How To Cure COVID-19 – Coronavirus Disease

How To Cure COVID-19 - Coronavirus Disease

How_To_Cure_COVID_19_ Coronavirus_Disease

Knowing how to cure COVID-19 or the Corona virus disease in case you come down with it is ultimately important. Overcoming all the germs floating around now, having a remedy and therapeutic at your disposal is critical.

Staying healthy is everyone's main concern. Giving you my latest resounding cure from this dreaded disease.

Preventing coming down with this feared germ is your primary concern. Understanding how to treat it in case you do fall victim to it, is your best line of defense.

A vaccine at your fingertips, that's readily available is smart in every medicine cabinet.

What's more, the best COVID vaccine has a very long shelf life! Actually, the older the better. Someone just called me yesterday, stating they had some dated 1945! Can't wait to try it. Article Published Feb 29, 2020.

How_To_Cure_COVID_19_ Disease

Listing below, exactly what I did just a few weeks ago, using this corrective antidote. After coming down with a cold or flu virus, that could very well have been the COVID-19. All I know I felt terrible for a day and a half.

So happy to get this information out, could hardly wait, writing this article. Feeling like an old western medicine show, with this potion, used over 3 generations.

Having overwhelming results, curing me, with no evidence of ever having it. Just had to get this out, telling as many as I can. Everything is over the counter, easy to obtain, suggested below.

Most major news outlets are on same bandwagon, saying exactly the same thing.

"there are no FDA-approved therapeutics or drugs to treat, cure or prevent COVID-19."

Further to say;

“We may have the right drug, but it might not be in the appropriate dosage form right now, and it might do more harm than good.”

What was distilled just 150 years ago, works the same today. Yes, curing the common cold, influenza, similar to the COVID-19 or Corona virus.


Alcohol has been administered for common colds, flu, fever, helping sick sleep. Just as NyQuil™ and other alcohol based medications help. Makes perfect sense having a more pure alcohol, killing viral infections.

Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City Just Announced

Therapeutic COVID-19 Remedy, Common Household Products


Therapeutic remedies curing COVID-19, Corona-virus, using common over-the-counter- household products, you'll be flat-out amazed. I feel like Doc on Gunsmoke, or Festus coming down with an aliment, as you will later understand.


Last month, watching the news, hearing a virus was spreading across China, taking several lives. Later, it was believed those taken ill by eating uncooked bat meat. I said, "Wow, those folks really need properly cook wild game meat".

I really felt safe, knowing I cook my bat meat well done, crispy like bacon. Laughing out loud, knowing I'd never eat bat meat, cooked or uncooked.

Had no idea I'd discover a therapeutic vaccine still working, a month later. Actually realizing same exact remedy that has cured countless individuals over last 225 years.


What I had was much different than other common colds I've had. Very debilitating, feeling like death warmed over. It was out of sheer desperation of impending cough on it's way, I chose getting a bottle of whiskey.

Originally planning to mix it with honey, you know, having a hot toddy. But had not started coughing, so instead, just drinking it straight.

Sipping straight whiskey all day long, having well over 5-8 shots over 8-9 hour period. Carefully administering one ounce per hour.

And to my surprise, the next morning I was Cured, No Matter what the heck it was!

Corona Virus Symptoms

symptoms of coronavirus are:
  • cough
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • pressure in chest
  • mild grade fever
  • shortness of breath

Here Is What I Did Combating The Virus

Do you cook your meat medium or well done?

Some meats must be cooked well done! If not, you're opening yourself up for some of the nastiest viral infections.

If you don't cook Pork, you can become very ill.

Several years ago, heard where a young lady started having massive headaches. Weeks later, after doing a cat-scan, doctors removed a microorganism, Trichinosis  a worm-type slug the size of a fingernail from the back of her upper neck.


I said, "I don't have to worry about bat meat, or uncooked pork thank goodness. Went on about my daily activities.

Hearing this again in the news, China was shutting down entire cities, because of a virus, with only a handful of cases. I was wondering if my sickness was the same type kicking in, feeling ill also.

My Infection

Remembered staying up late that evening, wanting something sweet. Went out to our freezer in the garage, bringing back in 2 Outshine Lime Fruit Bars.


Seemed like after consuming the second fruit bar, my throat felt scratchy, but went on to bed. They tasted OK, but not sure if they both were freezer burned, riddled with bacteria or not. Throat felt bad, right after eating them, something was diffidently wrong with my throat.

That next morning, my head was filled with congestion. Feeling like I was run over by a truck. Felt slightest fever, probably just a degree or two over, but any temp over can make you feel miserable. Took a couple of Advil, which seemed to ease the massive pressure only for a short while.

Believe this was on a Wednesday , knowing our family doctor is off on Fridays through Sunday. Not going to see him on Thursday, I knew I was on my own till Monday. If not better on Monday, I was going to be his first patient.

Gathering Meds to Cure Corona Virus


Driving around that next morning, my cold was in full swing. Sneezing, my entire upper body felt pressure, and congested, I said "That's all I need!". Being over 60, I was getting a little concerned of my upper respiratory pressure & shortness of breath. Thinking I needed an antibiotic knocking this out of my system.

Went past to nearest Walgreens™, I said to myself, "I've got to find something! Marched in like a zombie, going straight to the cold isle. So many to choose from, was even more overwhelming being sick, feeling like I needed one of everything.

Many different cold remedies, all different prices, thinking the highest priced, would be the best. So, found most expensive medication on the shelf.

Picked up  Sambucol Black Elderberry Cold & Flu Relief  (30 ea ) and headed right over to the pharmacist. Asking if he's heard of good results of people using this. Had never asked a pharmacist before. But this time, wanting to make sure, as I desperately wanted to get rid of this nasty cold & slight fever.

Having no idea if it was the COVID-19 or not. Didn't care at this point.


To my surprise, the pharmacist on duty said NO.

I was shocked with his answer, but glad of his honesty. Went on to say "That is just a home remedy, and would not find much relief". Little did he know, I would find the best medical potion, leaving everything at Walgreens™ by the wayside.

Asked him what he would recommend, he pointed to the vitamin isle, closest to both of us, in plain view.

Suggesting Echinacea, which supports immune system health. Not feeling like this was going to do the trick, but bought them anyway. Figuring he must know something, I didn't.

Instructing me, take 2 capsules of Echinacea morning and night. Drink plenty of water, and Orange juice, getting vitamin C, and get plenty of rest.

Everything we've heard all our lives, except of taking Echinacea.

  • Echinacea
  • Advil®
  • Orange juice
  • Plenty of water
  • Vick's Vapor Rub
  • Kleenex™
  • Cough drops
  • Honey
  • Good Bourbon Whiskey



Plugging in the Ol' vaporizer, using Vick's salve, smelling like a medicine cabinet. Buying a full family pack of Kleenex™ ready to use, back at home. I felt like I had just been to a local medicine wagon with all the sore throat lozenges, salves, and pills.

Telling me to take these morning and evening, along with a daily dose of orange juice, I stocked up on both. Flushing as much out as possible, drinking plenty of water. Boy did I drink a lot that day. Not seeing any immediate results, I knew I was combating this virus head-on.

Echinacea Not A Cure For The Corona-virus


After already taken Echinacea, massive amounts of vitamin C, and plenty of drinking water one full day, still not feeling much better. Knowing I needed to get over this, questioning if this was the Corona virus, but really didn't matter, feeling so bad.

Driving around, but careful not exposing others, just stayed in my truck. Making visits viewing future paint jobs we have scheduled, wiping and blowing my nose, making notes at each location.

Horrible Cough On It's Way

My throat still felt rough, likely coming down with a massive cough very soon!

You know that feeling. How you feel with an approaching cough that day before you really get it. Well, I was feeling that same anticipated cold symptom.

Best Vaccine, Therapeutic  Cure For COVID-19 Corona Virus


Man, I can dredge through a stopped up nasal passages, but a cough? A cough alerts everyone around you, disrupting sleeping patterns, and just horrible for yourself and close others.

On my way back home, seeing that same Walgreens™ on the corner, viewing a large liquor store. Feeling everything I've done so far, hasn't kicked in yet.

Remembering sore throats, coughs, and whiskey. Great having some good whiskey on hand for approaching, and aggravating cough has for many years, has always been a great home remedy medication.

This time being the very best therapeutic remedy for Corona virus, or what ever I had!

My Antidote To Cure Corona-virus


Pulling right up, going into larger liquor store, went straight to the bourbon isle. Passing up vodka, tequila, seeing some very common brands. Looking over a massive selection, my eyes fixed upon Jim Beam's Double Oak. Twice Barreled. I could tell it would be effective being very smooth & aged. Knew Jim Beam had been distilling whiskey for over 200 years, starting in 1795.

Walking up to the cashier, a large man at the end of the register who was there to help bag, or box everyone's selections. Mine only one bottle, we had time to chat for a brief moment, while my bottle rang up.

Mentioned to him I felt bad, coming down with a bad cold, throat sore, expecting a cough soon. The more reason buying this! Ridding myself what ever I came down with was highest priority. Reassured me this was a very smooth, Jim Beam's Top Shelf whiskey.

Had to take matters in my own hands, getting serious, as fine whiskey is nothing to sneeze about. When you sip, slurp, or sallow a shot of whiskey, you know it. Cannot mistake it from any other thing. No other medication tastes like this, actually doing something.


Special Thanks to Jon D. providing these shots of an unopened bottle of Old Taylor


What Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Labels looked like in 1900's.

Whiskey was originally meant for colds, flu, fever, croup, plus other medical uses. Still working today, for the same symptoms. COVID-19, or Corona virus also showing shortness of breath. The sooner you start sipping on a bottle of Jim Beam, the better.

As we know, bacteria does not like alcohol. Taking small sips over an eight hour period, consuming 5-6 shots will undoubtedly rid you of this harmful matter inside you. Much purer than Theraflu™, or NyQuil™.


Many others have benefited from ailments, colds, flu, & viruses over the years.


Well, brought it home around 1pm, opened the seal, and poured couple shots over few ice cubes. Sipped on it several hours, working on my desktop computer. As the evening progressed, kept adding few more ice cubes, filling cocktail glass with more Jim Beam.

I assume, after having 5-6 shots over a 5-6 hour period, slurring a few text messages, I went on upstairs to bed. Falling right to sleep, slept all night long.


Woke up the next morning, bright and early, I felt like a new person! Never having any ruminates of the congestion I had the day before!

I Was Cured!

What's even better, my throat felt great too! It's been 3-4 weeks now, still having a great bill of health, with no traces of  a cold, Coronavirus before. Continuing to have a daily shot, just to keep my immune system good. As long as these nasty spores are floating around.

You Are Likely Coming Down With This

So there you have it!

I urge you getting a bottle of Jim Beam Double Oak, Twice Barreled before you feel like your coming down with this crud. Stopping it in it's tracks, preventing it going any further. As you're  likely getting the Coronavirus.

Curing_Bad Viscus_Bacteria_Corona_Virus

Matter of fact, like alcohol sanitizes surfaces, so it does inside you. Knocking out, curing all that bad vicious bacteria inside your body.

You Are Even More Likely Getting Over This Using This Remedy


Using typical precautionary measures, you're still likely coming down with a bug. Having best line of defense in your medicine cabinet, or liquor area is key. Utilizing what has been prescribed over 3 generations, still prevalent today.

COVID-19 - Coronavirus Disease Prevention

Never walking near someone who is sneezing, coughing, or looking like they are feeling ill. Washing your hands repeatedly, refrain from touching your face, when out in public. Some are even going as far as not shaking hands. Just using common sense keeping infection down to a minimum is what CDC expects all of us to do.

There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as a reminder, CDC always recommends everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, including:

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.

For information about handwashing, see CDC’s

For information specific to healthcare, see CDC’s Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings

These are everyday habits that can help prevent the spread of several viruses. CDC does have specific guidance for travelers.

Currently, there are 317 reported deaths in the USA, 117 cured, and approx. 6000 reported cases.

Just keeping everything into perspective, Peanuts kill over 200 people per year..bee stings kill about the same number per year in the USA.

Even shutting down entire world's economic systems for a Grand Total of say 10k deaths has many out of their ever loving minds. Most statistics are of 80+, having other per-existing medical illnesses, attributing to their death. This makes it even more mind blogging.

I could understand if the Corona virus was attacking 10-25 year olds. But 80+?, who have other medical conditions?

Anyway, Be Prepared!

Understanding how a common cold, influenza spreads like wildfire. Across continents, into cities, infecting just about everyone, even at local schools. Having top level advice in your preparedness is essential.

All someone has to do is sneeze, then virus spores become airborne. Floating around, suspended in thin air, waiting for an unsuspecting host to walk by, breathing them in.

No, and I'm not suggesting you run out, getting a dusk-mask, wearing it to go grocery shopping. Matter of fact, only qualified people should wear N95 masks. Those who've taken OSHA health & safety are prime candidates wearing air quality apparatuses.


If this spreads, the more reason getting you a good bottle of bourbon whiskey! I'm keeping ample supply, just in case there's a shortage in coming weeks or months.

Always drink responsibly!

Besides a good Kentucky bourbon whiskey, a favorite coffee provides many benefits also!

How_to_cure_COVID-19_ Coronavirus_Disease


How to cure the COVID-19 - Coronavirus Disease
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Stay inside
  • Wash hands
  • Cover mouth when sneezing
  • Don't drive under influence
  • Eat wholesome foods
  • Drink lots of fluids, water, OJ, coffee
  • Small sips of Kentucky bourbon whiskey over an 6-8hr period!

Staying home, getting lots of rest. Taking naps at various times throughout the day. Staying home, watching your favorite shows, or doing what interests you. This is a good time picking up on a hobby, you normally haven't had time for.

Eating highly nourishing foods, fruits and vegetables. A good product that does not fit into these is yogurt. Drinking lots of water. Many say 8 oz. per hour is a good amount to help flush your system.

Along with all the water you're drinking, in a separate glass, sipping on a good quality bourbon whiskey will get you back, feeling great in no time! For some, having a few ice-cubes in a glass may be enough water, as it melts for you.


Have you a few shots of Jim Beam each day, until you get better!

Only out of commission a couple days, with a great relief getting rid of this upper respiratory infection. Back to normal, without any signs of a cold after consuming several shots of Jim Beam. Will be keeping a reserve on hand, in my medicine cabinet from now on.

To some, drinking straight whiskey may be hard to swallow, but it'll clean you out in no time! To others, this may be a welcomed opportunity having some whiskey, but either way, this is the time to get yourself some very smooth aged, bourbon whiskey.

Your next purchase of good aged bourbon, making each dose that much more enjoyable.


Just as Jim Beam Double Oak, Twice Barreled saved me tons of time, anguish, and sickness, getting back to normalcy very next day!

This was similar to me just as your home ages, and paint breaks down. Calling a reputable painting contractor, saving you time, money, and energy. Updating, protecting one of your largest investments. This whiskey protecting your innards on a case by case basis, ridding you of this nasty virus.

Knowing how to cure COVID-19 -or- Corona virus disease can be life saving, or less with just physical debilitation.

Preventing you coming down with this disease, or actually any bug, go out and grab you a 5th of some good quality whiskey. You won't be sorry you did.

If you feel sick, assume you have it! Don't wait, go get you a fifth of Jim Beam. Double Oak much smoother, full bodied bourbon.

As in my case, killing off all those nasty germs inside, back to normal overnight! Curing many aliments that we come in contact with, your best choice is what's been working nearly a couple hundred of years.

Update 11/25/20

I'm a living testimony 10 months later, that Jimmy Beam cures COVID-19. Taking small sips of J.Beam over a 6 to 8 hour period. Be sure not to over-do-it.

Haven't had to drink Jimmy Beam since end of January of this year. Still feeling 100% as I did the day after cleaning my system out, described above.

So, there you go, & have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Updated again 7/6/21

Still feeling 100% 18mos. later & Happy Independence Day!

Here's to your Best Health!

Please like, share, comment below. Like to hear from you.

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John William
4 years ago

very informative

Dianne Gansatao
4 years ago

I love this article! Its very informative, it’s the cure we’re waiting for. And thank you for tagging our “Coffee Health Benefits” article, hope it helps too. Nonetheless, being informed about this COVID19 is a way to be aware about what it is all about, in short, we should not panic and take preventive measures in order to avoid acquiring it. It was nice to know how you obtain the supplements too. Thanks for sharing!

Cal Phillips
4 years ago

Thank you Dianne. Yes, I was blown away, stumbling across this medicinal therapy we’ve heard of for years. Only drinking a hot-tottie mixed with Honey I’ve grown up having. Instead, sipping on some good bourbon whiskey for several hours. Waking up like I Never had anything wrong, but certainly did that day before. Love your Life Mag blog, so much quality info. there, I was very lucky adding a portion in this blog for our readers too. Many other well written articles here!

Pinky Yahoo
Pinky Yahoo
4 years ago

For far tooooooooooooooooooo long immigrants and refugees have been allowed into the country WITHOUT being quarantined! God only knows what they are spreading?
Now everyone is getting their knickers in a knot because someone dies from INFLUENZA!
Every year in America 20,000 die from INFLUENZA and 200,000 die from medical cock-ups in hospitals!

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Pinky Yahoo

I believe it’s a False Flag too Pinky, but how to Cure this crap is absolutely Jim Beam! Knowing I had a very bad cold or flu in January, this knocked it out as quick as it came!


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James Yankie
James Yankie
4 years ago

Wow you got it down

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  James Yankie

Thanks James! I was trilled getting this great news out for many. Even feeling slightest bit under the weather, a good stiff drink, shot of whiskey reminds me of the Old West, but still works today! Ha, well took several shots over the course of an afternoon. Feeling like I had nothing, not even a sniffle the next morning.


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4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this , let’s hope it is cured soon

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Sab

Thanks for your comment Sab. I know I found a Cure for it within my own self, stumbling across it.

mariah green
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing these tips. I’ll have to try out those outshine lime bars. they look delicious

Jessica Collazo
4 years ago

these are some excellent tips to combat the Coronavirus I would like to take them into consideration

Cal Phillips
4 years ago

Great Jessica, I know what I’m using next cold, flu, or bug. Really had no idea, but makes perfect sense. Taking NyQuil to the next level.

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing all of these helpful tips. I will keep them in mind.

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Brandi

Hope this helps Brandi, especially if you come down with any bug, especially this Corona virus.

The Sinner Journal
4 years ago

Thank you, for the useful information.

wendy gratzer
4 years ago

Wow! I would have never thought that Jim Bean could cure Coronavirus. Thank you for the tip!

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  wendy gratzer

I was simply amazed Wendy! Had no idea Jim Beam would cure this. Kind of fell into this, wanting Whiskey & Honey when my cough arrived, but never did. Stopping it before it actually arrived, sipping on Jim Beam all day long day before that aggravating cough arrived. Killing nasty bacteria, viruses in my upper respiratory all within one good night’s sleep.

Stephanie Ortiz
4 years ago

Cool post!

Cyndi Buchanan
4 years ago

I’m glad this worked for you. I would just be very cautious to try some of these treatments. Elderberry has been proven to be harmful if taken when you have Covid 19. The same is true with ibuprofen. Please, please be careful when giving medical advice. People are dying from taking harmful medical advice.

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Cyndi Buchanan

Right Cyndi! Best medication is sipping on Jim Beam one shot per hour, all day long. Not getting drunk, but feeling OK. By 9pm went on to sleep, sleeping like a baby, all night long. Next morning, did not have one symptom of virus next morning.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing these tips much needed !

4 years ago

Interesting information. There’re so many news and articles online about the corona virus. I think we need to be cautious of the information and only get validated info from verified sources like WHO.

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Ting

Thanks Ting. I was so sick, could not wait for WHO to tell me what I needed to do. Sipping on Jim Beam all day Worked like a charm!

4 years ago

I always thought alcohol is the solution for this. 🙂

Prakhar Kasera
4 years ago

Honestly, if we are talking about bourbon whiskey, I love Jim Beam. And it’s relation with curing corona or giving protection against it, I am just appreciable enough for the post. I wonder when will the situation be under control and we will have a proper medication for it.

4 years ago

This virus is really stressing me out. But CBD looks interesting though.

4 years ago

Thanks for this article. I would really want docs to come up with proven medication for COVID-19.

4 years ago

I heard some news that alcohol drink can cure corona virus and this really awesome!

4 years ago

Very thorough article. Thank you! Stay safe!

Jessica L
Jessica L
4 years ago

Well if the alcohol doesn’t kill the virus, at least it will kill the stress! 😉 Great post!

Cal Phillips
4 years ago
Reply to  Jessica L

True Jessica! It was actually enjoyable curing it, after 3-4 shots. Continuing till 8-9pm, slept like a baby all night long. Woke up feeling like I never had anything day before!

4 years ago

thanks for this sharing as it offers a different perspective, yes, we need alcohol maybe not to cure COVID19, definitely to release stress 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

4 years ago

I am going to get white girl wasted. Bring on the alcohol! On a serious note, this is very helpful and should be seen by more people. Thank you for sharing!

3 years ago

Thank You so much all For your encouraging Words…! Best hopes for you. Stay Blessed & Happy Always
Awesome and creative, I like what Iread, thanks for sharing with me, thumbs up.

Cal Phillips
3 years ago
Reply to  Zeeshealth

Thanks Zee. Hope you never come down with this, but have the right knowledge, knocking this out before it develops into something much worse. Glad I was able to share with you and everyone. BTW, you have a great blog too!

3 years ago

Thank You so much all For your encouraging Words…! Best hopes for you. Stay Blessed & Happy Always
Awesome and creative, I like what I see, thanks for sharing with me, thumbs up.

Debora Hutchens
Debora Hutchens
2 years ago

Just bought a bottle of exactly the Jim Beam you recommended. I don’t drink alcohol normally, but I am not gonna take the Covid jab, so besides all the supplements that I take, I thought I would have 1 oz of this each evening to add to my arsenal! Have mercy! That stuff is strong and made my mouth pucker! And I only took a sip. Any recommendations on what I can put it in to make it more likely that I will drink it again?