Choosing Right Interior Paint Colors

Choosing Right Interior Paint Colors


Choosing correct interior paint colors can be quite confusing, knowing there is a wide array of paint colors to choose from.  Choosing right paint colors is quite simple giving some basic guidelines to follow.  Thinking what basic theme you are trying to obtain just like cooking five course meal.

You would have basic foods that go along with your main course, same with painting your interior. Your main dish is your main paint color, and others compliment the main one, encompassing flavor also taste your tying to achieve.

Each room may have it's own theme, or the entire home may have a central theme, with secondary interior paint mid-tones and hues that can create drama to your deeper based paint colors.

Colors in paint create the backdrop of our personal lives, and surrounding ourselves with the colors we like the most gives us all a more sense of accomplishment and satisfaction where I must say, most of us spend more than 1/2 of our lives. The wide variety of interior paint colors offers limitless possibilities of expressions for every decor.

Finding Right Interior Paint Colors

Several different ways finding correct interior paint colors today. Looking in books, magazines, paint brochures, or now, seeing paint colors exactly on your android, or IOS with today's house paint apps.

Always good to actually sample paint colors on your walls before buying your entire paint order. Below are some suggestions we've seen as paint trends in Colorado.

Kitchen and Bath Paint Colors

Denver Kitchen Painting

Kitchen and bath paint colors sends off the non-verbal voice of the cook. Imagine how your favorite paint colors can create rooms of spirited conversation and or relaxation. These two areas of a home have truly evolved from being purely functional, to limitless possibilities of expression.

Placing pictures, wall hangings, decorations or collections of similar but different trinkets acquired during your life's travels can bring together your theme and interior color design. From spicy hues to cool subtle tones, visualize your own unique color scheme for conversation, entertaining and relaxation.

This area is normally where the family sits together for the shortest time in 24 hours, discussing the day's events, situations, and concerns. Having the right colors as the first vegetable food group in your 5 course meal would only add flavor to the main course. Pastels and earth tones are recommended allowing much bolder ones for later in the home.

Family, Living Rooms Paint Colors

Denver Painters, painting Livingroom

Family, living rooms paint color schemes dramatically govern the entire home's message, normally being the largest room in the home.

Paint color has a profound influence on mood and can be used to shape this area of the home's environment.  Natural Kelly Green, and Sky Blues can create an oasis of calm in a hectic world we live, while muted earth tones of pastels evoke a gentle light-hearten ambiance. Wood tones, brick, terracotta, stone and unbleached white are grounding colors that strengthen our sense of outdoors, and natural earth colors.

Great interior colors change during different parts of the day, as the Sun moves across, giving different shades, brightness, and color tones. These same colors can open for the home, while the evening offers the same paint colors to close in, protecting the contents within.

Dining Room Paint Colors

Denver Diningroom Painting

Dining room paint colors are the place for boldness. Don't be afraid to be dramatic in this room. If you are a meat eater or occasionally drink Red Wine, go Red. Red Red Wine paint color can actually make that Prime Rib taste that much better.

Eat lots of Fish, go with a Honey Butter, South Pacific, or By the Sea paint color offered by Valspar™. This is why fine restaurants have a group of paint colors that coincide with the food groups they are serving. And yes, you can create that same ambiance staying at home.

Laundry and Utility Room Paint Colors

Laundry Utility Room Painting

Laundry and utility room paint colors should be that of a bright cheerful and clean paint tone. Knowing dryers can create lots of dust and lint, this can be easily seen, and kept up to date with occasional wiping or dusting the walls and ceilings.

Those of an ivory paint hue, or yellow sunrise are very popular paint color choices.

Hall Ways, Entry and Furors

Denver House Painting

Hall ways, entry and furors if both connected should be the same paint color family, paint tones and color hues. Giving direction in the home if you were new having never entered your home before, gives a helpful sense of direction even in the modest of homes today.

They can be light or mid tone from Brown Clay, Apple Cider, Golden Mushroom, Earthy Cane, Covered Wagon, to Willow Tree all shown by Olympic™.

Master Bedroom and Bath Paint Colors

Denver Painting Masterbedroom

Master bedroom and bath paint colors can have two distinct colors that compliment each other, just as husband and wife do the same. Not necessarily diverse, but two paint colors that work well with both for total relaxation, facing another day. Fine five star hotels have this down to a science, as you may recall.

Waking up the next morning saying, "Wow, did I ever sleep well." They are masters of sleep, and paint colors drastically help the Hilton's™, Marriott's™ of the world achieve your rest. Some of these paint colors can include Salsa Dancing, Citrine, Masada, Flora, Montpelier, Wasabi, Mysterious, and or Caliente from Benjamin Moore™ Affinity Color Collectives, in the Aura line.

Kids Room and Bath

Bedroom Painting, Littleton, CO.

Kids room and bath should be more than a place to sleep. Having a world of colors to learn, young children seem to perform better in school, having multiple paint colors in the room. Bright deep tone base browns, yellows, forest greens, deep ocean blues, and fire engine reds, can make up the child's walls and ceilings.

Not sure, ask child what his / her favorite color might be. You can always go 2 shades lighter, and prime the walls first having 50% paint colorant to allow the final paint coat to cover properly. If this is not done, you can see yourself painting 5-6 coats of paint depending upon the amount of colorant added to the base. Remember, paint base covers, not the colorant.

Painter's Tools and Materials for Painting Interiors

Here's everything you'll need to get it painted correctly the first time.

Paint roller pans and liners Roller frames and covers
Latex brushes for Acrylic, Natural for Alkyd 2-3" Brushes for Cutting In
4-5" Brushes for Walls Ladders / Scaffolding
Rollers and Roller Covers Razor knives
Canvas Drop Cloths, old Comforters Extension Poles
Painter's Tape (narrow and wide) Plastic Sheeting
5 gallon Buckets and Roller Grids
Paint and Stain Rags Masker and paper
Dripless Caulking Gun and Latex Caulk 5-Way Painter's Tool

Interior Paint Colors

Interior painting can be a daunting task, and hope this helps you choosing the proper interior paint colors of choice, knowing choosing the paint finish is another subject all together.

Hiring a professional house painting contractor in your area can save you time and money, many assist with Free in Home Paint Color Consultation. Saving you time and money with professional house painters, adding value and sense of personal paint decorating while getting the job done right the first time.

Professional interior painting contractor provides the least amount of inconvenience while updating your home's walls, ceiling, and trim adding value and protection. In Denver Colorado, Eco Paint, Inc., provides some of the best Denver painters, Colorado has to offer, along with these attributes mentioned above.

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Great interior painting information you are providing! Thank you, Zaklad Trybunalski


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