Choose Best Paint Finish For Bedrooms

Choose Best Paint Finish For Bedrooms


How to determine best paint finish for bedrooms is either using flat, eggshell, pearl, matte, satin, or gloss paint finishes. Choosing different types of paint finishes to complement that important area of rest, and relaxation, within your home.

Picking out your bedroom paint finish or sheen is much easier than you thought.

Typically, most homes painted today follows a standard upscale, professional paint scheme. This paint scheme is now available to be consistent throughout entire home, so it's less busy, knowing without question what finish you have on any given area.

Incorporating this same paint finish in all bedrooms not only makes entire interior paint job uniform, but eases the thought process when more colors are included. Knowing what exact finishes go where, will be much easier to decide, when you start painting. Your bedroom finish should be uniform of rest interior finish of your home, because of simplicity, and uniformity.

Types Of Bedroom Paint Finishes


Not beating around the bush, there are 3 different areas in a bedroom to paint. Each area should have a different type paint finishes.

Quick Easy Guide For Bedroom Paint Finishes;

  • Bedroom ceilings, Flat Finish
  • Walls in a room, Eggshell, Matte, Pearl, or Satin
  • Trim in bedrooms, Semi-gloss, Gloss, or Hi Gloss Finish

Bedroom ceilings are generally painted flat finish. Reason for this, is flat paint has the least amount of reflection. Not wanting to bring attention to this area. Flat paint finishes do just that.

Walls in a bedroom are painted with either flat, eggshell, pearl, matte, or satin. Being distinctive from ceilings and trim. Reason for these, easier to dust, wipe down with a damp cloth, also allowing your trim to pop with a higher gloss.

Trim, baseboards, doors, & crown in bedrooms are painted with semi-gloss or high gloss. Trim painted with semi-gloss brings attention, easier to vacuum and wipe off using a clean terry-cloth towel.

Bedrooms follow this paint scheme of paint finishes, walls, ceiling, and trim from one area to the next. Giving a sense of warmth, invitation, & relaxation to every decor.

I must say, there is no incorrect combination of paint finishes for a room, unless of course it's totally reversed. If you put flat on trim, semi-gloss on walls/ceilings, you'd be doing your paint home an immediate injustice.

Reminding me of a home, which had flat paint on kitchen cabinets. Owners decided years ago never to wipe and clean, since it had flat paint, and it would wipe off. So they lived with the dirt, grease, and grim until contracting with us to fix it.

Flat Paint Finishes For Bedroom Ceilings Is Best


The only place flat paint finishes excel is on ceilings. Especially in family rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and offices. Reason is not bringing attention to this area, making that surface fade away. Painting with ceiling white flat does just that.

Flat paint has the least amount of reflection. Some may want just that, but typical flat paints do not clean near as well, as next few finishes up the ladder provides.

If you plan wiping down walls with a damp rag occasionally, flat paint finish should not be your first choice. The only good area for flat paint finish is on your ceiling. Flat painted ceilings allows the eyes to concentrate on trim, walls, also other decorations.

Eggshell Paint Finishes For Walls


Since eggshell's inception back in the early 90's, it has taken the painting market by storm, painting walls. Eggshell finish looks like flat, but feels like satin, or semi-gloss. Cleans very  good, with multiple damp wet rag cleanings.

Scuffs, markings, crayon markings in a child's room wipes off with ease. Still looking with least amount of paint sheen, but not worrying about paint coming off in your sponge.

Matte Paint Finishes On Bedroom Walls


Matte paint finish is a premium choice with Benjamin Moore™, PPG™, Sherwin Williams™, and a few others. Matte finish in this bedroom gives the sense of eggshell for clean-ability, looking flat, but feeling a little more smoother than flat.

Matte is a good pick for bedroom walls, if that is available to you, especially with a much glossier trim finish.

Pearl Paint Finishes Are A Designer Type Finish


One top designer paint finish is pearl. Pearl finish found in bedrooms with Benjamin Moore™, PPG™, & Glidden™. Pearl is an interior paint finish widely used on walls, not trim. Cleans very well, but not as good as eggshell. Pearl finishes gives a low luster appearance.

Satin Paint Finishes Common In All Rooms


Satin paint finish can be used in almost all portions of a room. Having a lower reflective nature than semi-gloss, but a tad bit more than eggshell. Satin finishes can be used on walls, also trim. However, not suggested for ceilings, and not trim, if you want to bring more attention to trim than walls.

Satin finishes is a very popular sheen for kid's rooms, laundry rooms, rentals, vacation homes, and homes where much cleaning will take place.

Semi-gloss Paint Finishes Used On Trim, Baseboards

Semi-gloss_Paint_Finish_s_Used_On_Trim_ Baseboards

Semi-gloss is the most common paint finish used on trim, baseboards, crown, doors & casings. Not as glossy as gloss, or high gloss, but offers a smooth, hard enamel coating for wood trim.

Semi-gloss is good for all portions of closets. If a closet has a lot of trim, which should be painted with semi-gloss, makes sense to paint entire areas with the same, being lightest color in your color palette. This makes all areas of closets to be cleaned, as well as all trim, shelving, and baseboards.

Gloss Paint Finishes For Trim In Bedrooms


Gloss paint finishes for trim in bedrooms gives a sense of clean, upscale, smooth painted surface. Especially larger baseboard surfaces. Giving a distinct difference from a pearl wall finish, and trim sheen.

High Gloss Paint Finishes Highlights Something Special


Very good quality interior high gloss paints will be much thicker for each coat, similar to yesterdays' oil-based enamel. Note flat ceiling paint, bringing out crown with high gloss paint finish, for a professional decoration.

Below, A List Of High Quality Bedroom Room Paint Finish Suppliers;


Having a guide book for bedroom paint finishes. Hope this helps you choosing a vast array of paint choices. Another important area is paint colors, for a pleasing & relaxing place to unwind.

Just remember bedroom ceilings flat, walls eggshell, matte, pearl, or satin, wood trim semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss, and you'll be on the right road for a professional paint finish.

Needing interior painters in the Denver CO. area? Look no further. Eco Paint Inc. can take your home's interior painting from start to finish, with over 40 years experience.

Like to hear from you below with any comments, shares, or likes, which is greatly appreciated.

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