Paint Kitchen Cabinets Cupboards Correctly

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Cupboards Correctly



Professionally painting kitchen cabinets, cupboards correctly, will bring a fresh new clean appearance, adding a new found vigor back into one of the favored rooms of most.

Paint cabinets correct way the first time will add ease and enjoyment to a daunting interior painting task that many may overlook.

In most homes, kitchens are the focal point and life-blood of the family. Where families congregate discussing the daily or weekly events, as the Madam receives accolades of a delicious well prepared meal.

With so many tasks involved of painting kitchen cupboards, in the following article, we will discuss painting kitchen cabinets, cupboards correctly.

Correctly Painting Cabinets With Right Tools

Paint cabinets using right painting tools will also add to this ease to a home improvement task. As you paint cabinets, you may find that they look so good, you want to continue throughout your home or office, seeing just how easy this can be.

Painting cabinets successfully takes some knowledge, experience, this article will cover all aspects of cabinetry painting, for maximum ease, as you paint cabinets in your home.

Difference Of Cabinets - Cupboards

Before we go any further, the difference between cabinets, and cupboards is generally defined in height, but both mean the same thing depending which part of country also era we are speaking.

Cabinets are those having drawers and small door openings, as cupboards is thought of as larger opening portions of cabinetry.

Term "Cupboards" has been used for the last 200 years, for large household items such as pots, pans, towels and linens. Although term "Cabinets" is now used more as a universal term meaning both.

Now with gourmet kitchens having cooking islands, these island cabinets are referred to as cupboards. Similar to refrigerator and icebox.

I have fun with this, when my in-laws come to visit. I call it the Icebox, and I stand being corrected from those who have personal experience toting blocks of Ice from the Ice Truck back home of yesterdays gone by.

Visiting us for Thanksgiving this year, I have another term to play a trick on, maybe shooting a video for that look of puzzlement using terms of days gone by. "Say Dick, can you fetch that loaf of bread in the cupboard and stick it in the icebox?" So cabinets, cupboards are interchangeable terms both meaning cabinetry.

Below, you will find a list of choices you will need to make before you start painting kitchen or bathroom cupboards.

  • Which room and cabinet are you wishing updating with a new fresh look.
  • Bathroom cabinet, kitchen cabinet, kitchen cupboards, not all cabinetry in the same room needs to be alike.
  • Choosing the right interior paint color are you trying to bring forth and accent? Walls, ceilings, or cabinetry.
  • Choosing the right interior paint finish or sheen do you wish? High-gloss to Semi-gloss most recommended, and can get great performance using most high quality Acrylic enamels such as Sherwin-Williams™ Pro Classic® or Benjamin Moore™ Aura®, having one of these interior paints in my home covering previously stained and lacquered wood and trim with one of these very durable paint finishes. Other paint finishes available is Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-gloss.
  • Do you plan doing all the work, or getting help? Enlisting other family members can be very enjoyable to just the opposite, so you decide. Yes, this is quite a feat with lots of work ahead, so if not sure, you can always hire a qualified interior painting contractor to get the job done right.

Once these questions have been answered, it's time to move forward-

Essential Tools and Materials for Painting Cabinets and Cupboards

Here's everything you'll need to get it right the first time.

Paint Cans and Jars
Latex brushes for water, natural for oil (alkyd) 2-3" Brushes for Cutting In
4-5" Brushes for Cabinet Doors 1" Brushes for Frames
Rollers and Roller Covers (various sizes) Edge Pads
Paint Trays and Liners Drop Cloths
Regular Masking Tape (narrow and wide) Masking materials
Blue / Green Masking Tape (narrow and wide) Stir Sticks
Pencils, Pens, or Sharpies Razor Knives
Latex Silicone Caulk Plastic Sheathing
Buckets and roller grids 5 - Way Painter's Tool
Screwdrivers - Phillips - Flathead Wood Putty
Jap Dry Denatured Ethyl Alcohol
Mineral Spirits Xylene
VM&P Rags
Screwdrivers - Phillips - Flathead Primer - XIM
HVLP Sprayer - optional All purpose Spackle

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets Properly

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning kitchen cabinets properly is by far one of the most important things you can do starting this painting project off on the right foot.

Knowing we are very clean individuals, any minor drippings from the sink area, grease from the kitchen stove, dust from the flour making chicken and dumplings the night before, all of this needs to be as clean as a whistle.

You can clean drawer fronts and doors as they come off. Remembering to use a piece of masking tape, writing on each piece of tape numbering where each goes back. Once you've removed the hardware of each, it is time for the cleaning kitchen cabinets.

If you ever inspect something close up, area should be cleaned and spotless cabinetry surfaces. Using a mild detergent, warm water, clean rags, and lots of elbow grease, your kitchen cabinetry will be ready for painting once dried.

Would go as far as using a toothbrush dipping in soapy water, scrubbing into cracks and crevices where moldings meet at 90 degree angles. A very good cleaner that cuts the grease not leaving a residue we use is called Greased Lightening. Greased Lightening can be found in gallon containers at your local hardware stores.

Make sure all cabinetry surfaces have dried at least 24 hours before any more work is started.

Painting Cabinets Very Time Consuming

Painting cabinets is one of the most time consuming portions of an interior painting job in a home or office, similar to painting a car. So having the correct knowledge from the start will drastically cut down time spent, using the time taking to paint cabinets to a more refined finish look.

Many reasons require painting cabinets from updating kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, basement cabinets, laundry room cabinets, or anywhere else cabinets are located in the home.

Painting Cabinets

These reasons could entail remodeling, getting new counter tops, freshening or sprucing up, recent purchase of home, or getting ready to sell. A home's cabinetry is one of the most important functions in a home, keeping organized, also getting the most use.

Cabinets and Cupboards are one of the most expensive items a home possesses, so helping the home's interior protection while updating the decor is easiest done by painting cabinetry.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets Updates

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most functional updates one can do within a home. Painting kitchen cabinets will add the ease next time it's time to wipe them down with a damp rag or sponge. Using a high quality Latex enamel is recommended.

But before we start painting, and cleaning the kitchen cabinets we must remove contents if painting interior kitchen cabinets and cupboards.

You will feel like your moving depending upon how much you need to unload. This is mostly done by the homeowner, even if you are having second thoughts of doing this yourself, in that most painting contractors leave unloading and packing to homeowner. I know we are in this category of not unloading cabinets, but have made special arrangements for those who cannot or not able.

A very time consuming paint job painting kitchen cabinets, unloading cabinets and cupboards is recommended even if your not painting the interior portions, especially if this is a spray application. Needing enough room to work inside masking off, you still do not want your Tupperware™ and spices having any paint aromas after painting kitchen cabinets.

Another good reason to use Benjamin Moore™ paint Aura®, a high build, high quality interior Acrylic Latex enamel that has been endorsed by Green Guard, CHPS, and LEED, painting kitchen cabinets, allowing homes with small children, seniors, and those with breathing concerns having their kitchen cabinets painting with very little to no disruption in air quality.

Choosing the correct paint company to buy your paint from can now mean all the difference in the world now, when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cupboards

Painting Kitchen Cupboards

Painting kitchen cupboards is not too far off, once contents have been removed, cabinets cleaned, and filling any voids, cracks, and indention should be done. Once filled, sand out to a smooth surface.

One good way we use to determine if surface is smooth enough is rub the palm of the hand across the surface looking the other way. If nothing felt, surface is ready for primer and paint. Not painting kitchen cupboards just quite yet even though I know your ready to start dipping the brush and roller. Hold on cause there are a few other steps.

Steps Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint kitchen cabinets takes several steps as mentioned. Unloading, cleaning, removing, filling, and now masking is next on the agenda. Remember to use Blue and or Green masking tape for areas of delicate finishes, as regular masking tape can mare lacquered finishes.

You will want to mask, depending upon which kitchen painting method you intend using, more or less masking. If spraying, you will want to "Cocoon" the kitchen, dropping a curtain of plastic to make this as a spray booth. If not, brushing and rolling can take much longer, not to mention a smooth factory paint finish as you paint kitchen cabinets.

Painted Cabinets

Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets will add a new mystique to the room you enjoy the most. As the cabinets are being painted, pay close attention to keeping a wet edge with spray tip. This painting tip will make your finished look be that much more professional and uniform.

Taking long continuous strokes normally from top down, painting a lighter coat on uneven surfaces first, letting them tack up. Going over again when painting the smooth flat areas, will add to this paint uniformity. Taking these steps, you are insuring a professional look to your newly painted cabinets.

Re-Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Re-painting kitchen cabinets after the first paint coat has dried over 24 hours is recommended by most paint manufactures. Re-painting before this time diminishes the paint quality, as paint manufactures have spent millions on Research and Development (R&D), knowing how they're paint reacts and performs.

So don't try getting in a hurry re-painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards. If you are just coming in at this point of the cabinet painting task, you'll want to go back and follow previous steps listed before you start re-painting your kitchen cabinets or cupboards.

Re-painting kitchen cabinets second day should go much quicker as all paint preparations have already been made, not needing to do these again.

Following these steps, making sure you keep a Wet edge on paint, using a high quality brush or roller. I know cheaper brushes and rollers are available, but from a painting contractor's experience, the added cost is minimal compared to the quality of paint coatings these higher priced brushes and roller skins leave to the final finish look. Purdy is by far one of the best manufactures of brushes and rollers, but there are others, just ask your local paint store.

They can guide you to the correct thickness of roller skins, and brush sizes. Speaking to your local paint store while getting your paint does not hurt to letting them know you are re-painting kitchen cabinets.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Re-finishing kitchen cabinets will entail all steps mentioned above, but here you have some choices to make. Depending upon what paint finish you currently have, we will speak on the presumption that you have Stained and Lacquered going to an Acrylic enamel.

Following steps above, here you will use a high quality high bonding primer such as XIM, this primer saves a very large step in re-finishing kitchen cabinets.

Ordinarily you would need to scuff sand clear lacquered finish for proper paint adhesion, but using this bonding primer, once properly dried, you can put just about any paint coating over this, for a lasting durable paint finish. Heck, you can paint over Formica, glass, aluminum or any other hard finish, priming with this primer first. XIM has been available for close to 10 years now, saving countless hours, thereby saving the homeowner many dollars in the process, not having to scuff sand.

Even though this primer is much higher priced than others, it is well worth every penny for it, with other ways of saving money re-finishing kitchen cabinets are examined and explained.

Painting Cabinet Doors

Painting Cabinet Doors

Painting cabinet doors only is a much quicker way of updating any cabinet or cupboard. Not needing near as much material, primer, and paint, you still want to follow steps of preparation, not skipping over removing the cabinetry hardware.

This is important as when painting by brush or roller method, your not painting around an object, keeping the straight paint stroke method of painting.

Also remember several thin coats of paint is better than one thick one. Paint products normally have a hang time of a couple minutes, and putting too much paint on a vertical surface, you can see sags, runs, or drips occur. Painting cabinet doors can also add to any paint color accent you are trying to bring forth.

Colors to consider are wall, ceiling, trim, doors, and counter tops. So not getting in a hurry, applying multiple thinner coats, your finished look will look as if a factory finish, painting cabinet doors.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards Overview

Remove contents if painting interior Kitchen utensils
Clean kitchen cabinets, cupboards Mild Cleaner
Remove hardware, doors, drawers Put screws in a cup
Fill all voids, cracks using caulk, fillers to a smooth finish
Mask off all areas not receiving paint Mask more, paint less
Prime using high quality bonding primer XIM
Let primer dry overnight Take a rest
Paint kitchen cabinet faces, and edges Clean paint brushes
Paint kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts Clean paint rollers
Let cabinet paint dry overnight Clean paint trays, buckets
Paint kitchen cabinetry a second coat Pour a cup of Maxwell House
Let kitchen cupboards dry overnight Take a rest
Reinstall hardware, doors, drawers Ideally with Battery powered driver and bit
Install rubber stops to all points of contact 24 in a pack
Enjoy updated painted kitchen cabinets and cupboards Sit back, Eat and Entertain

Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

Painting kitchen cabinets in Denver is newest painting trend in Colorado. Eco Paint, Inc., provides some of the best Denver house painting, Colorado has to offer, along with these above painting attributes and painting tips mentioned.

Having great success painting kitchen cabinets in Denver, I hope sharing the knowledge gained for others tackling one of the most detailed interior painting projects of a home or office. Taking all information regarding trim painting, transferring to painting fine furniture, cabinetry a more stationary piece of furniture in a home.

Many interior painting questions can be asked and answered by some of the most informed painting contractors in the painting industry, at the House, the newest Home Painting Forum on the web. A place where homeowners, painters, and contractors alike can congregate discussing home painting services and related topics.

Hope to see you there! Tell them Cal sent you ~ Painting contractors from Denver Colorado, New York, to Australia, can all discuss further any in-depth interior painting questions concerning painting kitchen cabinets.

For most recent article published, Painting Masonite™ siding correctly, click on text link, now you know all there is to know about painting kitchen cabinets in Denver.

If you've enjoyed this article, as much as I've enjoyed writing, please leave a comment and/or submitting a bookmarking vote above, as we always enjoying house painting services and related discussions when ever we're not too busy painting homes in Denver and Colorado.

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