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Goals of Painting a Home Exterior

18.08.2010 | Author: Christine Harrell | Posted in Home Improvement

Exterior structures in Marietta, Georgia, require painting some years after construction and it is necessary to maintain the outside of a residence to extend its life. With regular maintenance and quick repairs, a house can be kept up to date. The exterior of a house increases its real estate importance and property value. Also, painting is important to protect to a house from climate extremes and rooting and bacterial infestations. A good paint adds color and character to home. One way to make sure a home is properly protected is to call reliable Marietta painting contractors.

A good paint serves as a defensive shield against weather, insects, bacteria, termite and other damages. It is the emblem persona of any property. The time to repaint is not any set timeline, but it varies depending on the durability of paint applied. A lesser quality paint lasts three years, while a good quality one can last more than 10 years. Painting a home exterior requires preparation and know how.


The best time to paint a house exterior in Marietta is climate related. As the seasons change, the home’s outside gets damaged and starts to decline due to climate extremes. The best thing to avoid further damage is to protect it by having professional house painters in Marietta do the job. The best temperatures to paint are above 50 degrees F.

Ownership Change

After purchasing any property, people can paint the exterior of the buildings to add their own personal touch and color. Mostly people prefer painting their home exterior when they are selling the property. This is a practical strategy, as painting can give new look to a house. If the house is in good shape, then applying a fresh paint coat will make it look cleaner and fresh. All homes need a curb appeal to sell as quickly as possible. Those looking tired or worn appear to need more work and may reduce the sales price or likelihood of someone wishing to purchase it.

The best time to paint a home exterior is when it has peeled or become blotched and faded. The first hint a house needs a fresh coat of paint is when it begins to discolor or bubble. The paint layers eventually dry out and cannot offer suitable protection from sun, wind, rain and snow to the surface underneath. Quality paints have longer warranties and longer durability. Reliable painting contractors will help it look better than a do-it-yourself job through proper technique and tools. Taking time to have a Marietta painting contractor and do things right before it begins to deteriorate will add years to the life of the exterior paint job.

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