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How To Paint Exterior House Yourself

How To Paint A House Exterior Yourself?   How to paint exterior house yourself? Listing important steps for an exterior paint job, you'd be proud calling your own. Will lay out what you need to accomplish for this huge undertaking, painting your home's exterior. Thereby, having a paint job that will last many years to…

Need To Prime Exterior Wood House Before Painting?

Prime Exterior Wood Of House Before Painting? If you are wondering why you need to prime exterior wood of your home before painting, you've landed on the right article. Going over all facets, reasons, why prime before painting is required over old paint, on wood siding. Because let's face it, you want the very best…

Should You Pressure Wash House Before Painting?

Pressure Wash House Before Painting? Wonder if you should pressure wash exterior home before painting? Giving you reasons this is done before any paint applied. First important steps to prepare exterior house for painting. Increasing time it takes to paint your house yourself, but worth every effort described below. Having a clean slate to work…

Best Paint For Exterior Wood Windows

Best Paint For Exterior Wood Windows Using best paint available for exterior wood windows is very smart. Not only best paint for windows, but also sills, & frames. Most time, sills, frames, window sash is all one unit. That's even more important finding ideal window paint, painting exterior windows.  Exterior Wood Windows Need Best Paint…