Heritage Web Design Closes it's Doors

Heritage Web Design Closed it's Doors

Yes, Heritage Web Design closed it's doors yesterday. The same ones who built our custom html web site where this WP Blog is showing on, as well as  many other companies web sites, closed it's doors on 3/08/11. Taking a deep breath, realizing all the clues leading up to this closure from my perspective, being in touch with them on almost a daily basis. Certainly not giving any warning to customers and probably not their many employees, I hope the best for everyone there. On an individual basis, every person who worked there was extremely helpful and courteous, wishing all employees of HIT All the Best. Believing I've made several friends in my journey with HIT, would welcome hearing from each once again. HIT being one of Google's Top 25 Web Site Design companies, one of the main reasons I choose them back in 2009. Just hope they complete the minor tasks I've paid for, or at least refund my money, but doubt either one will happen, considering the closing and all which goes with that.

Heritage Web Design Closed it's Doors

Heritage All Washed Up

HIT as a company being very deceitful trying to sell me additional

hosting last week, "Buy 2 years, get 2 years free", knowing full well they were closing their doors yesterday, really shows their true colors. Fortunately I did not buy into their hosting scheme, having 11 months to go, and holding a carrot over their heads completing work I've already paid for, before buying anything else. Now if that was not enough, getting my goat, this next one will.

Originally thinking a misconception between sales dept. and myself purchasing additional hosting, I was charged, but never giving authorization for charge, they quickly refunded the next day when I demanded. Hours later, my site PaintingDenver.net/ was back to it's original problems I had face for months prior, calling them on the carpet once again, having to fix it once again, over same server issues, properly populating to the web. Thinking it's all fixed now!

Heritage is Doing Something Right

At least HIT is doing something right by forwarding all data files and user info to a "What appears to be" reputable hosting company. Fiber net taking over Heritage Web Design Sites. Calling Fibernet today, the day after HIT's closing doors, felt much better, even though this is a big transition moving everything over. Currently having no access to back office or C-panel, nor FTP files, this uncertain period is like treading a swamp infested with alligators, not knowing exactly next step to take. Feeling much better speaking with technical support from Fibernet, leaving phone call with a much better picture.

Have you had a Similar Experience?

Have you had a similar experience with a Web Designer and Hosting company going out of business? What did you do, and how did you do it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. All this closing shop stuff is way out of my league of expertise, knowing every site should be updated regularly. Knowing I should be patient, and will take a chill pill, but needed to get this out there, for 1) Answers to my questions and 2) Giving everyone reading who may have sites affiliated with HIT's some reassurance no matter how hard it may be right now.

Comment below, knowing we all will get through this one way or another

Message From Fibernet's Site:

"Heritage and Hit Web Design Customers"

Dear Heritage Web Solutions/Hit Web Design Customer,

Fibernet has long provided services to Heritage Web Solutions and HIT Web Design as their dedicated hosting solution. We were informed of Heritage/Hit’s closure on Tuesday March 8th, 2011. Fibernet has, by no means, acquired Heritage/Hit Internet Technologies, but as the hosting provider for the vast majority of Heritage/Hit’s clients, we understand that we are in the best position possible to help them in this time of need.

Currently, we do not have access to Heritage/Hit’s customer account information, but we will do everything that we can to assist you in whatever way possible. Unfortunately, Fibernet is not currently in a position to provide the web design services left unfulfilled by Heritage/Hit design. What we can do is continue to provide a highly reliable hosting solution.

If you are a current customer and have an emergency issue such your website being down when it was previously active, please call our customer support team at 800.305.6995. As we are experiencing a high call volume following Heritage/Hit’s closure, expect longer than normal delays.

If your issue is not an emergency please fill out the form below and we will try and get back with you in a timely manner.

We are working very hard to eliminate any known issues and aspire to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

The Fibernet Team"

Feeling good our painting contractor and house painting information for Denver and Colorado is still showing up, however

Would be interesting seeing other site owners experiences, and suggestions in this closure and transition, your comments Welcomed below~

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