Best Paint For Steamy Bathroom Ceiling

Best Paint For Steamy Bathroom Ceiling


Looking for the best paint for a high moisture bathroom ceiling? It will in fact also serve preventing mold & mildew at the same time. There are many paint brands available for bathrooms today. As well as infinite color selections. Just keep in mind, the best paint for steamy bathroom ceilings will resist moisture, and it's aftereffects.

You are in a great position today, with all of the choices available, going over many of the popular choices. Best paint suited for both bathroom ceilings and walls. Touching over the best finish you should use when painting bathroom ceilings is key.

Because let's face it, bathroom ceilings can range from large to small, and your bathroom ceiling paint is just as important as the walls, so you are not having to repaint anytime very soon.


Choosing the best bathroom ceiling paint is also important to your health. Especially in a small shower. Reason for this is mold and mildew is an active fungus. These spores can and will drop down when active, thereby could cause you unforeseen health issues. It'd be like you are in a big test tube or petri dish of bacteria each day.

Taking a long hot shower, with mold & mildew within a foot or two above your head. As moisture builds up. This fungus drops over you without you even knowing it. Having these nasty spores in your hair, essentially all over you, all day long.

Repeating this sequence each time you shower. Might as well lick your toilet seat as your drying off. See if you'll get sick that day.

Moisture Resistant Paint For Bathrooms


Most paints having the highest resistance to moisture in bathrooms are an emulsion 100% solid acrylic latex paint, water-borne type.  Paints which have a glossier finish will provide more resistance to moisture.

No need painting a bathroom with an epoxy paint. Being extremely water resistant, unless it's in a commercial environment. With that being said, using an epoxy in your home's bathroom would be an overkill.

After taking a long steamed shower, if you can wipe your ceiling paint. The more the better. Some ceilings are too high, wiping ceiling paint is not easily possible. Higher the ceiling, the less the moisture will build up on your ceiling, which is a good thing.

If you can keep moisture from penetrating the paint surface, mold and mildew will not be able to grow and flourish. Repelling moisture to begin with, best ceiling paints will prevent mold.


Having a lower ceiling within a shower or above a tub, removing moisture, even on best brand of ceiling paint. Wiping down will add to it's longevity, and duration. Just as you would squeegeeing tile and glass shower doors.

So, if you can help persevering your paint anyway you can, the better quality of life you and you're paint will have.

Resisting moisture buildup on your paint is key in bathrooms for several reasons. But mainly is for your health. Having a paint that repels water from the onset is superior.

Best Bathroom Paint Brands


Most interior quality paints with satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss paint finishes will work well in higher moisture areas in your home. Whether Sherwin-Williams™ Duration® or Emerald® will be the last paint you'll need on a steamed bathroom ceiling. Benjamin Moore®'s Aura is highest quality, thickest interior paint found, used numerous times within a bathroom. BEHR® version providing best bathroom ceiling paint is Marque™.

Which ever brand you choose, be sure it's well shaken, or mixed, as these have the most solid contents of all others. If not, you'll be in for an unfortunate surprise.

Sherwin-Williams™ bathroom paint brand

Turn your bathroom into the retreat of your dreams using these beautiful bathroom ideas as inspiration. Whether you dream of a soothing bath with spa-like paint colors or a bold bath with a daring color palette. Our colorful bathrooms photo gallery is sure to inspire.

Benjamin Moore® bathroom paint brand

  • Ideal for high-humidity environments, such as bathrooms and spas
  • Extreme hide and coverage for fewer coats
  • Mildew-resistant finish for a fresh look that lasts
  • Proprietary Color Lock® Technology for richer colors that stay true over time
  • Stands up to repeated washing with no color rub-off
  • Paint and primer together
  • Zero-VOC, low-odor
  • Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

BEHR® bathroom paint brand

Glidden® bathroom paint

As long as you are using a premium brand (like Glidden Paint), you’ll be able to clean your walls without degrading the paint. Paint formulas are so advanced these days that a premium flat paint washes completely differently than a builder’s grade flat paint.

Now that I’ve made your bathroom paint decision easy, you just need to pick a color!

PPG® bathroom paint

PPG offers DIY painting advice and professional support on a variety of topics. Check out the articles below for more information to help make your next painting project a success.

Best Paint For Bathroom Ceilings To Prevent Mold


When you find best paint for bathroom ceilings, you will in fact be getting a quality paint in mold's prevention and growth. Today's paints have minerals and chemical compounds which retards growth in the first place.

But to simply sum it up, having a paint that resists moisture penetration is key. If water just beads up, it's less likely to stay moist, thereby enabling a fungus to grow, and thrive.

Therefore, you're best line of defense preventing mold in the first place is a latex 100% acrylic latex paint, in either a satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish. Picking either one of these 3, much thought should be given, as we will touch on that later in this article.

Once you've painted your bathroom ceiling, have a schedule time where you might use an anti-bacterial cleaner to lightly wiped down walls, and ceiling surfaces.

You really don't have to go crazy with this, wiping down once a week, or even a month, unless there is a good reason. Such as sickness, pets, or construction somewhere else in the home. A normal schedule might look like once per quarter, or every 3 months.


Wiping down also gives you a visual, making sure any paint is still in good shape. No discoloration, or black spots appearing. If so, you'll want to pay closer attention to that area.

Any black spots appearing in your higher moisture content rooms, like laundry, or bathrooms, you'll want to not only clean with an anti-bacterial cleaner like Lysol™.

Use a good interior high bonding primer to not only cover, but smoother any live growth underneath. Once primer has dried (24hrs), you can touch up that area.

After you have touched up problem area, paying close attention each time you cause a lot of steam in that room. Again, any residue of moisture should be wiped dry, to prolong the paint's quality.

If you've done everything you can, and black spots keep appearing, you might have something else going on underneath the paint, and should be looked into further. Because mold likes wet, damp areas, and the Sheetrock® or drywall underneath could be getting wet from another source.

Best Paint For Walls & Ceilings


Here we come full circle with this, determining your best paint for walls and ceilings. Ideally, if you can keep the same paint sheens as much throughout your home, the better it will feel, walking from one room to another.

Best paint for walls & ceilings in your home will be an emulsion, 100% acrylic, water-borne, latex paint, as there are many to choose from, listed above.

So let's say you have painted your master bedroom with eggshell paint sheen, but needing a higher gloss in your bath. You would be best served using a satin paint finish, instead of a higher gloss like semi-gloss would give you.

Even painting bathroom ceilings with same satin paint finish would be best, not near as noticeable than a higher gloss would, in the next adjunct room. Especially not having two different paint sheens on the same ceiling surface. Years ago this was done, but not today, with the introduction of eggshell and satin paint sheens.


Let's say you have painted a master bedroom with eggshell, but your master bath is large enough, where moisture is not a problem. Use eggshell in your bath as well.

OK, lets say you have a very small shower, in a larger master bath, and moisture is an ongoing problem each and every day. Use semi-gloss, or even high-gloss. But you'll still want to assist, helping paint dry, wiping down, if you can.


Best paint for bathroom ceilings will be an emulsion 100% acrylic, water-borne, latex paint. If you have a small bathroom ceiling, in say a steamy spa or shower, you'll want to go as glossy as you can, without disrupting the look as much.


Top quality paints for bathroom walls and ceilings have chemicals to combat mold, mildew, and fungus. But if you can help that fresh coat of top shelf paint, by drying if off, the better.

If you should see any black spots appearing, or discoloration, you'll want to pay close attention to that, keeping it as dry as you possibly, can.

Using any of those paint brands listed above, you are in great hands. Even better hands, if you are in the Denver, Colorado Front Range area.

Reason for this is if you need any help painting ceilings inside your home, contact the pros at Eco Paint, Inc. for all your interior, as well as exterior painting needs. Our Denver painters and crew using these best ceiling paints possible.

Lastly, there is no reason using an oil epoxy paint in your bathroom. These paints are designed for extensive pressure washing, in say a commercial, high traffic bathroom facility. Having vast experience with these as well.

Hope this article has been informative for you. If so, like to hear from you below in comment section. Plus, if you can, give a like or share with share bar over on the left.


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