Painting Cost Estimates

Painting Cost Estimates in Denver

Denver and Colorado offers a great place conducting a painting business, painting homes and offices up and down Colorado's Front Range.  As mentioned in other blog posts, Denver and Colorado has a very arid climate, with many days throughout the year painting exteriors and interiors. This dry climate allows interior and exterior paint to bond properly without concern of moisture getting behind paint coatings. There are many fascists conducting a worthwhile painting business, one of which includes painting cost estimates. Painting bids differ to some degree,

Interior Painting Quote

as not all painting companies are the same. However, some very important information that can sometimes be overlooked when reviewing painting estimates, if there is incomplete or missing data on your house painting quotes or bids.  Eco Paint, Inc. will be reviewing some important points that should be on every painting cost estimate for interior or exterior painting costs.

Paint Crew: 

Areas sometimes overlooked in a Painting Estimate Form is the estimated time of completion and estimated number of workers planned for the painting job. Describing the number of interior house painters is a must. This information helps the homeowner get a good idea how the painting job will be conducted, and on what time frame. There have been instances where hiring a non-reputable shade-tree painter, some times refer as a Hobo painter with unbelievable pricing, he or she is the only one to show up for work, thus taking three if not four times as long finishing a painting job. And who wants a singleton painter in the home taking 4 times as long? Having this information upfront from the beginning makes perfect sense to all parties.

Description of Work:

Information as to what other painting work will be performed besides actually painting a home or office's walls and ceilings should be mentioned somewhere on painting bid. Colorado house painting quotes should make mention of moving furniture, removing large wall hangings, window treatments, you could find yourself doing this yourself, if not disclosed. Choosing Eco Paint for your free painting estimate, this clearly states we do all of this mentioned here. Providing relative concise information on any painting cost estimate from a reputable painting business, leaves very little questions what to expect such as hammering nails back in, on exterior siding before painting, or cleaning up each day and after the job is completed.

Paint Preparation:

 Paint preparation is one of the biggest areas of any paint job, interior or exterior, normally 60-70% of any paint job, and the painting estimate should include all areas of this as well. Paint preparation should be included on every paint bid, including but not limited to any scraping, caulking, priming, covering areas not to be painted (masking) allowing for a professional paint finish and job. This way the paint customer knows what to expect, elevating any surprises as to the house painting price, and to it's preparation. 

Number of Paint Coats:

The number of coats of paint should be reflected the house painting price. Mentioned somewhere on the painting bid how the painters will apply the paint coatings. Normally the body is sprayed two coats, as the trim is rolled and brushed two coats, both wet on dry painting method. Spraying is much more frugil method of paint application, as time is money, and money time. When applying two coats, spray method lays on more evenly, without sags, or runs. Some require a roller and brush method, which most painting contractors and house painters can provide, but house painting costs will be much more, taking much more time. With most interior and exterior paints, the manufacture safety data sheet (MSDS) recommends how much and how many coats should be applied. Normally 2 coats, wet on dry method is suggested for most exterior paint products, having at least 13-16 mills dry after both coats applied. Elastomeric paints for Stucco surfaces, recommend a back-rolling method, finishing with a full thick spray coat. Life-Time warranty paints are typically the simplest to use, only requiring 1 heavy coat, and rarely needs an exterior primer or undercoat, as this primer is built into paint product base. Indeed less time using Life-Time warranty paints, however the paint costs is normally doubled to that of a high quality exterior paint. Your house painting quote should have all this spelled out in black and white. Number of coats and which type of exterior paint to be used on all valid house painting quotes.

Paint Costs:

Paint Costs should be made in numeric as well as alpha form ending with the term dollars if that is what is agreed. Having no confusion as to how much the painting job will cost, both parties painting contractor and paint customer knows exactly what this work will cost. On rare occasions something unforeseen may need to be dealt with and fixed prior to painting. The paint contractor should make note, and contact the owner, for what most call an addendum to the original contract. This normally adds to the base cost of the exterior or interior painting bid, and paint estimate. Both parties should agree to an addendum, and this should be in writing, with a signed authorization to proceed. Addendum can be quite simple, and written on the back of the signed painting contract if both parties agree, or can be on a separate piece of paper, as an attachment to the first painting estimate form.      

Painting Quote:

These are just a few important bits of information helpful with any quality painting estimate form, and Eco Paint provides this with all house painting services. Whether you have questions related to interior painting costs, drywall textures, popcorn removal, wallpaper, or any fascists of exterior painting such as deck cleaning, deck staining, siding repairs, replacements, or Lead Abatement, Cal Phillips and Eco Paint can answer them all.

With each and every customer, Eco Paint insures Customer Satisfaction in its highest regard, coining the phrase all the way back in 1977, "Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern". Company moto is still just as important as it was over 30 years ago. Guarantying our workmanship for 4 years and before any money is exchanged, which is how confident we are with our professional painting and expertise. Eco Paint provides these house painting services in Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Broomfield, Centennial, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs,  Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Golden, Parker, Evergreen, Greenwood Village, Sheridan, Thornton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge.

Economical and Environmental House Painting: 

Eco Paint's Denver painters treats each house paint job as if were our very own property, having much pride in what we do, making Eco Paint a community favorite and authority for over 30 + years. Always saving money where we can, the acronym "Eco Paint", invented by Cal Phillips back in 1993 here in Denver, way before Green Earth Friendly Eco Paint was ever available as a retail shelf item. The acronym "Eco Paint" had a dual meaning back then as Economical as well as Environmental and Ecological, and both meanings are just as prevalent today with Cal Phillips, and Eco Paint, Inc. Eco Paint uses the best interior and exterior painting products available, ask us about Life-Time Warranty house painting jobs, saving many dollars, which is very important in this day and age. If looking to hire a house painting authority, look no further.  Contact Cal today, for an In Home Color Decorating Free Painting Quote, you'll be glad you did. Welcome any comments to this article, below. Will enjoy hearing from you.

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