Choosing Interior Paint Finish

Choosing Interior Paint Sheen

Choosing interior paint sheen or paint finish can be quite confusing, not knowing what is available to best protect each room in a home. Really depends on room usage, and traffic, below are a few guidelines to follow

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when choosing the right finish for your painted room.

Painter's Tools and Materials for Painting Interiors

Here's everything you'll need to get it painted correctly the first time.

Paint roller pans and liners
Roller frames and covers
Latex brushes for Acrylic, Natural for Alkyd 2-3" Brushes for Cutting In
4-5" Brushes for Walls Ladders / Scaffolding
Rollers and Roller Covers
Razor knives
Extension Poles Drop Cloths
Painter's Tape (narrow and wide) Plastic Sheeting
5 gallon Buckets and Roller Grids
Paint and Stain Rags
Masker and paper
Dripless Latex Caulking Gun and Caulk
5-Way Painter's Tool

Different Rooms in the Home, Paint Sheen

Trim and Cabinetry Paint Sheen

Trim and cabinetry normally are painted with semi-gloss or high gloss paint for detailed woodwork, banisters, door casing, base boards, and the like. Semi-gloss and Gloss paint sheen highlights wood trim for a pleasing contrast against matte or satin painted walls. Semi-gloss and Gloss paint is also a good choice for kitchen cabinets-airborne grease cleans right off. Just be sure to prep surfaces meticulously, as glossy surfaces are unforgiving, as they show every wood imperfection. Filling in dents, dings, sanding smooth is always recommended before applying final paint coat.

Highly-trafficked Area Paint Sheen

Highly-trafficked areas preform very well using Satin, Low Sheen, Pearl, and Eggshell paint sheen. Having a much lower gloss finish, attractive, long-lasting, and practical, a satin finish is easiest to maintain. Giving the ability to wipe off those little dirty fingerprints with a damp sponge or cloth with mild soap and warm water on a regular basis. All of these paint finishes are very similar, depending upon the paint manufacture and terminology.

Ceilings, Master Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, and Closet Paint Sheen

Ceilings, Master bedrooms, Dining Rooms, and Closets, Flat, Matte paint finishes should be kept for interior paint surfaces unlikely to require frequent cleaning. These gentle, soothing paint finishes conceal flaws making them an excellent choice to touch up at any time."

Baths and Laundry Utility Room Paint Sheen

Semi-gloss paint is also a first choice for high-moisture areas because of the ease of cleanup, although currently Satin, Low Sheen, and Eggshell paint finishes are being introduced, working well. Be sure to select a mildew resistant paint formulation. Using the same paint sheen throughout the home makes for a more professional paint finish, going from one room to another.

Interior Painting

Interior painting can be a daunting task, and hope this helps you choosing the correct interior paint sheen of choice, knowing choosing the right paint colors is another subject all together. Hiring a professional house painting contractor in your area can save you time and money, many assist with Free in Home Paint Color Consultation. Saving you time and money with professional house painters, adding value and sense of personal paint decorating while getting the job done right the first time. Hiring a professional interior painting contractor provides the least amount of inconvenience while updating your home's walls, ceiling, and trim is always a plus.  In Denver Colorado, Eco Paint, Inc., provides some of the best Denver painters, Colorado has to offer, along with these above attributes mentioned. Any painting questions can be asked and answered by some of the most informed paint contractors in the painting industry at the Painting Forum.

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