Is Semi-gloss Paint Best For All Bedrooms?

Is Semi-gloss Paint Best For All Bedrooms?


Inspired to paint your bedroom, wondering if semi-gloss is a good choice? Having an up-to-date semi-gloss paint finish throughout your home's trim, as well as in all rooms, especially where you sleep is ideal.

So yes semi-gloss is best in bedrooms. Ceilings typically painted flat, walls painted eggshell or satin, with trim and doors painted semi-gloss.

Can't think of any bedroom, where you would want semi-gloss on the walls. So no, semi-gloss paint is not best for all bedroom surfaces.

There are several different paint finishes for a professional pant scheme for any decor. Semi-gloss is very good for all trim & woodwork in a room.


For those unfamiliar with semi-gloss, it has a smooth, shinier, higher reflective nature. Gloss paints much harder, and the most cleanable of all three paint sheens, or finishes.

Semi-gloss paint is a tad-bit more expensive than flat or eggshell, but it's worth every penny, understanding it's performance and durability.

Best Paint Finish For Your Bedroom


Three best, most common paint finishes for your bedroom will not only match rest of your interior, but easier to recall later on. Always knowing which finish goes where. Painting all ceilings either flat or eggshell, walls either eggshell or satin, and of course all trim semi-gloss paint.

  • Semi-gloss on woodwork, baseboards, doors, moldings, and casings
  • All ceilings flat paint sheen, throughout your home, including restful areas
  • Bedroom walls painted eggshell, or satin is more relaxing

Another reason using same paint sheen for all ceilings, same sheen for walls, and different one for trim, is each surface has paint, specifically designed for those particular areas.


Painting all three surfaces the same, throughout your home is what is most pleasing. Most people generally choose all three finishes, even in bedrooms. Have corresponding finishes in the same room is also what professional decorators want.

I know what you're probably thinking. If I paint my laundry, or bathroom semi-gloss, why not paint bedroom walls with the same? Well, that's a good question many ponder, but with regards to location, laundry rooms are generally on opposite sides of your home. And really, you don't want your bedroom to be a reminder of laundry room paint either.

Consistency is key for a pleasing current paint scheme for your entire interior. As mixing up ceiling sheens from one room to the next, or walls having semi-gloss in one room, eggshell or flat in another is just not what the doctor ordered, also not house painting protocols.

Where To Apply Semi-gloss Paint In Bedrooms


  • Semi-gloss best on bedroom baseboards, wood moldings
  • Semi-gloss very good on moldings, window ledges
  • Bedroom doors, closet doors need harder finish like semi-gloss

Utilizing different paint finishes in the same room will not only add to a more pleasing acceptance of the overall look & feel, being more cozy. But again each particular sheen is designed for that surface, with semi-gloss used for bedroom moldings, window seals, all interior doors, as well as closet doors.

Semi-gloss is good for bedroom baseboards, all moldings, and doors because it's also very cleanable. Just the opposite of ceilings needing this finish, being a flat paint finish. Homes create dust over time, and where this collects the most is on your trim.

Cleaning, wiping down tops of baseboards, window ledges, and bedroom doors is not only healthy, but adds to the appearance of a well managed up-kept home. Semi-gloss paint on these areas will perform much longer than flat or eggshell. Making it easy to wipe and clean, not harming the original sheen, lasting much longer.

Satin Vs. Semi-gloss Paint In Bedrooms


Much can be written on these two paint sheens, but to narrow it down, will only think about satin and semi-gloss in bedrooms. A lot of times satin can be used for walls and trim as well, for those wishing to have the same finish, as it's not only more economical, but easier to do.

Satin is a very cleanable sheen, not having as much gloss, or reflection as semi-gloss paint. If you are wanting to bring more attention and distinction to your trim more than walls, paint walls with satin, semi-gloss on your trim.


Careful though. If you have eggshell on your walls in living room, hallways, kitchen, and dining rooms, you might want to rethink having same paint sheen in bedrooms as well.

Not only having consistent, uniform finishes for all wall, ceilings, also trim, but if you have semi-gloss walls, you'll need a primer coat on them, if you wish to put an eggshell finish later on.

Reason is eggshell finishes will not grab, and hold to semi-gloss that well. Eggshell paint finishes can scrap, peel right off covering over semi-gloss paint. This is even more prevalent in higher moist areas of your home.

Reason_Not_ Having_Semi_gloss_Walls

Another reason not  having semi-gloss walls in your bedroom is it tends to lessen or cheapen the look and feel. Have you ever been in a lesser value motel? Well, probably not  often, but those high traffic, low rent places have the exact same wall finishes, semi-gloss.

Probably many hotels & motels used to use semi-gloss on all walls, but not anymore. Wallpaper and stucco is very popular now inside these places for just a few nights. An easy way to tell if you got a very affordable hotel, is having semi-gloss staring back at you, as soon as you open the door.

Your very best semi-gloss paint in bedrooms is on trim, doors, and it's moldings. Satin paints are now your go-to paint finish on high traffic, cleaning everyday walls in these facilities. So you can see, giving a more warm feel, especially with trim painted with higher sheen, semi-gloss.

Summarizing Semi-gloss Is Best Paint For Bedrooms


Painting your bedroom gives a fresh, new look and feel. Having proper paint finishes on the different portions of your room is ideal. Not only you'll enjoy them much more, so will your surfaces, looking their very best much longer.

Semi-gloss is very good for bedroom trim. If you're wanting the cleanest bedroom wall paint, satin is the way to go. Stepping down a notch to eggshell on large wall surfaces, still using semi-gloss on trim, will give you more distinction than satin.

Your inspiration of colors can be creative in the most restful place of your home. Relaxing, soothing reds, blues, grays are very popular. Most major paint suppliers can tell you their most popular paint colors they've sold nation-wide. They can also tell you which semi-gloss white colors are most sold too.


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Semi-gloss paints work the best on all trim, baseboards, moldings, and doors within your bedroom for any modern up-to-date home. Be wary not putting semi-gloss on bedroom walls, unless it's a hotel room.

Hope you have gained some valuable information. It's been a real pleasure putting this together for you. With so many choices today, it can be a little confusing with so many bedroom paints.

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Thank you – I’m researching painting the entirety of my home’s interior. This helped a lot.

Just a Name
Just a Name
1 year ago

I don’t really understand where you say in paragraph 2 “So yes semi-gloss is best in bedrooms. Ceilings typically painted flat, walls painted eggshell or satin, with trim and doors painted semi-gloss.” and then in number 3 you say “Can’t think of any bedroom, where you would want semi-gloss on the walls. So no, semi-gloss paint is not best for all bedroom surfaces.” Maybe you’re missing a word? Paragraph 3 makes it sound like you would never want semi-gloss in any bedroom after you just said it’s the best? Not trying to be the grammar police here, just genuinely confused… Read more »