Web’s Newest iPhone, Business Directory

Web's Newest Online Business Directory

Thumbtack is the Web's newest online business directory which is what an iPhone is to cell phones. iPhone having so many features today with cell service, Thumbtack has the same for your online profile capabilities, built within a directory. With everything changing for the better, with the latest advances and technologies,

Painting Contractor and Denver Painters, Painting Colorado

the iPhones and the Thumbtacks are at the top of the heap. Many directories are available

today, similar to several other popular ones currently out on the web, maximizing one's business relevancy for any type of product or service sold. Online business directories are a must in today's online search. Some directories are that of a paid link, while others are free. Today, we will be speaking specifically of the free ones, as most like anything that is free, as long as it works, it is good.

Promoting one's business to bring potential customers to your door, is what business is all about. Without customers, every business will surely die. Every business requires time and effort for a successful venture, as I'm not one who thinks I only need to put in a little, gaining the most.

Therefore, my business philosophy is one that; The more online web presents, the better. Directories similar to Merchant Circle, Yelp, CitySearch, and the Yellowpages of the net, all have their individual pluses and minuses, but all build inbound links back to your site, which is important, climbing the internet ladder of search results. Popular directory listings now integrate social media, connecting the two accounts, for greater exposure.

Thumbtack Web Directory

Thumbtack online website directory is your number 1 connection to CraigsList, where businesses can advertise most of the time, free of charge, which has made CraigsList extremely popular over the last 10 years. Other directory services such as AddsUp provide a very similar service to CraigsList, but charges anywhere from $100-200.00 per mo. who builds a nice 5 page web site, and maintains for this price, I suppose.

The major difference between the two is the almighty dollar, one being Free, and the Other costing to maintain it on a monthly basis, with no long term contract. With those who say "No long term contract", sounds great at first, but the moment you cancel, all information goes into the trashcan as well. With a Free listing, there is no question of a long term contract, similar to MerchantCircle, as I've maintained my membership listing since October 2008. I happen to like what ever works better, and Thumbtack is your answer for the Web's Newest Online Search Directory, with all the latest tools for online marketing.

Building a Profile

Adding company history and contact information is a breeze at Thumbtack, not wanting to stop. Watching my point count go up with each additional feature added. Building our company profile was really neat, adding multiple pictures and videos. Knowing how responsive the Thumbtack site is, gives me a clue how well the content will be indexed by the major search engines. I could be wrong, but highly doubt it.

After completing your profile, your ready to receive appointments 24/7. Thumbtack has State of the Art marketing tools, including a direct link to CraigsList for online ads, along with testimonials, widgets, and company verifications for your customers viewing pleasure.

Thumbtack is not your typical online search directory, as the Web is constantly changing. Thumbtack is your new source of online search, where you can vet, contact, and make appointments the moment you find the service or products your looking for. Thumbtack is the new iphone of online search, and is a must for all types of businesses on the Web today. Having nothing to loose, but spending your time, your time spent building a profile on Thumbtack is not loosing anything, but gaining the more you provide.

Eco Paint is now on Thumbtack

Eco Paint now on Thumbtack is one of the best moves we've made recently. Thumbtack having the most current and cutting edge marketing tools online today, Eco Paint could not be happier. Having been painting homes, offices and businesses for over 30 years, a painting contractor you can trust for all of your painting needs, large or small, in Denver and Colorado, Eco Paint is extremely happy stumbling upon Thumbtack.com yesterday. Incorporating this into our online web presents is a plus.

Hoping to be seen in many different venues across the net today, Thumbtack is our latest addition to the net. Providing Colorado with the very best Denver painters, Colorado has to offer, not just meeting, but exceeding paint expectations for your home's interior or exterior painting, for a Green sustainable paint finish, using the highest quality painting products, painting Colorado, we look forward hearing from you, with any and all of your house painting concerns, and or building a network of business relationships on the net, there at Thumbtack.


In closing, I hope you find this information helpful, and if so, please leave your thoughts below. Not forgetting to use the image above joining Thumbtack. Once you join, and I know you will 😆 , sending your referral link to others, you will reap added points to your account as an added bonus, striving for the Gold of online search.


Painting Contractor and Denver Painters, Painting Colorado

Go Green! Paint Today, and Entertain Tonight!

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