How To Find Exterior Painting Contractor

How To Find Exterior Paint Contractor, Painting Outside Your Home


Giving you best tips how to find an exterior paint contractor, who paints outside of homes in your local area is our main topic. Helping you locate an exact match with relative ease. As it's not everyday you need a contractor who paints exteriors.

Hiring the right exterior painting contractor painting outside of home, will save you much headache, time, also money. In many areas, good weather is only so long, so is your time is limited. Painting outside your home is what an exterior painting contractor does best.

Like roofing, flooring, or electrical, having a contractor in his or hers own field normally is the simplest way going about tackling monumental tasks. Also reserving any possible mental anguish you might otherwise endure if you did this yourself.


Just today, giving a potential client an exterior paint estimate, quoting only the high areas on her two story home. As we walked around the perimeter of her exterior siding, we stopped on the back porch. Telling me she painted all the lower area herself, but taking all summer long.

All the while knowing in my mind our expert painters could have done what she did in a matter of days, not weeks, or months. I don't know about you, but I have more important things to do in my entire summer's leisure time, than paint an exterior.

I know my furnace went out this past winter. Living here in Colorado, you do not want to go too long without heat, so googled and found local furnace contractor Budget HVAC to replace unit. If I had tried doing this, I know it wouldn't have gone near as fast, not to mention screwing it up, possibly blowing it up, having to buy two, instead only buying one.

How To Search Exterior Paint Contractor Painting Homes


Knowing what avenues are available to you with your quest searching for an exterior painting contractor, who specializes painting outside of your location, are listed below.

Having painted 10's of 1000's of homes over the 40+ years, have a million stories could tell of different instances how to get references getting a reputable exterior paint contractor for your particular home.

A few months ago, sitting at a Starbucks™, speaking to another gentlemen, he tells me his ex-wife needs a good painter painting her exterior. Gave him business card, she called me months later, going by giving her proposal, later after choosing colors, painting her home's exterior.

Another example, painters were finishing up painting an exterior in Denver last week. Coming by checking on the job, lady walking her dog down the sidewalk, as neighbor was pulling into driveway right next to both of us.

He got out of car, as she was asking what company painting this home, I wound up giving both of them a business card, both needed a paint company painting their exteriors.

Other examples finding exterior paint contractor to paint your home would be internet search, googling painting exterior homes in (your area).


Nearly every Sherwin-Williams ™ paint store has a business card holder, you can get, who  store sells large amounts of exterior paint. So, since they are selling large amounts, you'd be best served, calling one of those companies who's buying them.

Calling or looking online Better Business Bureau in your area, verifying creditable paint company. If exterior paint contractor not a member, I'd run away, as I checked on Budget HVAC, and felt good right from the start!

Chris the owner came by, gave us an estimate, provided us with suggestions, telling us when he could install, and rest of work was so quick, also non-evasive, I was glad who I chose. Same thing should be felt hiring a professional exterior painting contractor.

Talk to neighbors and friends who's they know. Having their exterior painted, what company did they use. Several times we will be painting an exterior, other neighbors seeing how good it's looking, asking us to paint their homes.

  • Local establishments finding exterior paint contractors
  • Internet search for exterior paint contractors
  • Local paint stores having referrals of contractors
  • Looking into Better Business Bureau for creditable contractors
  • Asking friends and neighbors having used paint contractors before

What To Expect Hiring Exterior Contractor Painting Your Home Outside

The only time you need to be home while your house is being painted on the outside, is when any doors or windows need open to paint. Otherwise, your home can be fully locked up, and actually you can be in another state!

We have painted countless exteriors where owner has contacted us, knowing exactly which paint colors, sending contract documents, painting exterior, completing the job long distance, as owner in New York, Los Angles, or Orlando Florida.

Expectations well defined, how many coats of paint to apply, to how property will be maintained while this work is in progress. All of this should be in writing, on a proposal, cost estimate you approve.

What To Look For Choosing Reputable Exterior Paint Contractor



A reputable exterior paint contractor like myself will put together a concise proposal, telling you all the information you might need to know.

Nine Exterior Paint Quote Areas Include

  • Outline what painters intend to do
  • Any wood replacements, special exterior needs
  • What type of exterior paint to be applied to surfaces
  • How many painters contractor intends reserving for your job
  • How long painters will take painting outside of your property
  • Options using different grades of exterior paint
  • Workmanship warranty, as well as paint warranties
  • Contract Price, Payment schedule, types of payments accepted
  • Credentials, professional memberships, awards, & references

Outside Paint Contractor Employs Expert Painters

Same goes with exterior painting! An outside paint contractor employs expert painters taking a job from start to completion, saving countless hours if you were to do it yourself. Biggest reason is, this is what they do day in, and day out.

Doing things in repetition, knowing what works best, journeymen painters who has years of experience painting exteriors can do what a novice homeowner would take, doing in three quarters time, with far better results!

Hope this helps you in your quest painting your home's exterior. I must put a plug, mentioning if you are in the Denver, CO. area, look no further contacting us at Eco Paint, Inc. for all your exterior painting needs.

Look forward with shares, likes, and/or painting comments below!

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Max Jones
2 years ago

Thanks for the info on painting contractors. My dad needs to paint a building. I’ll tell him to look for a painting contractor to hire.

Mia Evans
2 years ago

Thanks for pointing out that it would be helpful to ask friends and neighbors. As you said, they might know a painter that has serviced them before. I would suggest this to my cousin who just bought a property this month and plans to get the whole exterior repainted.

Eli Richardson
2 years ago

It’s great that you talked about how a professional painting contractor gives you a detailed work proposal. Recently, my wife and I realized our house’s exterior could use a fresh coat of paint. We believe our paint looks too damaged, so we’ll be sure to look for a professional’s help. Thanks for the advice on painting contractors and how to find one.