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Looking for the very top Stucco painters, coupled using the very best paint products made specifically painting Stucco, Efis, as well as masonry. Giving you a birds-eye view, combining both important areas of concern; Best Elastomeric products & painters for your next best Stucco painting jobs, serving Denver, Boulder, Aurora, & Colorado Springs.

Stucco exteriors are extraordinary if maintained, very pleasing to the eye. Using the best painting contractors, with the very best Elastomeric products is the greatest combination, ensuring your Stucco is as nice, as the day it was built.

Why Elastomeric Paint is the Best for Stucco

Understanding why painting with Elastomeric paint is best for your Stucco, looking into the term itself. Elastomeric term is derived from Elastic, having characteristics that of rubber. Knowing how paint ages ties into this being the utmost importance. When you apply a paint coating, specially latex, of course it dries to touch.

From that point forward that protective coating continues to dry, becoming harder, and more brittle. Just as this is happening, all paints fade from the Sun's rays. Some paints and colors fade much more than others, however all paints fade to some degree.

As paint fades, it becomes brittle and chalky. With any movement of your siding, settling, wind, and rain, all effects this to continue. The longer your paint stays supple, and elastic, the lower the risk it will crack, and peel. Elastomeric latex paints generally stretch 600% of it's size once properly applied, looking like it's part of the Stucco mixture, and not a repainted surface. Elastomeric paints have a dull, flat finish and sheen, similar to that of Stucco itself.

Elastomeric paint bridges the gaps of tiny cracks that may be present, sealing, weatherproofing your expensive Stucco and Efis exterior from that point going forward, which is another reason why this is best for your Stucco.

Therefore, best advise I can give is don't scrimp on the product type. Use Elastomeric which was developed and made exactly for your Stucco surface, as you'll never regret it in the long run, especially here in our natural surroundings of Colorado.

Elastomeric Paints First Developed Stucco Homes in Florida

The Elastomeric Paint Coating was originally, tested in the Florida market back in the 90's as a possible answer to weatherproofing, sealing, bridging the cracks and crevices of Stucco in the entire Florida area. Florida having so many homes with Efis or Stucco, coupled with wind driven rain. The state was crying for something specially to protect Stucco.

The need came out loud and clear as homeowners were having issues with mildew and bacteria building up inside these particular substrates from wind driven rain through tiny settling cracks. Sherwin-Williams® saw the opportunity saving so many exteriors there, it sold like hotcakes!

It wasn't long before it was made available across the country, having the first Elastomeric Conflex™ high build paint coating that Denver and Colorado now enjoys for over 25 years.

Stucco Maintenance

Understanding your Stucco, knowing there is some maintenance involved, keeping it pristine as the day it was built. Sure from the first look of it, appearing solid stone, that is nothing close to being correct, and neither is never painting it. Efis similar to the common term Stucco is troweled over a wire mesh, which is laying on top of a form insulation board typically 4' X 8'.

Stucco mixture is relatively thin, not withstanding large hail, woodpeckers, hairline cracks from settling, and wind driven rain. Keeping a fresh protective coating on your Stucco surfaces will protect everything except Mother Nature's possible damaging hail, tree limbs, and/or rodents.

And Yes, even woodpeckers do not like fresh Elastomeric paint coatings, going somewhere else to lay they're brood. Reason they landed on your home in the first place is they feed on bacteria within the substrate. So if you have woodpecker holes everywhere, chances are you have tiny hairline cracks before they targeted your place, with bacteria underneath the surface.

Hairline cracks some not near as noticeable as others, will allow moisture into the Stucco, causing mildew in the foam board underlayment. Fixing these as soon as they are seen is ideal, not having to worry about woodpeckers or mildew for quiet a while. So, having an ideal exterior such as Stucco, it is to the utmost advantage keeping it well protected & maintained.

Best Stucco Paint Available By BEHR & Sherwin-Williams!

Having researched the best Stucco paints available over the years, there are three criteria for examining them. Unfortunately, most paint manufactures leave one off now, only having two. Used to be Elasticity, Elongation, and Tensile Strength, in that order.

Three Criteria Grading Elastomeric Paint

  • Elasticity
  • Elongation
  • Tensile Strength

Now however, Elasticity is being left off of Material Data Sheets, I do not know the reason, except the last two are the most important. Out of the two Elongation, and Tensile Strength, Elongation is what I look at having the most benefit. Wind Driven Rain Test passes just as Freeze Thaw Resistance, Low Temperature Flexibility all passes as well from the top competitors.Sherwin Williams Conflex

When all other competition has Elongation nearly 1/3 less, it supports my findings even more. Which is why we use Sherwin-Williams Conflex™, knowing they are the founders of such product, having far more R&D on this product, spending millions each year in their labs on the subject.

Sure you might find a cheaper Elastomeric paint, but having the oldest paint company in North America behind you, says a lot as well.

Lifetime Elastomeric Paint Brought to You By BEHR Paint!

BEHR ElastomericConveniently available in just about every Home Depot in our area. Can be tinted in a multitude of color choices. Having used this quite frequently, depending on contractor discounts, we know we are providing our clients the very best with BEHR Premium Elastomeric Paint, having limited lifetime warranty.

Best Stucco Painters With Eco Paint!

Our painters having painted 1000's of homes as soon as Sherwin-Williams Conflex™ was introduced to Colorado, now having the most experience. Eco Paint's staff knowing the proper procedures using Elastomeric paints, filling in tiny pin holes, cracks, using the latest product line available, specifically Sherwin-Williams Conflex™, protecting one of your most valuable assets from the elements here in Colorado.

Painting Stucco requires spray and back-roll, sometimes spraying a final third coat, Eco Paint's painters are experts in this field of house painting.  Serving the Denver, Cherry Hills, Highlands Ranch, Greenwood Village, Roxborough, Castle Rock areas also.

Our Preparations Include;

  • New Stucco and masonry needs to cure for at least 30 days before painting
  • Removing all loose, peeling paint and chalk
  • Remove mildew stains with a mildew stain removing product, such as bleach
  • On galvanized metal, using a diluted solution of a vinegar and water, allowing at least 24 hours dry time
  • Power wash all surfaces, removing dust, dirt, foreign matter, allowing at least 24 hours dry time
  • Cracks, crevices, and gaps wider than 1/16” should be opened, and patched with backer rod and an Elastomeric Conflex™ Stucco Patch Kit
  • Prime all bare, wood, patched, chalky, wood and/or metal surfaces

Painters Applications Include;

  • Painters do not thin any paint products
  • Boxing all cans of same product to ensure color uniformity
  • Applying product when ambient air and surface temperatures are 50-90˚F
  • Apply using a high quality 1 1/4” nap roller, and airless sprayer with a minimum 2500 psi
  •  Second coat must be applied at the same spread rate as the first
  • A third coat may be required to achieve a final dry mil thickness of about 10-13 mils
  • Painters

Before closing, hope you enjoyed reading our choice of Best Stucco paints, made for Stucco. Knowing if your a homeowner, I would not settle for nothing less.

If your a painting contractor, like myself, using a premium product will make your painters job go that much easier, giving your client what they expected, for an ideal, and professional Stucco paint finish.

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