Exterior Painting In Colorado Has Many Benefits

Exterior Painting In Colorado Has Many Rewards


A litany of benefits painting exteriors in Colorado for your home of commercial building outlined, describing each one in detail below. The rewards received far outweighs the price or cost required for your next exterior painting job.

A long list of reasons to paint an exterior vary from each other, however yours is most important. Below is a combined list of benefits every exterior painting job plays, what you should expect, and how it is done.

Your List Of Benefits In Colorado Painting Exteriors

Well, starting off, the first benefit that comes to mind with exterior painting is you now have a fresh, cleaned exterior. Here in Colorado on the High Plains Desert, much dust is blown around. Much of this dust settles on you guessed it, the outside of your home.

Power Washing First Order Of Business

The first order of business with any exterior painting project is power washing. Removing the dirt, grime, cobwebs, hornets nest, and currently flaking paint visually seen, before painting begins.

Best to allow at least 24-48 hours before any other preparation is done, thereby not trapping any moisture underneath. Power washing rewards the impending outside painting job to it's highest degree.

Painting Exterior Siding

Painting exterior siding itself is required, as this product only comes from the mills as a primed material. Just as expensive as the outside sheathing is, keeping it in pristine condition is by far a benefit to it, by painting outside. This allows you to determine which color you wish having on your home, after siding is installed.

Regularly inspecting siding, making sure your current paint still has that stain gloss finish is important. This paint sheen coupled with it's elasticity protects siding underneath. If paint has flattened out, siding feeling like a caulk board, it's a good thought to consider a fresh new coat.

Generally most major paint manufactures including Sherwin-Williams™, Benjamin Moore™, Valspar™, Glidden™, BEHR™, and PPG™ all instruct the painter to apply two coats wet on dry method. This way insures the siding gaining maximum benefit of paint coating.

Painting Exterior Trim Benefits

Trim is typically solid wood, in either Fur, Pine, Cedar, or Redwood. Keeping exterior trim painted with a top level exterior paint will extend the life of this building material to almost unbelievable amounts. Knowing trim is solid wood, this usually is the first place to show wear, flaking, peeling, or lifting up. Priming brand new wood first, allows the exterior paint coating to grab, and hold to primers much better.

I've actually seen countless examples where painting exterior trim was neglected without paint, thereby requiring all this wood product needing replaced first. So, keeping trim painted, having a very protective paint coating will keep boards from warping, curling, cracking paint layers, which BTW, allows moisture underneath, damaging it even more. Therefore the benefits are monumental painting exterior trim.

Exterior Painting Increases Values

Painting outside exteriors before putting on the market, listing it certainly increases values much more than what the actual cost of painting the exterior. Cleaning, scraping, priming, caulking, painting two coats will show the exterior much better, with a slight shine. Having a satin paint finish provides the highest degree of curb appeal.

Certainly depending on how much the home needs painting in the first place. If the exterior is dull, having a worn faded look, you can bet more money will be kept in the asking price, than leaving on the table to deduct. Therefore, it is my premise exterior painting increases a home's value, or keeping the value what it should be with a current clean outside painting job.

Home Will Sell Faster

Along with keeping the home's value up where it should be, having a new exterior paint job before putting it on the market, home will certainly sell faster. Giving all those who come take a look at homes for sale, yours will stand out, shining above all the rest. All this providing everything else is up to par, and agreeable. Just another advantage painting your home before moving, as there are many more.

How I know this, we happened to be finishing up painting an exterior a while back. Upon the last day, walking around, doing our paint finals, this home had an Open House at noon. Come to find out, the first family seeing this home, put earnest money down, buying it! Now I know this does not happen all the time, but if new potential buyers see how well the home is taken care of, will certainly payoff, selling faster, rewarding all those involved.

Rewarding Home With Paint Protection

Just as any home receives a new exterior paint job, that property obtains the bonanza of weatherizing paint protection. As noted with each exterior paint job, entails caulking. Sealing all cracks, crevices, air openings directly into home, caulking also protects from any elements of weather entering. A full outside paint job rewards most elements of weather, having the highest degree of paint protection.

Exteriors are some of the most forgotten areas of the home, since most do not inspect regularly. However making sure a premium exterior paint job is applied, you are actually honoring it, while decorating the premium outer layer of your home, protecting what's most important inside.

Personalize Is Your Reward Of New Home

Your exterior painting with individual chosen colors directly personalizes your home, with a unique distinction of your particular taste. Awarding you the pleasure making home all yours. Having the luxury and excitement transforming the outside painting newest color scheme, being all yours, and no other.

If you are wondering where you turn for ideas personalizing your new home, here are some suggestions.

  1. Look at other homes color combinations you like
  2. View photos online of similar exterior types
  3. Free paint color brochures at most major paint stores
  4. Ask HOA's color approved color combinations
  5. Compare roof shingle colors, landscape, brick, and/or stone
  6. Apply large paint samples in a visible area to compare, as paint chips not enough

Using these techniques is actually fun, rewarding you to personalize your exterior. Having a good time deciding which colors you enjoy best. Reason for this is let's face it, you don't have to do this very often, so have a great time decorating the outside everyone will see. Personalizing by painting the exterior also demonstrates you are a proud homeowner, who takes great care with the place you live.

Complementing Your Neighborhood In Colorado


Exterior painting is an obvious home improvement procedure which compliments all those around you in your immediate neighborhood. Either bringing everything back up to premium standards, or keeping exterior paint current, adorning those home near by. If there is one home that drastically needs exterior painting, those homes closest is effected also, devalues the appearance also.

I'm always excited when my neighbor paints their exterior. This compliments my home almost immediately. I inspect my exterior paint, seeing how it's holding up also, as this exterior painting work is being conducted.

Knowing this to be fact, a few years ago, I remember our painters painting an exterior on a particular street. It wasn't long before we were approached giving over a dozen other quotes on the same streets in a given subdivision, here in Colorado. Exterior painting was catching on like wildfire, a bounty for all in that residential area in CO. Entire street was stunning, being transformed from an old distressed look, to a brand new one.

Exterior Painting Thwarts Off Critters Is A Huge Benefit

Painting your exterior first, cleans and removes the smallest critters, to some of the largest. Even though most exterior paints today are Eco Friendly, I don't know any bug, insect, squirrels, mice, wood peckers, or raccoons who likes fresh exterior paint.

Know for certain, if you have wood peckers making destructive holes in your siding, you have micro-organisms within the substrate, as this is what they thrive on. The easiest way to thwart off critters is paint the exterior, as a great added benefit you probably didn't even know. You'll feel like your getting your home exterminated, without even calling the Orkin man.

Exterior Painting In Colorado Benefits Surrounding Scenery


Using the natural surroundings, grasses, trees, and vegetation of any season as a means choosing exterior painting colors, directly benefits and applauds the immediate scenery also.

Making your home feel like it belongs here in Colorado, the most easiest, most rewarding way is choosing paint colors associated with our Colorful State Of Colorado. One of our most recent projects painting / staining exterior Cedar exterior home in Cherry Hills, CO.

Homeowner even used reds in natural rust to accent outside decorations. Provided Super Deck Canyon Brown semi-transparent stain on all wood Cedar, all blending in to natural surroundings. Using Sherwin-Williams Conflex™ painting Stucco.


Exterior Painting Having Many Rewards & Benefits In CO.

Hope you've enjoyed reading some of the rewards and real benefits painting exterior of your home or business here in CO. Keeping your home up to date, pristine, and protected, making it shine, just as our beautiful state offers. If you need professional painters in Denver, look no further than Eco Paint, Inc.

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