Exterior Painting, Color Choices & Painting Ideas

Exterior Paint Colors, & House Painting Ideas

Choosing exterior house colors, exterior paint colors, paint for your exterior home, painting idea trends and possible paint color combination's change every so often by major paint manufactures. Upgrading paint colors for a home's exterior, renews exterior giving that fresh new look and curb appeal of those newer ones. Determining exterior paint colors may be cumbersome task and overwhelming at first, but a painting contractor wanting to help those who are thinking about it, with a few tips and thoughts from a



painting contractor's viewpoint and experiences.

Just as car manufactures change paint colors for autos on a almost a yearly basis, so do house paint manufactures. House paint manufactures bring new paint colors to the home's exterior for fresh and newer painting ideas every 5-10 years.

Having a current exterior house paint color improves the appearance of the home, making like new, but most importantly having the proper paint protection to your valuable exterior siding and trim. Knowing one does not repaint, changing the color of the external paint scheme on a drop of a hat, choosing a paint combination you will enjoy for years to come is vitally important.

Exterior paint colors come in a limitless variety of colors with their tints and hues, a few tips here will provide some painting ideas when choosing paint colors for your home's exterior new paint colors.

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Ideas When Determining Exterior Paint Colors

When choosing exterior paint colors for your home, several considerations and ideas should given.

  • Consult With H.O.A

First, if you live in a covenant community, certain exterior paint colors may be the only ones approved for those homes in that particular community. Consult with your HOA if not sure, knowing they are happy to assist providing you with approved paint color matches and ideas.

  • Use Larger Paint Samples

If your not in a controlled HOA community, you still may want to sample exterior paint colors on your home, as small paint chips do not give the full picture of a larger paint sample next to your brick or other colors near your home.

Lighting also plays an important role when looking at paint colors, and this can be different in a store or on a piece of paper, rather than actually on siding or trim. If you are changing colors drastically, best to sample paint colors on your home before telling your paint contractor or paint store to mix the full amount, as this cannot be returned, and very difficult changing to another paint color match.

  • Choose Other Home Colors In Area

When choosing exterior paint colors, getting samples from other similar painted homes you like is a good idea. If you see a home's paint color combination that is appealing to you, ask home owner if they know of the paint color names or numbers. Most of the time homeowners will go out of their way helping you with numbers, as this is a compliment to their exterior paint color choice.

Have seen once in my life where this happened, not as explained. Our painting customer liked a paint color combination of a home 1.5 miles away, with 300 homes in between them. Our paint customer went up to the door, asking if they could have the paint color numbers or names, and this individual was reluctant providing, as they thought these 2-3 paint colors were their very own. Hard to imagine paint colors having a patent. 😛

  • Use Natural Surrounding Colors

One more thing to think about, when choosing exterior paint colors for your home, is looking around at the colors of your natural surroundings. Trees, soil, grasses, landscape all lend their natural Earth tone colors to the pallet of colors to pick from. Take a look at your roof and brick or stone. These areas can be major portions of your exterior, that offer nice possibilities of color family choices.

Remembering painting a home several years ago outside Castle Rock, nearest the foothills. The owner of the home, Jim, was also the owner of Fairfield Homes, for which we previously painted many homes and multi-family projects for them. Well, the owner decided to go with colors of Green for the body, and a burnt Red, closely matching the natural sandstone in the area. Jim's home is situated closest to the foothills, near lots of outcropping sandstone, which the paint color combination made perfect sense.

So, looking at your natural surroundings is ideal, especially not confined to an H.O.A's paint color combination.

  • Paint Color Brochures

Many brochures have paint color combination choices. When opening these various brochures up, the 2-3-4-5 paint swatches grouped together is suggested by the paint manufacture as being like in nature, going well with one another. This does not mean your not able to pick from one group, adding to another. These are only suggestions.

  • Do Repairs Replacements First

Last, If you are planning on other exterior home improvements besides painting your exterior, such as replacing garage doors, gutters, siding or trim, best having these completed before painting. Inspecting trim and siding before painting exterior for possible deterioration is key, keeping everything running in the natural order of construction and exterior painting, saving time and money.

Doing things in the proper order allows the most time saving means of completing everything as scheduled. Including wood repairs and siding replacements as a part of our specialty, adds to the convenience of only having to deal with one contractor for siding, wood trim, and exterior painting.

Exterior Paint Scheme

Exterior paint scheme are the colors that make up the paint color combination. Typically you have a 2-3 paint colors that make up the exterior paint scheme for a home. Field, or body is one, trim is two, and accent third color.

  • Field, Body, Or Main Color

First color found in the field, body or main portion of the exterior, where the siding is painted. Other portions of the home's exterior could be the garage doors, most soffits, porch ceilings, awnings, trellises, side entry doors.

  • Trim Colors

Trim paint colors tend to be found on the fascia and gutters, as both of these should match exactly, as you do not want to bring attention to gutters, but camouflage them, making them blend in.

Other areas of trim paint colors could be found with window and door trim, columns, posts, flashing, decorative dental work for a complete exterior home design and paint decoration.

A third exterior paint color may be found at the front door, wood side vents, or an ornament decoration near the peak. Fascia diamonds that cover the seam at the top of some gables, as these can be painted a third paint color we call accent paint color.

  • Accent Paint Color

Accent paint colors can be vastly different from the color wheel, and the main or body and trim color, which brings attention to these areas. Need to be careful, not overdoing the accent color of any exterior, as the exterior paint scheme may look too busy.

Top Paint Manufactures and Painting Contractors across the Nation

Top Paint Manufactures

Generally top manufactures as well as painting contractors are a great source receiving possible paint color matches for your next exterior painting decoration. Referring to including, but not limiting to Sherwin-Williams®, Benjamin Moore®, Kwal-Howell®, Valspar®, Glidden®, and BEHR®.

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