Premium Domains For eCommerce Websites

Premium Domains For e-Commerce Websites


Several advantages with premium domains, especially for e-Commerce websites. If you are thinking of selling various items online. Top level domains could be the most important article you'll find, as an entrepreneur starting an online website.

Even if your current site is relatively new, you might consider switching domain names. If it's very seasoned, may think getting one of these, as a redirect, or forwarding domain to your existing site.

Keyword domains are typically premium domains, which can easily be purchased at GoDaddy, Blue Host, or Domain. Top level e-Commerce domains gives the potential for entrepreneurs getting quicker rankings on search engines.

Highest ranking domain extensions are and Others are and, but selling stuff online, you don't want to go with the last two.

This can be extremely important, starting a new business, when you want to drive new, unique visitors to your site, quicker the better, and time is money.

Every website starts with the URL, and is where you put all information the online consumer can easily find. URL or domain name is critically important, starting off on the right foot.

Premium domains or a great domain name is imperative for online presence. A domain name is the real estate all your information sits on, and a premium domain is water-front property. They offer high demand with limited availability, and a price tag that matches that exclusivity.

Advantages For Premium Domains Include

  • Search relevant, what is typed into search bars the most
  • Quicker rankings for various search engines
  • Drives more sales with more traffic to your site
  • Easy to remember, even without writing it down
  • Builds domain authority on the web, above most competitors
  • Exclusivity for that exact phrase, building credibility
  • Includes a wide array of items sold through eCommerce

Most importantly, I've found is that domain name centers around what you are actually selling. Words that best describe your sector or 'niche', plus how many times that exact phrase is typed into a search engine is key.

Search Premium Domains For Best eCommerce Websites


  • Relatively short, easy to remember
  • Best domain extensions are, and
  • Catchy, but how people search, having a or extension
  • Owned by someone else, great ones usually already taken
  • High number of online searches for exact phrases, as being the domain name

Top level, premium domains in 2020 all have a few things in common, that separates them from all the rest. Relatively short, using shortest words, or abbreviations that everyone knows.

A catchy phrase, or common set of words many type in search bar to find what ever they are looking for. Higher the number of searches for any phrase, having that same phrase as your domain name for your website is fantastic!

Search Premium Domains

Premium domains might be considered as premium, if short and catchy, also having high search volume. Premium domains typically have greater number of searches per day or month, trends typing in those exact key words or phrases.

These higher priced domains can offer immediate sales right out of the gate, and usually is a great investment. A premium domain offers a high search engine ranking, normally seen on the first page, rather quickly, and valued as such.

Search rates grew 126% between 2016 and 2017, then another 160% from 2017 to 2018, the study said. People are estimated to search for “CBD” and “cannabidiol” 117.7% more this year, compared to last year, the researchers added.

Premium domains offers greater control, building trust immediately. These are the first thing needed for a website, and will assuredly build your online success.

U.S. eCommerce sales reached $794.5 billion in 2020 — a growth of 32.4% YoY.

With this in mind, a premium keyword domain might be higher priced, than something no one would know beforehand. Unless you advertise positioning your site at the top on page one, any domain name can be there.

But thinking of all those sales you would have made if you had that exact phrase as your domain! Even without paying to be there, at the top of Google, with a keyword premium domain.

They’re keyword-rich, which can help give your site’s SEO a boost, and they’re often shorter and more memorable. All of these characteristics serve to make them brandable and increase their value.

And if the premium domain was previously used for a website, it may even come with established website traffic which could help any new website owner!

Premium domain names are a great investment in your e-commerce business, so don’t overlook them.

I must say a top level domain is your first order of business. Having the right content inside your website is just as important, after getting that premium domain.

Because let's face it, no search engine will place an eCommerce gift site domain, if it's poorly written, broken links, and a WP domain which has no bearing on any subject matter in the least.

In 2009, I started a custom HTML website, which started my hobby with websites, mine in particular. Learning as much as I possibly could with website structure, keywords, and search results.

What I found then, and still today is a misconception of the naming of websites. Many still name their URL as the company, no one has ever heard of before. Doing this, makes it even harder to climb that mountain. A premier keyword loaded domain gets you halfway up that mountain, rolling out, publishing your website.


Domain Authority

The more number of keywords your site ranks highest for, the more domain authority it will have, which holds much weight on the net.

Domain authority also comes with age. Importantly, having a premium top level domain will be something you'll never have to change. Changing a domain is like starting all over with the links you've gained, but if your domain is not ranking very well, you probably don't have that many anyway.

Once your domain has been on the web for 1yr. it gains a star. By 5yrs. it'll have 5 stars with maturity, and thus search engines like to see that. Good quality, mature sites is what they index, rising to the top.

Just as a person gets a new pair of shoes, showing them off to those close by. Just like a person gets a brand new car, everyone likes to hear, "Love that new car". The ol' adage saying, "Putting the Best Foot Forward" is also prevalent with search engines, showing off best sites and content for what people are searching.

Google Featured Snippets

Ideally, having a premium domain URL, gives the basis to build a website. You're more likely later on, getting additional blog articles at the very top of Google, seen below, as in featured snippets. Featured snippets are gold nuggets on the web.

Once you have gained a featured snippet, your domain is on the path reaching the epitome of expertise, in your particular field, having superior authority. Time to write more good quality content, hoping to land even more 'featured snippets'.

Not tooting my own horn, but gained our first featured snippet several years ago, when Google first started showing them. Since then, we have over 20 featured snippets, never satisfied, always looking to land even more.

But what I will tell you is many of our articles ranks higher than some huge multi-million dollar sites for particular keyword phrases. Knowing and Eco Paint, Inc. is an authority in the house painting contractor sector.


A typical misconception is most new entrepreneurs getting into the eCommerce business choose a domain name, same as their company, they just dreamed up. No one is going to know your company name, unless you are Apple™,  or Amazon™.

Building Credibility

Many entrepreneurs think building credibility, they need to name URL same as their company, and could not be any further from the truth. Example would be Aunt Martha's Homemade Gifts should get www. auntmarthahomemadegifts .com  as the domain.

Now, if you've been around for several years, having spent tons of TV advertising, and paid search as in Google Ad-words, and Facebook advertising, URL is not widely known. It'll probably never be seen ranking that high, getting great numbers of organic traffic and sales.

Having a select keywords describing your business within your domain, will not only build creditably and trust, but utilizing those same keywords in the meat of your site. This also helps search engines know what your site is all about, properly indexing your site, building domain authority and credibility at the same time.

There is a value for each keyword higher up the ladder you go on the first page of Google. The higher number of higher ranking keywords, the better for you & your site. Increased sales, the higher up search engine ranked page (serp) your site is found.

Many other things involved ranking highest serp, like photos, meta data, properly written content, SSL certificate, but a keyword domain certainly gives the backbone, everything is built on. With everything else in place, can guarantee you'll be at the top spot, what you are selling online.



hemp online keyword results


Below, are a list of great premium domains covering a wide area, and a multi-billion dollar sales market for each category.

  • Gifts
  • Online sales
  • Hemp
  • Pot
  • Weed
  • Cannabis
  • Paraphernalia
  • e-Commerce Items

Some search engine website companies might purchase these for there online clients. Charging you monthly fees to use their services. Easiest way to overcome this costly expense is to have your own domain, driving tons more of traffic to your site. Increased visibility on the web. While other hemp or eCommerce gifts, or other related items, companies may purchase several to corner the market, having many as a redirect domain, all going to one specific, being only yours.

Researchers say having a keyword premium domain is best, for your specific entity, for someone typing that exact phrase in search engines.

Note; All domains below, come with basic privacy protection. For a minimal fee, these can be upgraded, with much higher security. All domains and pricing are exact, at time of publishing this article. Subject to change.





























Some other premier domains currently for sale at GoDaddy auctions I've found, range from $10,000.00 to 3 Million dollars. $150,000.00
onlinesell $8000.00 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $30,000.00 $3,000,000.00

As you can see, it's OK to even reverse the words for a premium domain. Search engines read all words in a domain forward and visa-versa.

Domains e-Commerce Summary


Domains for eCommerce do more good being what you sell, than just having same name of your company. Knowing that all your business is online, targeting exactly what most type into search-bar.

Having only one shot in most cases, putting your website at the top of first page of Google is critical. This can either make or break a sale right off the bat. Does not matter if you have all your stuff on Amazon, or Ebay.

Even more reason having a premium domain if you sell there. Reason is you'll get top placement there as well for many different types eCommerce businesses.

Having the correct domain for your eCommerce business will rise your domain authority to new heights. One, you'll be proud having many years to come.

Just think about it. Owning a slice of real estate on the web, all because you first choose the right domain name. Remembering you picked a domain name what many type in, and not your company name.

Biggest reason is if they remembered your company name, that's what they'd be typing in search-bar, and not a general topic.

You want to capture the most, the quickest, having your domain front and center on page one. No better way of doing that is having a premium domain for your website, especially in the e-Commerce sector. Also one the easiest to remember.

Keeping in mind, not naming your domain some weird phrase no one is typing in search bar, like part or all of your name.

I've seen some real loo-loos of domains, rarely having much traffic, or site value. Much less many natural inbound links. Thinking person just named website with the first thing which came to mind. Certainly not knowing how credible and important a domain name needs to be.

  • 'tid 'bits all in one .com'
  • 'jennys backyard'
  • 'what I did'
  • 'j pool 4 you in short'
  • 'aunts yummy'
  • 'Lilly n Wally'
  • 'the millie mile dress'
  • 'Marcys selling the world .com'
  • 'What you need to get .com'

None of which will not get much traction on the web, without spending tons advertising, and thousands of hours promoting. Reason is no one is typing this into the search bar.

So, if your really want to boost web traffic, it's best figuring out what highest ranking keyword phrase is typed on the web. Making that a premium domain name.

Many extras with premium domains, specifically  for e commerce websites. Getting ready selling any gifts, clothing, hemp, cannabis, weed, paraphernalia, or other various items online?

Top level premium domains could be the most important article you'll find, before you get started with an online website.

Hope you've enjoyed this article, and if so, please like, share, and/or comment below.

Full List of our Domains for sale

Note; All domains come with basic privacy protection. For a small fee, these can be upgraded, with much higher security. All domains and pricing exact, at time of publishing this article.




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Ramil Hinolan
2 years ago

Surely, getting a premium domain for our online business is the best way to go.

Ashli Ferguson
2 years ago

That’s really good advice!! I would definitely have a premium domain all the time! I live by them!

knycx journeying
2 years ago

Thanks for the practical info and now I am better informed to make a decision of which kind and type of domain I should go for – Knycx Journeying

My Kitchen
2 years ago

premium domains sure come with great benefits. I now see why they are pricy.


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