior paint job, having the best of both worlds, new paint coating as well as a new gutter system.

With new gutters properly flashed, fascia primed and painted during operation, you will not need to call a painting company to only paint fascia trim later on. This alone could cost upwards of $500.00 or more, depending on your size and height of home.

Most new gutter systems only come in 5", not 4", which is a good thing, getting the water off your roof, and away from your home in the shortest possible time, saving your exterior painting, trim and siding.

New Exterior Paint Job, Plus Powder-coated Gutters Increases Home Values

Having a fresh new exterior paint job, in conjunction with a new powder coated gutter system which will normally only cost $1.00 more per liner foot of gutters and downspouts, increases home values dramatically.

Not an expert of gutter systems and installations, but have been around enough gutter contractors to know gutters are not that expensive and powder coated colored gutters normally cost a dollar more than primed white gutters, being worth every penny.

Once the fascia is primed and painted underneath, this gives a sense of added security, and quality, matching both, saving money from any potential wood deterioration, years to come. This may be unfortunate from a new home quality standpoint, but is nothing to overcome when replacing gutters for any reason.

Having Contractor Work All Completed At One Time

Painting exterior and replacing gutters at the same time is normally more convenient on your part, getting both done at the same time. Not needing contractors on your property for many many years, knowing your time is valuable. Getting both done simultaneously is usually the best remedy, which again, allows priming and painting under old gutters, before new ones are installed, no matter which color you decide.

Leaving you with this, knowing if you really like the gutter color, make this same color your fascia trim color as well. Allowing the opportunity to prime and paint under old gutter while under painting and gutter construction is your best line of defense, saving you countless dollars later down the road.

If deciding on White primed gutters, once removed, have a qualified painting contractors' team of painters prime and paint fascia once old gutters are removed, with matching white color. This technique will add years of quality and enjoyment to your home across the country.

Hope you've enjoyed this exterior painting tip, using this information the next time the exterior needs painting, while gutters are being considered replacing. If so, would like to hear from you with any comments below.



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Bud Selman
Bud Selman
3 years ago

Please: YOUR vs YOU’RE: “When you paint YOUR home, YOU’RE going to replace the rain gutters aren’t you?”

Gutters Miami
2 years ago

Wow, that’s a HUGE difference. I didn’t think the gutters had such a huge effect on how a house can look. I really like this post, thank you!