Bedroom Painting Tips

The Bedroom is one of the most relaxing rooms of the home, where couples gather for a private session of T.V, rest and relaxation, discussing family related topics and days events.  On occasions an intiment climax of new heights with your husband or wife. Denver Painters of Eco Paint, can transform plain white bedroom walls to a more elegant interactive paint decorating enjoyment.


Painting Bedroom in Colorado

Painting Bedroom in Colorado

Although Bedrooms tend to require less interior painting than other rooms of the home, being smaller than the rest of the home, much is required, pulling off a professional interior painting bedroom for your enjoyment.  Below, are some interior painting tips helping your bedroom painting project go as smoothly as possible.

  • Cleaning:Clean substrate.  As bedroom walls and ceilings can gather dust and films not typically seen, a mild detergent with warm water and sponge is prescribed. Moving furniture out if possible, careful not harming carpet or wood floor, as some beds and Chester drawers can be quite heavy, and legs can dent wood floors.
  • Painting Tools: Normal painting tools, including but not limited to a good quality paint brush, roller pan, roller skin, drop cloths, 3-M film dispenser, roll of 48" film, premium quality caulk, disposable rags, small bucket of warm water, Blue 3-M Tape, and a lot of patience. Paint color choices are endless, but should compliment rest of bedroom's decor. Now picking best paint sheen for bedroom walls and ceilings is either eggshell, or flat. Trim should be kept the same as the rest of the home in either semi-gloss or high-gloss. Normally painted doors are the same color as the door trim and base boards.
  • Masking:After all the cleaning has been accomplished, it's time to start masking off.  Be sure to use Blue tape on finished stained built-in cabinetry, as normal tape can leave adhesive behind and possibly mare the cabinet finish. Using canvas drops with a vinylback is always recommended. Covering all areas that could receive paint drips or splatters, painter's drop film works best covering furniture.
  • Caulking: Caulk tape lines with a fine bead of caulk, wiping off with damp rag, for smooth uniform paint finish.
  • Soak new Purdy paint brush in warm water if using latex, which is highly recommended. Shaking off excess, by hitting brush heel on the toe of your work boot. That way good quality paint brush is easier to clean, and less likely to drip.
  • Painting Ceiling:Always working from top down, it's ok getting ceiling paint on walls, rolling out from furthest corner to another, painting interior bedroom ceiling. Depending on ceiling texture, the roller skin should be a 1/2" thick to 1". The smoother the texture, the thinner the roller skin is a good rule of thumb.
  • Painting Walls:After ceiling paint has dried, normally 30 minutes, it's time to paint walls, and around cabinets.  Remember to keep paint roller pointing the same direction rolling out any interior walls or ceilings. If not, thicker paint lines will probably appear as paint roller pressure is not the same, flipping roller frame, going across ceiling or wall surface. Wall paint will normally dry before you get to the end of the wall, and this can change colors to a drier finish. Good rule is to apply a good even coat across the intire wall, before going back over what you just painted on the walls. Some paint colors require multiple paint coats, having more colorant added to the base. Deep tint bases in dark blues, purples, reds, and yellows are notiorious requiring multiple coats. An easy less expensive way of painting these walls would be priming first with 50% paint color than finish coat. Finish coats will lay on to primer much more evenly, not costing near as much as high quality interior paints. Gray colored primers work well under dark blues, reds, and yellows.
  • Painting Trim:After wall painting has dried, it's time to paint/brush any trim, baseboards the same color as the rest of the home. Keeping a wet edge of paint, using your new brush is the trick, painting trim. Loading up the paint brush, having a steady hand, painting trim can be done free handed, but if uncomfortable performing, another tape line and caulk is in store.

Your now on the home stretch, for a day or two of hard work, depending on the size of your bedroom, but is well worth it, for reasons mentioned earlier. Good Luck! and your more than welcome contacting Eco Paint for any of your bedroom painting needs.

Painting interior bedrooms of a home is another speciality with Eco Paint, adding warmth, refined elegance to those who use it. The bedroom having significant importance spending most time of home's ownership in the bedroom. Eco Paint can assist providing paint colors to match any decor, with a fresh new look in your bedroom. Eco Paint can also provide the professional interior painting assistance, painting bathrooms, as well as other major portions of your home, although no job too big or small for Eco Paint. Being the originator of the term Eco Paint, Colorado professional painting contractor, using Green Earth Friendly paint for those who wish having Zero V.O.C (volatile odor content) in home. So, contact Eco Paint today for a Free in Home Color Consultation!

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